What Is The Concept Of Social Justice Social Work Essay

There have been issues of inequality for centuries such as oppression, discrimination, and prejudices. The government has the task of making certain that those laws are set in place to protect those when conflicts of social justice arise “But the government is a reflection of the majority’s will, so there has been and continues to … Read More»

What Attracts People To Do Social Work Social Work Essay

I have always been deeply committed to helping others, especially helping those who come from similar backgrounds such as mine. Several experiences have stimulated my attraction to the field of social work. The first step towards my passion to study social work was formed when I was about four. My parents were unfit to raise … Read More»

Ways Children Looked After By Local Authority Social Work Essay

In the context of Shona and her family, this assignment will firstly review the powers and orders necessary to bring the children to be looked after by the local authority along with the governing principles. It will then discuss relevant areas for review and the required order to ensure good care for the children, including … Read More»

Vulnerability Issues In A Case Study Social Work Essay

The purpose of this assessment is to identify and discuss the vulnerability issues arising from the scenario. Peter is a vulnerable adult and inclined to be forgetful therefore, reference will be made to the nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of professional conduct in respect of duty of care, safety, respecting client’s dignity, confidentiality, and consent … Read More»

Volunteering In Sports Social Work Essay

academies. By critically examining existing research and related literature, this review aims to draw up key issues and identify gaps in the current volunteering system. The scope of the searches for relevant literature was restricted to material dated from 1990 onwards, with to enable the literature review to concentrate on the most recent information. Literature … Read More»

Using The Case Scenario Of Bertram Family Social Work Essay

Part 1: Indicate two sociological theories that can be used to help your understanding of the service users’ situation In taking the time to observe how sociological and psychological influences may impact on a service user or client group, the social worker can remain mindful of the wider context of a situation and not just … Read More»

The Wellbeing Of The Older Population Social Work Essay

As the population continues to age, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on policies and practices that support and enhance the wellbeing of the older population in later life. One sad reality for many seniors in later life and an increasing cause for concern is elder abuse. Elder abuse is one of the most … Read More»

The Victoria Climbie Inquiry Report Social Work Essay

In his statement to the House of Commons when presenting Lord Laming’s Inquiry Report into the death of Victoria Climbié, on 28 January 2003, the Secretary of State for Health, Alan Milburn, said: “It is an all too familiar cry. In the past few decades there have been dozens of inquiries into awful cases of … Read More»

The Values And Ethics Of The Profession Social Work Essay

Social workers are put into difficult situations on a regular basis. The Health and care professions council (HCPC) set guidelines to aid the challenges social workers face. To remain registered, a social worker needs to abide by the HCPC code of ethics to ensure delivery of the best possible service for users. Working within the … Read More»

The Understanding Of Health And Social Care Social Work Essay

It is difficult that to describe and understand the value of care because value of care has very narrow in terms of the all the aspects of health and social care. Care value defines the rules, principles, regulations, and guidelines that every carer has to follow during their services to their clients. The values play … Read More»

The Strengths And Limitations Of Personalisation Social Work Essay

With the continuously growing number of older population in the country and the life expectancy that keeps on increasing, the demand for the elderly care is also equally on the increase. Consequently the government are also putting in effort in order to continue improving the service provided for the elderly care such as the introduction … Read More»

The Social Work Theory Social Work Essay

INTRODUCTION Social work practice enables disadvantaged people to develop their full potential and enrich their lives. It is complex and challenging profession. Social workers deal with a variety of clients from different ethnicity, age, gender, disability and social inequalities. Use of theories in social work practice gives it a strong knowledge base. They provide a … Read More»

The Smart Family Case Study Social Work Essay

“We know far more about how to prevent the primary occurrence of maltreatment than how to respond effectively once maltreatment has occurred” (Munro, 2010, p. 22) Preventing harm is beneficial, therefore, to social work with the Smart family, children Zac, Karly and Tierney; their Mum, Sam; Paul, father of the girls; and Mike, father of … Read More»

The Sexual Abuse Of Children Social Work Essay

Childhood is idealised as a garden, protected by walls and hedges, where nature flourished at its perfect best. It is often envied and honoured. However, in reality most children are often neglected, abused and exploited. An overview of the reported cases suggests that a major part of reported child maltreatment was sexual abuse. As many … Read More»

The Safeguarding Of Children By The Government Social Work Essay

‘The process of protecting children from abuse or neglect, preventing impairment of their health and development, and ensuring they are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care that enables children to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully.’ (Source: Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2006). It is essential … Read More»

The Roles Of Social Workers Social Work Essay

interventions they can delivery to safeguard a child. It is also going to be making links with anti-discriminatory practice, and show the importance of working in partnerships with service users and other professionals. I am going to focus this assignment on Children at “Risk of Significant Harm”. This is such a broad area, so I … Read More»

The role of family power structure

control, influence or change another person’s behavior (Friedman, 1998). Power is related to resources. Control over resources (eg. money) infers power. In most families, parents control these resources. There are three types of family power namely chaotic power, symmetrical power and complementary power (Hanson, 2001). The power structure in my family is complementary power. It … Read More»

The Role Of Family In Mental Health Social Work Essay

During mental health rotation I came across the scenario, which forced me to reflect on it. A 30 years old male patient diagnosed with schizophrenia since four to five years and has multiple admissions during past years. During examination and history taking I came to know that he is being admitted since two year back … Read More»

The Role Of Assessment In The Workplace Social Work Essay

In this assignment I will discuss the role of assessment in collaborative learning. It will also discuss service-user involvement in practice-based educational processes. For the practice teacher an essential responsibility of this role is to assess whether the student has developed a satisfactory level of competence in their practice within their placement. The assessor’s responsibility … Read More»

The Residential Child Care Practice Processes Social Work Essay

To consider the process and practice of admitting young people into residential care today it is important to have an awareness of the history of residential child care. The second half of the 19th century saw the introduction of Children’s homes by philanthropists such as Victorian Gentleman William Quarrier and the Reverend Jupp. Residential child … Read More»

The Purpose Of The Case Study Social Work Essay

The purpose of the case study is to provide the student with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to analyse and evaluate the use of a method of social work intervention with an individual, family, or group of service users, and where appropriate, the carers. Task In consultation with the practice teacher, tutor and where … Read More»

The Processes Managing Risk With Vulnerable People Social Work Essay

This assignment will explore assessment processes and the management of risk in the protection of a vulnerable person. I will provide a brief case study and discuss how assessments and risk management has been applied to this individual case. This assignment will look at different theories and legislation that impact on risk management in social … Read More»

The Potential For Professional Misuse Of Power Social Work Essay

The focus of attention of this essay is on ‘The potential for professional misuse of power by health care professionals when working with vulnerable groups’. The author of this paper will address a number of issues as they relate to the topic question, which includes, describing a vulnerable group nominated for discussion and why they … Read More»

The Origins Of Community Care Social Work Essay

The beginnings of community care date back the Griffiths Report in 1988, particular Community Care: Agenda for Action and the government White Paper Caring for People. (Guthrie; 2011) The papers emphasised choice, independence and involvement service users and carers. A series of shifting strategies and priorities developed such as; move from institutionalisation to promote independent … Read More»

Theoretical Approaches Of The Elderly Abuse Social Work Essay

2-1- Introduction In the upcoming chapter, the title will be review of research literature. This chapter considered as the heart of research supervises al the time research stages and is theoretical and performance guidance of research. This chapter consists of three main topics. The first topic titled “review of research theoretical literature” deals with theoretical … Read More»

The Neglect Of A Child Sexual Abuse Social Work Essay

In this essay I would like to give a clear definition of the neglect of children and explain what goes on in families where children are neglected. I would like to explain the typologies of neglect and how these can impact on the child developmentally. The most common form of child maltreatment is child neglect … Read More»

The Lifespan Perspective For Social Work Practice Social Work Essay

“The field of developmental psychology is the scientific study of age-related changes in behaviour, thinking, emotion, and personality.” (Bee and Boyd, 2002, p3). This assignment will concentrate on the early years area of the lifespan, which ranges from pre-birth to 3 years of age. During the early years, children start to develop physically as they … Read More»

The Inter Professional Practice In Social Work Social Work Essay

This essay will outline and explain why inter professional collaborative practice in social work is important. It will also examine key factors that help or hinder effective inter professional collaborative practice. It will explain why it is important that professionals work together and effectively as a team and the consequences that can occur when professionals … Read More»

The Interplay Of Structural Social Work Essay

practice maintains a particular concern for those who are most excluded from social, economic or cultural processes and structures….Consequently, social work practice is a political activity and tensions between rights to care and control and self-determination are very much a professional concern”(O’Connor et al, 2006, p.1) The Brown family case study will be referred to … Read More»

The Influences And Decisions Of Social Workers Social Work Essay

As a social worker, having an awareness of how my philosophy may influence my decision-making in a professional setting is important for future practice. In order to give my clients the most beneficial advise. I must be aware of my responsibilities in following the value practices of social work. Know my position in the helping … Read More»

The Importance Of Personal Networks Social Work Essay

Personal networks are an important factor in people’s daily lives. People who are embeded in a network of personal relationships experience a higher level of well-being than those who are socially isolated.The following is a critical reflection analysis about themes that I found to be most meaningful during the course of the term. The themes … Read More»

The Importance Of Core Communication Skills Social Work Essay

According to Nelson (1980) social work was one of the first professions to recognise the importance of communications skills and the link to effective practice. Communication skills can be essential to the task of assessment, interviewing and later decision making for social workers. In practice, communication tends to be defined primarily as: ‘The verbal and … Read More»

The Image Of Asylum Seekers Social Work Essay

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) are amongst the discriminated and oppressed social groups in the UK .They are vulnerable but this is not always well matched with their access to services (Kohli and Mitchell, 2007) and they are just children in need (Howarth 2001).This essay shall explore some aspects of discrimination that affect them, the … Read More»

The Evaluation And Invention Of Social Work Social Work Essay

This short study takes up the evaluation and assessment of two social work intervention theories, namely the Task Centred Approach and the Crisis Intervention Method, with special regard to their implications and applications for social work practice. Social workers, in the course of their practice, are often called upon to help people in coping and … Read More»

The Effects Of Homophobic Bullying Social Work Essay

The stigma and prejudice attached to homosexuality encourages the perpetuation of homophobic bullying against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and Trans gender (LGBT) youth by their peers. Bullying can take the form of homophobic epithets, sexual harassment and even violence. The class room has been described by social psychologists as the “most homophobic of all institutions.” … Read More»

The Development Of Social Work Social Work Essay

The problems that came about from industrialisation proved there was a severe lack of help for those who truly needed it. No profession already existed to help these people in society, and from that social care gradually came about, progressing into social work as it is today. Industrialisation meant that everyone left the country to … Read More»

The Case Study Assessment Social Work Essay

process you have used, reflect on the impact of your work and discuss future action. In addition to discussing the process and its application in practice you will need to show that you understand its theoretical underpinning. and reflect on its effectiveness in relation to social policy and anti oppressive issues. You will include in … Read More»

Teenage pregnancy in the uk

(NTPS) to combat it. Despite efforts put into this strategy, the UK still ranks as the highest in Europe and the lofty targets of 50% reduction is yet to be met as recent statistics show only an overall of 4.9% in reduction in rates since inception of the programme (ONS 2009). The NTPS highlighted four … Read More»

Statement Of Professional Goals Ma Social Work Essays

We live in a culture where families are challenged with problems all the time. Regardless of what the problems may be, families need help developing skills to communicate effectively and strengthen their relationships. While most individual can recognize that their families need help, they frequently are not adequately prepared to help their families make needed changes.  … Read More»

Social Work And Assessment To Framework Social Work Essay

Assessments have been a key element to the social work practice and we have seen many changes and developments within assessments over the years. The Children’s Act 1989 and other legislation such as Criminal Justice Act 1991 and NHS and Community Care Act 1990 all contributed towards the changes made within the assessment process. The … Read More»

Social Work And Aboriginal Australians Social Work Essay

In the reading by Bennett and Zubrzycki (2003) they write about themselves, a Polish-Australian and an Indigenous Australian who collaborated in a research project about Indigenous social work. They interviewed 6 Indigenous social workers and give details of the difficulties faced in contemporary social work practice. Those interviewed face many obstacles in their practice due … australians-social-work-essay/"> Read More»

Social Security Policy In Hong Kong Social Work Essay

Welfare services are significant elements in a society, which welfare should provide, to what extent the welfare can be provided and how to provide may vary among different society. There are some models help us to understand the factors affecting the welfare system such as the Residual Welfare Model and the East Asian Welfare Model. … Read More»

Social Policy Responses To Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

This essay will evaluate the current social policy responses to the social issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a multi-faceted issue affecting the perpetrator, the survivor and their families. This means that many agencies may need to be involved. Domestic violence is prevalent within all strata of society, rich and poor, with no regard … Read More»

Socialization In Developing Patterns Of Deviance Social Work Essay

Primary socialization could be more important than secondary socialization as the primary socialization phase is the basic step that an individual takes to enter into society. Socialization has been described as to render social or make someone able to live in society and learn the social norms and customs. Socialization is central to the functioning … Read More»

Single Women And Depression Social Work Essay

Depression in single, married and widowed/divorced employed mothers Mental health is gradually becoming a focus in today’s society. Women are diagnosed with mental illness two-to-one compared to men. Some hypothesis to the reason for these unequal statistics include hormone differences, cultural stifling of women’s creative expression leading to maladjusted coping mechanisms, or misdiagnoses by sexist … Read More»

Service User And Care Involvement Analysis Social Work Essay

This review will consist of an introduction, aims of the review, and methods of data collection, findings on a series of questions and answers on the extent of service user involvement in the discharge process, conclusions, and possible recommendations for change. It will conclude with a reflection piece. The following review will discuss the issue … Read More»

Self Assessment Working With Mentally Handicapped Persons Social Work Essay

In this paper, the author generally considered her past personal experience as well as reviewed relevant professional literature, addressed her weakness in serving as a social worker in cases with mentally handicapped persons. After defining this special population and describing their contemporary situation, the author probed the root factors contributing to influence her perform in … Read More»

Rising Foster Care System Population Social Work Essay

Foster care is full-time substitute care of children outside of their home by people other than their biological, adoptive, or legal guardians. Children are removed from their own homes and placed in foster care in a variety of settings. They may be placed with kinship caregivers, non-relatives, therapeutic or treatment foster care, or in an … Read More»

Relevance of attachment theory

history of attachment theory and the basics of how it works. Mary Ainsworth was well known for her ‘Strange Situations’ study and this essay will give a brief description of the experiment and its outcome and will be critically explored. As social deprivation is still a common factor in today’s society this essay will define … Read More»

Reflective Practice And Risk Social Work Essay

The intention of this assignment is to critically evaluate this statement with reference to my own practice experience. With the focus of this piece of practice being on children, this assignment will predominantly explore risk from the perspective of children. The assignment will start with a brief outline of the practice experience that will be … Read More»

Recognising Limitations And Strengths Of Law Social Work Essay

In order to practice effectively it is necessary to have a critical understanding of the law and to recognise limitations as well as strengths. The law can lack clarity which may be open to interpretation. This essay aims to discuss Social Work roles and responsibilities in Criminal Justice settings. ‘There are many competing pressures to … Read More»

Recent developments in policies in care

these policies which is the National Health Service And Community Care Act 1990. Community care has no single meaning, broadly, it means helping people who need care and support to live with dignity and as much independence as possible ‘in the community’. The ‘community’ is hard to define, it most often means ordinary homes, but … Read More»

Poverty and Social Justice

This paper looks into the issue of poverty and social justice. The paper shows the contribution of poverty to social injustice. This is done by examining a social organization which fights poverty. This paper examines the City Team Ministry one of the many organizations which is helping to reduce poverty. The beneficiaries of the organization … Read More»

Personal Statement On The Learning Outcomes Social Work Essay

The 10 Essential Shared Capabilities are to set out the minimum requirements that all mental health services staff should possess as best practice. They are about relationships, behaviours, expectations and attitudes. They also allow service users and carers to be aware of what to expect from staff and services (NES 2006). The 10 ESC’s are, … Read More»

Personalization In Social Care Services In Uk Social Work Essay

This essay seeks to discuss the concept of personalization in the health and social care services in the united kingdom whereby highlighting various theories that define the aspect of risk assessment as well as determine the risk concept as it exists in personalization and the available risk assessment models and finalize the discussion by highlighting … Read More»

People Employed For Shift Work Social Work Essay

Over the last decade in India , boom in the IT and the BPO sector brought about an increase in the number of people employed for shift work . Employers face tough competition from other companies and the global business environment . In order to increase productivity and to make themselves available to employers and … Read More»

Overview And Analysis Of Womens Empowerment Social Work Essay

Women’s empowerment has more than one component: their right to make decision; their access to opportunities and resources; authority to be in charge of their own lives, both inside and outside the home. Women empowerment has a lot of dimensions attached to it. It revolves around access to knowledge, possession of social and economic resources … Read More»

Oppression And Discrimination Of Looked After Children Social Work Essay

This essay explores how the identity of ‘Looked after children’ (hereafter LAC) contribute to oppression and discrimination in two specific areas of Education and Health. The essay will analyse the role of legislation and policy in combating or promoting discrimination and oppression. The history, societal attitudes, diversity, views of the children and theories underpinning LAC … Read More»

Micro Credit In Mauritius Social Work Essay

Abstract In this study, the impact of micro-credit as a poverty alleviation strategy in Mauritius is analyzed. A close link is made between microcredit and empowerment of women through different chapters and how it helps to empower Mauritian women. Women are empowered when they are able to take decisions, have their own roles and responsibilities, … Read More»

Mental Health Of Older People Social Work Essay

Promoting the mental health of older people is becoming an activity of increasing An abusive, compelling and dominating behavior in a dating relationship among the teenage youngsters is termed as dating violence. Students susceptible to dating violence suffer greatly in terms of their academic performance, social and extra-curricular activities. They may show poor results and … Read More»

Managing Quality In Health And Social Care Social Work Essay

1.0 Introduction to the Case Introduction Most women and men are at a disadvantage in areas of job and trainings, wages and salaries, and are constrained to certain occupations based on their age, colour, disability, sex, ethnicity, without reference to their capabilities and skills. Today, in some developed countries for example, women workers still earn … Read More»

Managing A Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

Work-life balance is a broad concept which is closely related and derived from the research of job satisfaction. There are both intrinsic and extrinsic factors which affected perceptions of job satisfaction within individuals. Intrinsic factors referred to job characteristics specifically. However, the extrinsic factors referred to the social and cultural norms the individual holding the … Read More»

Looking At The History Of Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

The Experience of Domestic Abuse Amongst South Asian Women – How issues of domestic abuse arise in Asian families – is it prevalent amongst Asian communities more than Western European communities, or is this a myth created by media – what are underlying cultural issues (ie. Forced marriages, honour killings/violence, mental abuse, physical abuse, rape, … Read More»

Looking At The Child Protection System Social Work Essay

The literature looks previous and existing literature on how effective the local authorities are at promoting the needs of black African children and their families who are involved in the child protection system. In previous years there have been deaths of African children such Victoria Climbie and khyra Ishaq. There have also been deaths of … Read More»

Long Lasting And Negative Effects Of Alcoholism Social Work Essay

Alcoholism results in long lasting and negative effects on the entire family. Family therapy can help the entire family whether they are the alcohol abuser or the abused family members. Including the entire family in therapy sessions can help keep the alcohol abuser out of denial when he or she hears how their alcohol abuse … Read More»

Literature Review And Analysis Paper Social Work Essay

Ageing is the universal phenomenon encountered by every human individual across the life span. All human beings expect for a healthy and happy old age but not many of them manage to get all those in reality. In this current century, world scenario is changing rapidly in the form of rise in elderly population than … Read More»

Limitations In Social Work Practice Social Work Essay

‘There are many competing pressures to direct the service in ways that may not be consistent with Social Work principles towards greater penal and correctional models. It is therefore essential to have a clear understanding of the policy and legal framework that creates the remit and legitimacy for the operation of Social Work in the … Read More»

Learning From Interprofessional Collaboration In Practice Social Work Essay

Interprofessional working (IPW) in health and social care is essential for effective service provision and is a key driver of modern healthcare. In a changing and more pressured working environment, health and social care professionals need to be partners in delivering services, embracing collective accountability, be flexible and adaptable and have shared goals in integrating … Read More»

Law For Social Workers Social Work Essay

for effective and equitable social work practice. It’s an important tool by which people’s rights are promoted whilst offering protection and care which will be evident in this case study. The law set out the different powers, duties and responsibilities. Duties are mandatory and with power, there is an element of discretion. However, the law … Read More»

Language Is A Cultural Factor Social Work Essay

This essay will analyse how issues of ‘race’ and culture are pertinent to mental health problems and to service responses to minority communities. However, other risk or causal factors will be considered which are essential in fully understanding diagnosis, access to services and outcomes of mental health issues including poverty, racism and violence against women. … Read More»

Issues Around The Elderly And Mental Health Social Work Essay

This assignment will look issues around older people’s mental health, in particular, dementia and abuse; this will include demographics of older people, statistics, the history, definitions and causes of dementia, and finally the lack of legislation to protect vulnerable people from harm and the implications for social work practice. The population surge at the end … Read More»

Introduction Of The Care Quality Commission Social Work Essay

The introduction of the Care Quality Commission arguably fixes that which was not broken.  Editorial The Trials of Marriage, The Guardian, Wednesday 1st April 2009. The CQC came into existence on 1st April 2009. Consider the intended role of the CQC and evaluate this statement in light of the experiences of the first full year of the CQC’s existence. … Read More»

Intervention Approach To Promote Fatherhood In Schools Social Work Essay

An Intervention Approach to Promote Fatherhood in Schools: Acquiring the Generalist Intervention Model, the Mandala Ecosystem Health Model, Urie Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory and Egan Skilled Helper Model An Intervention Approach to Promote Fatherhood in Schools: Acquiring the Generalist Intervention Model, the Mandala Ecosystem Health Model, Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological systems theory and Egan Helper Model … Read More»

Inter Professional Learning For Collaborative Practice Social Work Essay

This report will discuss the past and present issues and government policies involved within multi-professional collaborative working as well as discussing how particular training could expand the knowledge of professionals with reference to the various roles of additional agencies. Furthermore it will discuss the various learning theories used to educate professionals in understanding the role … Read More»

Interactive Behaviour at Work

subsidiaries the company engages in the development, construction, ownership, and operation of onshore LNG receiving terminals and natural gas pipelines in the Gulf Coast of the United States. It also engages in oil and natural gas exploration and development activities. Cheniere Energy is based in Houston, Texas with offices in Johnson Bayou, Louisiana, and London … Read More»

Industrial Training In The Company Social Work Essay

Industrial training needs to be fulfilled in order to obtain a degree of International Business. Every student needs to do industrial training in the company which can let the students to be exposed to dealing with international work procedures and environment. The duration for the industrial training is about 9 weeks. All of the degree … Read More»

Improving Placement Planning Permanency And Reducing Delay Social Work Essay

Permanence is ‘a framework of emotional, physical and legal conditions that gives a child a sense of security, continuity, commitment and identity’ (The Department of Education and Skills 2004). Permanency is important, as too many placement changes are unsettling and detrimental to children; damage is caused to their social, emotional, and cognitive development through failure … Read More»

Human Relations And Privacy And Confidentiality Social Work Essay

(“Professional Ethics”, n.d., para. 1) states, “Ethics are rules and values used in a professional setting. Professional ethics concerns the moral issues that arise because of the specialist knowledge that professionals attain, and how the use of this knowledge should be governed when providing a service to the public”. (“Professional Ethics”, n.d., para. 1) further … Read More»

How Motherhood Impacts On Womens Career Choices Social Work Essay

In most contemporary industrialised nations, women’s participation rates have been rising. Since the 1980s, women’s employment has become more continuous, even among mothers with children. (Lewis, 2009:27) However, despite of the optimistic rising employment rate among women, the career break due to motherhood still has a major impact on women’s careers. Some women opt for … Read More»

How Culture Affects Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

All countries developed and are developing, have a culture. A culture in turn can be represented by such things as a person use of language, choice of clothing and media and advertising portrayals. These representations reflect a mix of influences and influence how people treat one another. There is not enough support from the government … Read More»

Homelessness Among Youth In Canada Social Work Essay

Homelessness among youth is a comprehensive, multi-faceted social problem in Canada. (Roebuck.2008). According to public health agency (2007) the estimated official number of homeless people in Canada ranges from 150,000 to 300,000, one third of which are youth of age 15 to 24 years.(Stewart et al.2010). Homelessness means living in outdoors and in abandoned building … canada-social-work-essay/"> Read More»

Health Needs Of A Child Case Study Social Work Essay

For the purpose of this essay I will write a critical analysis of a case study assessing the health needs of a child within a family. The case study is of a two parent family of a two year old girl. The family had transferred from another area. Their daughter was born prematurely at thirty … Read More»

Handling Teenage Pregnancy Analysis Social Work Essay

Teenage pregnancy is no longer a surprising news to the public. Teenage pregnancy referring to McGraw-Hill dictionary, understood to occur in an age 13 to 19 who has not completed her secondary school study, has few or no marketable skills, is financially dependent upon her parents or continues to live at home and is often … Read More»

Foster Parents And Solution Focused Brief Therapy Social Work Essay

Abstract Approximately sixty percent of children living in therapeutic foster care, enter the system with a diagnosis of moderate to severe mental health issues. These children, placed in therapeutic foster homes, can present disruptive behaviors. Maladaptive coping skills on the part of the child or stress inducing behaviors on the part of the caregiver can … Read More»

Flexible working time and work life balance

as the man’s sphere, no longer defines how most families divide labor between men The focus of this supervision is to look at how our supervisiory relationship is working in regards to our different learning styles. Referral to Public Health Nurses (PHN) for girls in the in the Early Intervention Program (EIP). Wai Ora Girls … Read More»

Factors Associated With Low Academic Achievement Social Work Essay

The academic achievement of looked-after children is dramatically lower than their peers. This dissertation reviews literature in relation to the factors associated with low academic achievement and evaluates whether current policy in relation to the education of the looked-after population addresses the identified areas of risk. Consideration was given to two main stances in relation … Read More»

Exploring The Issue Of Workplace Violence Social Work Essay

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines workplace violence as violent acts directed toward persons at work or on duty. Workplace violence is any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting. A work setting is defined as any location, either permanent or temporary, where an employee performs … Read More»

Expanding Knowledge To Gain Success Social Work Essay

I believe that the more I know, the more likely I am to succeed. To expand my knowledge horizons, I read, communicate with colleagues and clients and try to put my new knowledge to practice. My engagement with clients like Malia Furniture and Globe Coat which required me to pitch different producst and services in … Read More»

Examining The Refugee And Immigrant Children Social Work Essay

Rossiter and Rossiter review a study that was conducted in order to attain a deeper perspective of the migrating youth into Canadian society; they discuss the risk factors both in the community setting and within the individual. These studies first discussed negative factors affecting the youth and positive factors assisting the youth to not fall … Read More»

Examining The Aspects Of Social Work Practices Social Work Essay

The aspect of social work practice I feel most difficult to perform is the gerontological social work. This paper would firstly describe the context of social work practice with old people. After that, I would exam the reasons preventing me from effectively conducting helping process by evaluating my attitudes, emotions and experiences as well as … Read More»

Ethical Issues Unique To Group Therapy Social Work Essay

Group Therapy has a variety of ethical issues one of the main issues that maybe encountered is involuntary group members. Corey, Williams, and Moline (1995) explained that ethically a counselor should advise clienteles of theirs privileges and duties and advise them of any probable concerns they face if they choose to follow treatment. Informed consent … Read More»

Employment Among Peoples With Disabilities Social Work Essay

Companies decisions to hire and retain employee can be influence of variety of factors. The study examines factors that influence companies’ decision to hire a person with disabilities in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. While not denying the fact that there are numerous factors contributing to the companies’ decisions to hire disabled people. According to the Department … Read More»

Effects Different Types Of Discrimination And Oppression Can Have Social Work Essay

With particular emphasis on education this work will examine the effects different types of discrimination and oppression can have on minority groups in general, before progressing to address the effects on specific minorities. This will include considering the effects, personal, cultural and structural levels of discrimination have on groups such as: ethnic minorities, non-English speaking … Read More»

Duty To Protect Vs. Duty To Warn When Dealing With Dangerous Clients

Nearly every mental health professional has faced the difficult task of having a client at one time or another that may pose a danger to themselves or someone else. This situation can present a conflict at times for therapists and others who are torn between preserving client confidentiality and protecting others from potential harm. Fortunately, … Read More»

Drug And Alcohol Abuse And Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Domestic violence is also known as spousal abuse, domestic abuse, intimate partner violence (IPV) or child abuse. It is therefore defined as abusive behaviors by either one or both partners in a relationship. Such intimate relationships include: family, dating, marriage, cohabitation or friends. Domestic violence take many forms such as physical aggression or abuse (biting, … Read More»

Discrimination Against Learning Disabilities Social Work Essay

Traditionally people with learning difficulties/disabilities have suffered from social exclusion, discrimination and marginalisation. By exploring how successful the Human Rights Act 1998 has been in promoting the rights of people with a learning disability through legislation, policy, advocacy, the care commission and SSSC and personalisation of service provision, will show if services have enabled people … Read More»

Critical Issues In Community Care Social Work Essay

The purpose of this essay is to Critically examine an area of Community Care provision in mental health services. ideological, political and legislative frameworks will be taken into account, it will also examine the complex relationships between service user movements, professional bodies and the statutory, voluntary and independent sector services in the delivery of community … Read More»

Critical Incident Case Study Analysis Social Work Essay

In this paper, I will examine an interesting case study that I found important to discuss. On one hand, I will scrutinize the details of this case study and the vital culture information of the participants. On the second hand, I will analyze the incident from the perspectives of the ethnicity, White American culture, and … Read More»

Community Social Work In Modern Society Social Work Essay

This study is an overview of current government proposals for the “Big Society” within community social work. In July 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron launched a project called the Big Society. It is considered by Mr Cameron that communities deserve to be empowered to have more of a say in what happens in their local … Read More»

Commentary for leaflet

service I am communicating to service users in my leaflet is street-based youth work, this links into risk aspect of the whole family teaching. The audience that my leaflet is aimed at is 13 to 17 year olds who are socially excluded and are at risk of offending and turning to crime. My audience are … Read More»

Cohabitation: The end of Marriage

The following essay is aimed at discovering whether cohabitation has literally displaced marriage. It will focus on the processes of cohabiting as well as marriage, briefly touching on their historical backgrounds as well as the trends for each of the processes in different countries. Immediately after the war, marriage became practically universal phenomena but apparently, … Read More»

The client is a sixteen-year-old African American female who is pregnant with her second child. The client attends junior high school. The client lives with her mother, age unknown, who is unemployed. B. Setting Peak View Behavioral Health is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Peak View Behavioral Health is a “psychiatric hospital dedicated to providing … Read More»

Child Witness To Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Cases of domestic violence have increased significantly; the main victims of these violence cases are young children. Most of the children are either directly involved or perhaps witness the violence. Studies carried out by many scholars have revealed shocking findings on the children witnessing domestic violence. The studies described explicitly on the childhood problems related … Read More»

Child Observation Case Study

under observation. I have informed the mother of my reasons for conducting the exercise. I have reassured her on the protection of confidentiality of all my observations and have informed her that I will use a pseudonym for referring to her daughter in all my written work. I have accordingly asked her to chose a … Read More»

Child Care Effects On Socio Emotional Development Social Work Essay

There has been ongoing research to decide which is “better” or more beneficial, parental care or day care, in terms of child rearing. Day care is care for a child, or children, that is provided by trained or untrained caregivers in a specific day care center setting. Parental care is more informal and takes place … Read More»

Changing Nature Of Work And Family Conflict Social Work Essay

There are past literature reviews related to work and family conflict, but hardly any review which gives a quick overview of work and family research in global context. This paper outlines both the positive and negative outcomes associated with work and family interface, theoretical models related to work and family research, antecedents and consequences of … Read More»

Causes And Effects Of Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Abstract Domestic violence is a relationship between intimate partners in which one individual seeks to assert power and control over the other. The abuser may use many different types of abuse to assert this power. It involves physical, psychological, economic and sexual abuse as well as attempts to manipulate the victim through the use of … Read More»

Causes and consequences of childhood poverty

Anyone doing background research into the causes of child poverty will soon learn that parental income is only one of a large network of interrelated factors. To name a few; political, communal, environmental, and societal influences all play a role. As an example consider that; with the ever progressive move from a widespread agricultural, to … Read More»

Can Domestic Violence Be A Learnt Behaviour Social Work Essay

In this chapter the researcher will be researching if Domestic violence is a learnt behaviour. There are many different theories as to why men are more violent than women. These theories include biological theories, which focus on hormonal patterns and aggression; psychological theories, which focus on personality types and disorders; psychoanalysis, which looks at “projection … Read More»

Assessment of needs and care planning

care planning and also critically evaluating models and theories underpinning needs and care planning. Furthermore the assignment will examine the effectiveness of multidisciplinary working in needs assessment and care planning and also demonstrate critical understanding of safe guarding and risk assessment policy and practice. Ethics and code of conduct are the foundation of my work … Read More»

An Overview Of Life Satisfaction Literatures Social Work Essay

This chapter begins with literatures about life satisfaction and important personal and situational predictors of life satisfaction in older persons, then in order to provide a theoretical background for this study attempt to define the most important components of structural and functional support. The next portion will focus on the ways in which significant personal … Read More»

Analysing the Concept of Voluntarism

derived from the Latin word ‘Voluntas’ which means is will. The will includes all forms of impulses, passion, appetites or desires. A number of definitions of voluntary organization have been put by different scholar from different discipline. Bourdillon (1945) define that “voluntary organization is the product of the blood, sweat and toil of a few … Read More»

Analysing Homelessness And Potential Causes Social Work Essay

“Homelessness is not a problem of Irish government housing policy; it is a problem of individuals”. In order to discuss this statement both structural and individual causes of homelessness will have to be examined. There are a number of personal issues which contribute to the complex issue of homelessness, and how much these contribute to … Read More»

Analysing equality and diversity in social care

potential’ (DH, 2004). It is about identifying patterns of experience based on group identity, and the challenging processes that limit individual’s ‘potential’ health and life chances. For example, occupational segregation. Women make up almost 75% of the NHS workforce but are concentrated in the lower-paid occupational areas: nursing, allied health professionals (AHPs), administrative workers and … Read More»

Analysing Abuse Of Migrant Domestic Worker Social Work Essay

In year 2004, the first ever recorded of the nation worst abused and tortured of migrant worker, Nirmala Bonat. The news has brought to light the sad and painful incidents as a 19th year old Indonesian maid told a harrowing story of how she was repeatedly burnt with an iron and scalded with boiling water … Read More»

Alcohol Drug Addiction And Domestic Violence Abuse Social Work Essay

Most cases of abuse target children and women, and this causes trauma which may be irreversible even with treatment. Abuse victims may develop poor impulse control, stress disorders, low self esteem, depression, drug abuse, fear, isolation, suicide and other undesirable traits. These effects have a negative bearing on children and mothers since they affect self-confidence … Read More»

Ageism at work

Ageism can be defined as “any attitude, action, or institutional structure which subordinates a person or group because of age or any assignment of roles in society purely on the basis of age” (Traxler, 1980, p. 4). As an “ism”, ageism reflects a prejudice in society against older adults. Ageism, however, is different from other … Read More»

Age Discrimination Against Elderly Workers Social Work Essay

In this fact sheet, I will discuss about age discrimination against elderly workers in Singapore and go into how they are treated differently in the society in unemployment and employment state. This is to find out whether the young workers have an unfair advantage over elderly worker with respect to employment and salary prospect. The … Read More»

A Case Study Of Mental Health

mental ill- health at some time in our lives (WHO, 2001). Mental Health is ” used positively to indicate a state of psychological well- being, negatively to indicate its opposite ( as in ‘mental health problems’) or euphemistically to indicate facilities used by, or imposed upon , people with mental health problems ( as in … Read More»

Young Parenthood And Teen Fathers Social Work Essay

Much of the researches available on young parenthood have focused on the experiences of teenage mothers and mainly those separated from the young fathers. Subsequently, efforts have been made to ascertain the proportional involvement of fathers in various aspects of parenting and the distinctive contributions of fathers (knight et. Al, 2006). There are significant gaps … Read More»

Workplace Policies Impact On Family Stress Social Work Essay

Parents, both mothers and fathers, are greatly affected by the strain between family and work roles. This is called work-family conflict, defined as strain between family and work roles due to difficulty balancing demands. The current work organization does not accommodate a family structure that includes two working parents, despite that this family unit is … Read More»

Working With Sexual Abuse Victims Social Work Essay

Sexual abuse has been a growing concern in our society. The statistics on sexual abuse in America are alarming. According to Finkelhor (1994) “approximately 150,000 confirmed cases of child sexual abuse were reported to child welfare authorities in the United States during 1993” (p.31). Lucinda stated, “I have worked with children who have been sexually … Read More»

Working In Partnership In Health Care Social Work Essay

Task 1.1. As Health and Social care personals engaged in the Health and Social Care Work explain the different levels of working partnerships across the sector using the 3 partnership levels, Service user-professionals, interpersonal and Organisational and policy levels. Explore these partnership relationships across different levels of Health and Social care services including your own … Read More»

Why Social Exclusion Can Effect The Community Social Work Essay

is essay will discuss why social exclusion and anti-oppressive practice are so closely linked. It will discuss how social exclusion can affect an individual and community, taking away their right to choices afforded to others in society. It will demonstrate how through anti-oppressive practices, processes such as decisio n making and managing risk can be … Read More»

Webster family case study

This assignment requires me to outline what model of assessment I will use when working with the Webster family. I will also give a description on how the family was referred to social services for a Section 47 (S47) investigation. There will be a strategy meeting and the details of this meeting will be outlined … Read More»

Values Of Health And Social Care Social Work Essay

When working in health and social care, there are certain laws and policies which we have to follow. Some of them are the policies and procedures made by our organizations while some are rules and regulations set up by the government. Principle of practice means abiding by all of the rules; policies and procedures so … Read More»

Values and ethics

The Value base of Social Work and the Development of my own Values This essay will firstly discuss what values are and the value base of Social Work. It will then proceed to analyse the origin and evolution of my own values. Followed by reflection on them and how they relate to the value base … Read More»

Value of theory to clients

a structure designed to analyze them is called a theory. It can also be a series of principles applying to something and describing a set of phenomena. A theory should be able to identify this set of phenomena and make allegation about the reality of a coherent collection of ideas. Theories are supposed to be … Read More»

Utility Of Human Development Theory Social Work Essay

This study deals with the utility of human development theory in understanding practical social work issues. It takes up the case of the Murray family (provided in the appendix to this essay) and using the family as a base, attempts to apply different aspects of human development theory in a practical real life scenario. The … Read More»

Trials And Triumphs Of Inner City Students Social Work Essay

The book, And Still We Rise: The Trials and Triumphs of Twelve Gifted Inner-City Students, offers valuable insight into the lives of inner-city youth in Los Angeles and throughout the country. Inner-city students are frequently subjected to poverty, violence, gangs, and drugs in their schools, homes, and communities. Yet, many of these students manage to … Read More»

Treatment Of Patients With A Dual Diagnosis Social Work Essay

A mental health nurses perspective of the issues surrounding the treatment of patients with a dual diagnosis of psychiatric disorder and learning disabilities in mainstream mental health units. This essay is going to explore from a mental health nurses perspective the issues surrounding the treatment of patients with a dual diagnosis of psychiatric disorder and … Read More»

The Uasc Care Leavers For Unaccompanied Children Social Work Essay

Local authority services are under the obligation to provide services to the unaccompanied children through two provisions of the Children Act 1989 – section 17 or section 20. Section 17(1) states: ‘It shall be the general duty of every local authority to safeguard and promote the welfare of children within their area who are in … Read More»

The Types Of Conflict Social Work Essay

PART 1 Introduction As individuals we work with people, interact with them and might disagree or agree with them on issues. Conflict management means putting in place ways that reduces bad aspects of conflict and raising the good aspects of it at standards the same or higher than the place where the conflict took place. … Read More»

The Salvation Army Hostel For The Homeless Social Work Essay

Introduction According to Hardcastle, Powers and Wenocur (2004), “Community practice is the application of practice skills to alter the behavioural patterns of community groups, organisations, and institutions or people’s relationships and interactions with these entities”. Drawing from this simple definition of community practice, the report focuses on the work I carried out as an Applied … Read More»

Therapeutic Intervention And Women Experiencing Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   There have been on-going public and professional concerns about the issue of domestic violence in the world. This interest has resulted in a growing body of research evidence which examine the prevalence and correlates of this type of violence (Archer, 2002; Fagan & Browne, … Read More»

The Psychological And Social Factors Of Depression Social Work Essay

Current research by Social Care Institute for Excellence, (SCIE), suggests that one person in six will become depressed at some point in their lives, and, at any one time, one in twenty adults will be experiencing depression. I will discuss the definition of depression and its interpretation along with the biomedical model, interpersonal, psychological and … Read More»

The Processes Of Conceptualisation And Operationalisation Social Work Essay

This paper will begin by examining what is meant by conceptualisation. Using examples, it will demonstrate how broad theories are narrowed down to mid-range theories showing how this refinement can aid a practical and achievable study, within a realistic timeframe. This essay will then introduce the process of operationalisation and explain how variables and indicators … Read More»

The New Zealand Social Worker Social Work Essay

Püao-te-Ata-tü (daybreak) was a report requested by the Minister of Social Welfare in 1986, that investigated “the ways in which they could better support Māori clients and address the social needs of the Māori people” (Hollis, 2005). The report stated that Māori were not being consulted on any decisions regarding education, social welfare and justice … zealand-social-worker-social-work-essay/"> Read More»

The National Service Framework for Older People

The United Kingdom is ageing fast. In common with much of the rest of the world the population of older people is increasing (HM Government (HMG), 2010; Nolan, 2001, Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA), 2009) and their prevalence in the population is predicted to rise to 29% by 2031 (Association of Director of Social Services … Read More»

The Mental Health Nurses Role Social Work Essay

Care planning, provision and management are essential parts of the mental health nurse’s role. Ongoing interaction and assessment of clients needs creates a basis for providing and organising care that is inclusive, effective and adaptive through evaluation and review. The creation of a framework of care established on the premise of recovery, as it is … Read More»

The Interrelationship Between Theory And Practice Social Work Essay

The interrelationship between theory and practice is to analyse the client’s strengths based of theory and practise. The important concepts are empowerment and resilience the sources are a big factor in social work because they are the cultural and important stories that are to do with the client. Empowerment can play a big impact on … Read More»

The Implementation Of Policies And Legislative Social Work Essay

Children are de¬ned as ‘in need’ when they are “unlikely to achieve or maintain, or have the opportunity of achieving or maintaining, a reasonable standard of health or development”; or whose “health and development are likely to be signi¬cantly impaired, or further impaired” without the provision of services under s.17(10); o are disabled as defined … Read More»

The Impact Of Social Divisions Social Work Essay

Social Workers work with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Society, those who have been possibly subjected to oppression in their daily lives. ‘Most would agree that Social Work is a diverse and shifting activity’ (Jones 2002’41) in response to the situations presented within society. The society that we live in can … Read More»

The History Of Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Domestic Violence is a widespread problem both internationally and nationally (Tjaden and Tjaden, 2000; WHO, 2000; 2002). In the United Kingdom alone it has been reported that one in four women have experienced domestic abuse, at some point in their lives (BMA 1998; Bacchus et al. 2002 and BCS 2006). These statistics found do not … Read More»

The Growing Issue Of Child Trafficking Social Work Essay

Child trafficking is a covert and growing activity throughout the world. The UK is being the destination of this trade which regarded as one of the most dangerous trades, where the children are exposed to extreme harm and causes terrible pain and trauma. The UN has defined the concept of children trafficking in its Protocol … Read More»

The Five Stages Of Grief Cycle Social Work Essay

This paper reviews on how the death of child could affect the parents’ psychological well-beings as well as other factors that could influence their daily lifestyles. It is said that some parents might go through a five-stages of grief cycle during their bereavement period. The five stages of grief cycle include the denial, anger, bargaining, … Read More»

The Ethical Dilemmas That Social Workers Face Social Work Essay

This essay will look at how social workers address ethical dilemmas in their work with service users and carers. This will be evidenced in case examples illustrating how the codes of practice and codes of ethics guide social work decisions while making them accountable for their work. When working with ethical dilemmas social workers have … Read More»

The Disadvantages Of Vulnerable People In Society Social Work Essay

All Professional occupations are guided by ethical codes and underpinned by Values (Bishman, 2004) and from the very beginning of Social Work, the profession has been seen as firmly rooted in values (Reamer, 2001) (Cited by Bishman, 2004) ‘Every person has a set of beliefs which influence actions, values relate to what we think others … Read More»

The Child Abuse Prevention Social Work Essay

out, and its consequences or effects can range in an unlimited number of possibilities. Abusive cases regarding anybody should be taken very seriously and with compassion (when it comes to the victim). However, the abuse of a child, especially in a sexual way, is the most dangerous and horrendous form of abuse and can lead … Read More»

The Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

Child abuse is doing harm to child intentionaly or not provides the essential needs for the child. Abuse child can be in physical, emotional, sexual in form or neglect. Each form has its different characteristics. Causes of child abuse can be parents causes, ecological causes or child problems. Parents causes involves parent who have background … Read More»

The Case Of John Lacking Capacity Social Work Essay

Within adult social care, people, issues, organisations and regulatory bodies are always involved in the discussions on risk and safety. Responsibility, duty of care, adult safeguarding and capacity are of concern. The balance of keeping service users who are viewed as vulnerable safe in society can be contradicted with living independent lives and being able … Read More»

Task Centred Practice And Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Social Work Essay

This assignment will focus on two approaches of intervention: Task-Centred Practice (TCP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Along the theories interventions’ description, it will take note on any issues of anti- discrimination practice. It will also point out, the similarities and differences; the advantages and disadvantages of the approaches and finally bring a conclusion. Accordingly … Read More»

Substance Abuse And Mental Disorders Social Work Essay

Dual diagnosis between drug abuse and mental illness is very common. The two problems affect and interact with each other. The number of people diagnosed with a mental illness and substance went from 210,000 to 800,000 between the years of 1998-2003. (Druss MD, Bornemann, Fry-Johnson MD, McCombs PhD, Politzer, & Rust MD, 2006) Substance abuse … Read More»

Sociological theories

research. Sociology offers some important social theories, which provide explanations and critiques of human behavior, social actions and interactions as well as the institutions and the structures of society. The fact that social work is concerned with social change and problem solving is precisely why sociology is important to social work. In this essay I … Read More»

Social Worker Burnout Studied

AUTHOR-ABSTRACT: For the past 30 years, researchers and practitioners have been concerned about the impact of work stress experienced by social workers. Although research on burnout has been a useful field of exploration, a new concern has arisen about work stresses specifically associated with work with victims of trauma. The concept of vicarious trauma provides … Read More»

Social work and service users

OF SERVICE USERS? Introduction Social work involves the improvement of the human condition and positively changing how the society responds to unending problems. The profession is meant to enhance the quality of life and to ensure each individual realizes full potential in life. In pursuit of these goals social workers work with communities, groups, families, … Read More»

Social Agencies And Human Service Organizations Social Work Essay

When people are in need of welfare, they do not have to confer with the government directly sometimes to obtain it. A social agency, defined “formally structured unit, sanctioned by society, whose goals and activities focus on meeting human needs.” (Turner, Pg 209) is simply known as one of the contacts between the government and … Read More»

Skills Gained In Social Care Social Work Essay

experience has informed or shaped the student’s social care values and beliefs”. Throughout the course of my placement there have been many cases upon which I have experienced significant learning. These include conversations with both staff and service users, as well as sitting in on various meetings and programs. The main learning experience I enjoyed … Read More»

Role Of A Social Work Practitioner Social Work Essay

Interrelationship can be defined as a “mutual or reciprocal relation” (Oxford University Press, 2012). A theory in social work is a “framework for understanding” (Thompson, 2000a, p. 22). It provides the practitioner with an understanding of client behaviour and emotions. Where theory enables understanding the client and the situation they are encountering, practice is how … Read More»

Reflective Social Work Practice Social Work Essay

“Social workers are knowledgeable about and apply the principles of critical thinking and reasoned discernment. They identify, distinguish, evaluate and integrate multiple sources of knowledge and evidence. These include practice evidence, their own practice experience, service user and carer experience together with research-based, organisational, policy and legal knowledge. They use critical thinking augmented by creativity … Read More»

Professional Identity And Ethics In Counseling Social Work Essay

The mental health professional that I interviewed was Gary Parker he has been practicing for over 25 years. Gary came to Iowa from Indiana and stated that he was grand daddy into his licensure because of his early practice. Gary’s daily routine consists of seeing 8-10 clients per day within 3 different offices. He stated … Read More»

Principal Issues For Research On Secret Trust Social Work Essay

I consider that I have reached this outcome and the associated skills because I can identify the principal of issues for research on a specific legal topic.’ I have conducted my research on a specific topic ‘Secret Trust’. I also have found the principal issues of research as required for this topic by expressing a … Read More»

Practice Of The Motivational Interviewing Approach Social Work Essay

Critically analyse your practice of the Motivational Interviewing approach with specific reference to your classroom learning and work placement On reflection I have learnt a great deal about the MI approach, putting the classroom learning into practice, then reviewing my performance on the DVD has been a fundamental part of my learning process. Although being … Read More»

Practice In Uk Mental Health Area Social Work Essay

This study takes up the examination of social work practice in the area of mental health in the UK. It is based upon the experiences of the author in the course of her work as a Mental Health Professional in a multidisciplinary team in a community care setting. Mental health issues, more specifically mental illnesses, … Read More»

Power Politics And Change In Social Work Social Work Essay

Following a referral to children’s social care, the local authority has a statutory obligation to consider whether “there are concerns about impairment to the child’s health and development or the child is suffering harm which justifies an initial assessment to establish whether this child is a child in need” (HM Government 2010: 5.34). Regardless of … Read More»

Power Issues And Case Analysis Imbalances Social Work Essay

This assignment will discuss the case study given whilst firstly looking at the issues of power as well as the risk discourse and how this can be dominant within social work practice. Further to this a task centred approach will be explained and how it could be used when approaching this case study. Finally the … Read More»

People With Autism Spectrum Disorder Social Work Essay

Autism Spectrum Disorders start without diagnosis. And ASD is unexpected. The consequences that affect the children are they do not have close relationship with their siblings, their grandparents and even with their parents. ASD children are unable to feel love from their family, especially on mother. In the school, they cannot make a good friendship … Read More»

Past And Present Social Welfare Systems Social Work Essay

Since the establishment of the social welfare system, governments and administrations have endeavored to provide for those who are incapable to be self-sufficient. During feudal times, many had conservative opinions about the poor stating that they were contemptible and indolent, but eventually society began to progress towards social reform and came to realization why the … Read More»

Parental Substance Abuse And Safeguarding Children Social Work Essay

Substance misuse causes considerable harm and is presently an immense global issue of public concern. It is a wide-ranging problem, damaging individuals, families and entire communities. In general, substance misuse is not only growing considerably within the United Kingdom, but also worldwide. Simultaneously, the number of children involved in the vicious circle of drug taking … Read More»

Parental Risk Factors And Child Maltreatment Social Work Essay

It is staggering to know that thousands of children are maltreated in ways that are detrimental to their developmental and psychological growth. Widespread concern about the issue was initially triggered in the 1960s to raise awareness of the plight of the ‘battered child’. Research has recognised numerous risk and protective factors commonly associated with child … Read More»

Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

up with. The effects divorce has on children depend on age of the child when divorce occurs. Other factors that determines the effects the divorce impacts on children depends on child’s personality and the gender, the support offered by other family members and relatives besides the frequency of conflicts and disagreements between parents determines the … Read More»

Need And Benefits Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

Introduction Work life balance has become the hot issue around the world. In the United Kingdom, a high level of support has been given to work life balance. Employers think people can only give best performance when they can strike a balance of work and life. In the United States, more importance has been given … Read More»

Models Of Disability Are Tools For Defining Impairment Social Work Essay

For Models of Disability are essentially devised by people about other people. They provide an insight into the attitudes, conceptions and prejudices of the former and how they impact on the latter. From this, Models reveal the ways in which our society provides or limits access to work, goods, services, economic influence and political power … Read More»

Mental Health Legislation In Uk Social Work Essay

One adult in six in the UK suffers from one or more forms of mental illness at any time. Incidence of mental ailments can as such be considered as prevalent as asthma (Ray et al, 2008, p 2 to 13). Mental ailments range from very common conditions like depression to ailments like schizophrenia, which affect … Read More»

Mental Health And Community Care Social Work Essay

In this report I will discuss Mental health and community care, I will look at the histori What is mental health with young people? Mental health can present itself in many different way such as; anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Mental disorders as suggested above may not only occur at times that could be a … Read More»

Marital Rape And Violence In The Family Social Work Essay

These effects have a negative bearing on children and mothers since they affect self-confidence and ability to meet life goals. Separation, substance abuse, mental disorders and divorce are effects which adversely affect children’s development stages (Johnson & Ferraro, 2004). Abused children may replicate abuse as adults, which lengthen the violence cycle. This paper will discuss … Read More»

Looking Into A Vulnerable Child And Family Social Work Essay

Assessing the level of awareness and understanding the status of an individual and intervention for them and their families by utilization of several theories to obtain the optimum functioning and healthy lifestyle is one of the initial actions by social workers or health care professionals. In this case study prior to the analysis of every … Read More»

Looking At The Views Of People In Care Social Work Essay

The view of young people about being looked after was not, in the main, a happy experience. The quality of care was often inadequate, and that they were marked out as different and as troublemakers just because they were in public care. According to Westfield Therapeutic Children’s Home, “The quality of preparation for leaving care, … Read More»

Looking At The Social Welfare Legislation Social Work Essay

Social workers, as a profession, exist in a contested domain, within a framework of rights and duties that are defined by law, by employers and professional codes of conduct (Swaine and Rice, 2009: xi). To be effective a social worker must have an understanding of statutory and legal requirements, and while using the law attempt … Read More»

Looking At The Issues Surrounding Adoption Social Work Essay

This short study concerns my experiences in dealing with an adopted service user who wishes to establish contact with her birth mother. The essay takes up the case of J, a 46 year old divorced lady who finds out about her history of adoption after the death of her adopted parents. J tries to directly … Read More»

Looking At Human Rights And Social Justice Social Work Essay

Social Work is a helping profession which promotes the well being of people while human rights and social justice are highly stressed (IFSW, 2000). The primary mission of social work on the NASW webpage is stated that it is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs with special attention to vulnerable … Read More»

Learning Experience Of Partnership Working Social Work Essay

To begin with I would like to focus on the policies and legislation which have identified partnership working. There is a large body of policies and legislation that focuses on collaboration and partnership working; some include duties for statutory organisations in relation to inter-agency working. I have examined only some of the key polices and … Read More»

Is International Adoption Justified In The Usa Social Work Essay

The reason I chose this subject was mainly because International adoption has played a major role in the news during the last few years. On the one hand, there are thousands of orphan children worldwide, mainly in poor countries. On the other hand, there is an increasing demand for adoption in the U.S. and many … Read More»

Investigating Service User And Care Involvement Social Work Essay

Introduction The following review will discuss the issue of service user involvement in the discharge/transfer procedure. The review was compiled by the author within a nineteen bedded Forensic Mental Health unit. The ward was at full capacity at the time of writing this review. The service users’ all had different levels of mental illness, each … Read More»

Importance Of Avoid Making Stereotypical Assumptions Social Work Essay

Stereotype reflects the perception one has of other individuals based on their different physical abilities, emotional appearance, religious, cultural disposition, sexual orientation or ethnicity without knowing anything personal about that person and these views are often connected to experiences, observations or other influences such as the media. I will first outline below some of the … Read More»

Impact Of Work Related Stress On Health Social Work Essay

In our everyday lives we are faced with situations that do require us to work extremely hard. Whereas this is a very vital thing in every success of an organization, employees suffer severe health problems. This is because pressure emanating from this tight and demanding work conditions has with it several negative aspects. Amidst believes … Read More»

Task 1.2 Analysing the historical land marks of Social and welfare

policies of past and present, explain how the quality of life for the service users have improved over time: P1.1: Identify key historical landmarks in social welfare, focusing on the period up to 1945: The Key historical landmarks in social welfare focusing 1945 period were: In 19th century it was the role of religion, the … Read More»

An understanding of parental responsibility and child behaviour

A definition of defining parenting could include ‘One who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or a mother’ An ancestor; a progenitor. An organism that produces or generates offspring. (Dictionary.com, 2010) However, the role can include step-parent, adopted parents, foster parents, residential care staff and biological parents. The Scottish … Read More»

High Risk Youth And Drug Abuse Treatment Social Work Essay

In this research paper I will be discussing how to identify high risk youth and the treatment for drug abuse. First I will cover which teenagers are likely to be at high risk for drug use and abuse. Second I will discuss some of the causes of drug abuse amongst our teenagers. Third I will … Read More»

General Category of Service User.

not merely the absence of disease” (World Health Organisation, 2010) For tuning in purposes is a difficult concept given Mental health is wide ranging and people are effected to varying extents. The Department of Health and Social Services describes mental health as a continuum of experience ranging from mental health and well being through to … Read More»

Forms And Modern Manifestations Of Racism Social Work Essay

Racism embodies the ideology or practice via demonstrated power of perceiving the dominance of one group over others by on the grounds of color, race, ethnicity, or cultural heritage, whereby ethnic minorities might be perceived as being biologically (intrinsically) inferior and, thus, practices detailing their domination and exploitation are justified. In many places across the … Read More»

Financial Resource Management In Healthcare Social Work Essay

This budget has the Healthcare For All Hospital Trust in good standing at the end of the next fiscal year. Potential problems could arise however, if the macular degeneration developments do not come to fruition. In that case, the hospital would have a choice: meet the target cuts, and be in debt, or do not … Read More»

Family Domestic Violence Assessment Social Work Essay

Mrs. Chan has a family of four including a son and a daughter. She first came for help because of the bad father-son relationship in her family. During the interview, she disclosed the fact that she has been suffered from domestic violent for about one year. Four interviews were conducted by the worker. The purpose … Read More»

Families And Sibling Abuse Analysis Social Work Essay

Abuse, whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual, can infiltrate a family setting and alter the dynamics greatly. Within a family there are different relationships and bonds, and each one of those relationships may have a different motive and form of abuse within it. A type of abuse within a family that does not receive … Read More»

Facilitating Change In Health And Social Care Social Work Essay

Change is a process of transitioning from a current situation to a desired future condition. Whether we like change or not, we are all caught up in a never-ending cycle of change in our organizations. Some people welcome change and enjoy the uncertainty it often brings, thinking that it offers a new challenges and opportunities at … Read More»

Exploration Wife Abuse In Thailand Social Work Essay

The prevalence of wife abuse in Thailand, the types of incidents, is the same as is found in other places in the world except that for Thai women the frequency of incidents of physical violence against women by their intimate partners alone is 41% to 47% of women over 18 (Institute for Population and Social … Read More»

Examining The Asylum Seekers In The Uk Social Work Essay

Asylum seeking families come to the UK with high hopes for their future and are often seeking protection from a perilous past. They are exposed to destitution, poor health, depression, physical assault, sexual harassment, loneliness and stress and family breakdown. The children of asylum seekers are vulnerable and in need of considerable support (Fitzpatrick, 2005). … Read More»

Evolution Of Social Work Practice In Uk Social Work Essay

Social work has been practiced for ages by religious institutions and charitable organisations. With the poor and the infirm being objects of pity and concern in all religions, helping them with financial and social support has been and continues to be an important activity of many religious institutions and charitable organisations (White, et al, 2009, … Read More»

Eviewing The Nhs And Community Care Act Social Work Essay

Since the establishment of the Welfare State in the 1940s, the National Health Service and Community Care Act is among some of the most important laws in health and social services in Britain (Adams, 2002). Its’ policies, based around ‘autonomy’, ’empowerment’ and ‘choice’ was supported by many writers who saw it as the cure to … Read More»

Ethical Dilemmas Facing Social Workers Social Work Essay

Social workers face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis, Banks illustrates this in her quotation ‘ethical dilemmas occur when the social worker sees herself as facing a choice between two equally unwelcoming alternatives, which may involve a conflict of moral values, and it is not clear which choice will be the right one’ (Banks 2006:13). … Read More»

Domestic violence : impact on children and young people

What is domestic violence ? definition Where does this happen ? Comparison between UK and Asian community lifestyle Why does this occur ? Ego, emotional problems, culture, lack of self control How domestic violence takes place ? Through sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse, controlling to not to act in independent, discouraging from acting out … Read More»

Domestic Violence Crime And Victims Act 2004 Social Work Essay

The Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 closes a legal loophole, (whereby defendants in murder and manslaughter cases could escape conviction by claiming each other had killed the child), by creating a new offence of causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable adult. The offence establishes a new criminal responsibility for … Read More»

Domestic Violence And Abuse Analysis Social Work Essay

Domestic violence according to many definitions is considered a pattern or consistency of behavior(s) towards any individual in any kind of relationship which is used to acquire and retain a form of power and control over another person. Domestic violence varies in many different forms and the abuse can be physical, sexual, and psychological and … Read More»

Discussing The Disadvantage And Discrimination Of Social Work Social Work Essay

do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   In the following I will be discussing the quotation “Social Work is an ethical and political activity made necessary by the consequences of social and economic disadvantage and inequalities”. I will be critically evaluating the statement by expressing my view of Social work role … Read More»

Disabled People Basic Human Rights Social Work Essay

Uusitalo 1985 asserted that a commonly discussed point about state welfare is its ability to redistribute wealth. However, there are other commentators who do not agree with this assertion and feel that State Welfare (SW) has failed to redistribute wealth and create equality (Miller, 1994; Clegg, 2010; Osborne 2010; Grice, 2009). SW was instituted to, … Read More»

Cultural Integration Experiences Of Migrants Social Work Essay

Abstract Recent years have seen an increase in the number of migrant in Ireland, Ireland has become so diversified, there are different nationalities and races that now live in Ireland for one reason or the other. In modern Ireland, There are Africans, African Americans, white Americans, Asians, Chinese, Europeans, Latinos and so on now represented … Read More»

Critical Social Work And Its Values Analysis Social Work Essay

The essay analyses theories underpinning and key elements of critical social work and its values. An exploration of counselling as a form of social work practice and how it is influenced by the critical social work approach will be included. Examples from practice experience/ literature and the influence of inequalities, power and social divisions will … Read More»

Consider How Changes In Political Ideology Impact Social Work Essay

Social policy is about social well-being and its policies are designed to promote this, social well-being is for everyone and it’s to ensure that everyone gets treated impartially and according to their needs. This may include areas such as housing, education and social care. According to the HM Treasury’s spending review 2010-11 the vast majority … Read More»

Consequences Of Childbearing For Teenagers Social Work Essay

Introduction Public concern over adolescent sexual health and the resolutions to these concerns has over the past three decades generated political debate and academic inquiry the world over. At the core of adolescent sexual health is the issue of teenage pregnancy. South Africa has not been spared from the challenges teenage pregnancy presents. Inquiry into … Read More»

Concern Associated With Mental Health Diagnosis Social Work Essay

“Psychiatrists are increasingly churning out new syndromes at the behest of their funders in the pharmaceutical industry”. The above quotation, drawn from a news feature from the Independent news paper, highlights an issue of concern associated with mental health diagnosis. According to the (Social Exclusion Unit, 2004), approximately one in six people in England experiences … Read More»

Concept Of Collaborative Working Social Work Essay

Social Work is at an important stage in its development as a profession – not only in the United Kingdom but around the world. All professions must be responsive and proactive to changing social and economic climates and conditions if they are to meet the needs of the people they are serving. It is essential … Read More»

Communicating In Health And Social Care Organisations Social Work Essay

INTRODUCTION Language in particular and communication in general, permeates every aspect of people’s lives. It is important in everything that a person does, in whatever profession an individual might be in. It fosters greater understanding as well the possibility of establishing better relationships between the parties which are communicating. This paper seeks to address the … Read More»

Common Core of Skills & Knowledge for the Childrens Workforce

The common core of skills and knowledge for the children’s workforce describes the knowledge and skills that people working with children and young people in the United Kingdom are expected to have. There are six areas of expertise involved in the common core of skills, and these six areas offer a single framework aimed at … Read More»

Children Born Into Families With Mental Illness Social Work Essay

With an apparent increase in the number of children born to parents experiencing mental illness many issues have been raised concerning parenting capacity and the welfare and development of these children. This has many implications for social work practice in both Children’s Teams and Community Mental Health Teams and also for future policy development and … Read More»

Child Abuse And Neglect Case Study Social Work Essay

Child abuse and neglect are common social issues in differing degrees are prevalent in all countries of the world. This paper will discuss the case of Child L who is in an abused relationship with her mother. The paper will also focus on the issues faced by her mother as a single black parent with … Read More»

Challenges Social Work In Scotland Today Social Work Essay

‘Doing more of the same wont work’ (Changing Lives: 21st Century Review of Social Work, Scottish Executive 2006) Why is this? Discuss with reference to some of the challenges that face social work in Scotland today. The role of a social worker has become a ‘grey area’ and subsequently undergone necessary scrutiny to establish what … Read More»

Case study of fostering team in nuneaton

excess of seventy five carers in and around the Nuneaton/Bedworth area. The fostering team consists of 4 full time social workers, whose role encompasses assessment work along with supervisory responsibility of foster carers in line with the Department for Children, Schools and Families ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ March 2010 which “sets out how organisations … Read More»

Case Study Of Child Abuse And Neglect Social Work Essay

The following describes a case study scenario in which I am an experienced, protective services worker about to do the first home visit with a new family. It goes on to speculate what might happen, the families reactions, cultural variations and engagement tools and recommendations. While many service bureaucracies focus on a single family member … Read More»

Case Study Human Growth And Development Assignment Social Work Essay

The aim of this case study is to use knowledge of human growth and development to critically discuss the theories a social worker might employ to assess a family and better understand their behaviour. These theories will be applied to two members of the family, Molly (13-years old) and Elsie (65-years old), and critiqued in … Read More»

Biography of Mary McLeod Bethune

educator, advocator, leader, and humanitarian that dedicated many years to equality and the uplift of African-Americans lifestyles. She felt that education and access to knowledge was the only way to battle adversities that were crippling the black community. Bethune took on and accomplished many great tasks as an African-American woman in hopes of proving that … Read More»

A Self Reflection Paper Analysis Social Work Essay

Critically comment upon experiences in terms of my own counselling experience and experience working within the organisation. My practicum was undertaken at Lifeline Community Care Queensland, Fraser District in telephone counsellor role. To be eligible for a placement within the telephone counselling area, a Lifeline Telephone Counselling training course must first be completed. I was … Read More»

A personal values analysis

experience and education. Although these values have changed over time, I believe that they are pretty consistent with the NASW code of ethics and values of the social work profession as a whole. The preamble of code of ethics states that “The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and … Read More»

Analysis of Risk

of risk assessment and will briefly discuss existing risk assessment schedules and at the end it will critically analyze national and local reports related to risk assessment (Faisal). Royal Society (1983) states that, risk assessment which axiom as the probability that a particular adverse event occurs and social services has been concerned predominate with risk … Read More»

Analysis Of An American Social Welfare Policy Social Work Essay

Social welfare policies are an integral part of any political system. Many countries across the world have formulated social welfare policies to cope with the numerous social issues affecting society. There are many underprivileged people in society who include the unemployed, poor and disabled, and these require assistance from the state in order to achieve … Read More»

Analysing New Challenges Posed By The Development In Government Policies Social Work Essay

do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   In this report, I am going to consider the new challenges posed by the latest development in government policies, and particularly those set out in the Every Child Matters and Youth Matters agendas and their impact on Children services especially Looked-After-Children in foster and … Read More»

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

2.0 Introduction: A literature review is a critical and in depth evaluation of previous research in a particular area. It allows anyone reading the paper to establish why you are pursuing this particular research program. The role of a literature review is to discover answers to a research problem. Machi & Mc Evoy (2008 pp.3) explain an … Read More»

A Current National Health Policy Social Work Essay

Policies are relevant and essential as they allow health professionals whether employer or employee, to work within their remit and understand their responsibilities to their clients, patients and their colleagues (Baggott, 2007). Walt and Gibson (1994) identified that health policies are made through complex association of actors, processes and content. The health policy triangle was … Read More»

A Child Protection Social Worker Social Work Essay

Upon a social service department receiving the initial referral a decision will be made by the manager whether to act upon the information received. In the case of Samantha and her children the referral offers enough information to meet the criteria for a social worker to undertake an Initial Assessment. Local Authority (Social Services) Act … Read More»

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World Health Organisation (WHO) describes health promotion

The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes health promotion as: ‘the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health.’ (WHO 1986, p.11) Through discussion with the Head of Establishment and members of staff at Kirklandpark Nursery, staff wished to incorporate diet and nutrition into their room planning. They felt this would … Read More»

Work Life Balance By Women Employees Social Work Essay

Introduction To understand the need of work life balance, one first needs to understand about work life imbalance. With the understanding of the origin, causes and effects of this imbalance, the balancing act becomes easier. Today’s corporate world is exceedingly demanding and the work culture varies from one organization to another organization. Today the deadlines … Read More»

Working Mothers Negative Effects On Young Children Social Work Essay

Working mothers have negative effects on their young children. This paper is used to show that why mothers who usually working outside have bad effects on their young children and what are the effects. It explores a series of articles, journals and experiments on the websites to show the bad effects of working mothers to … Read More»

Working In Partnership In Social Care Social Work Essay

As we know that healthcare professionals are a part of group that relates to the service users mean while the service users also play a vital role and impart an effect on professional group. It is worthwhile to discuss the importance of support workers because they are to work in partnership with users of the … Read More»

Welfare Needs Of The Elderly Social Work Essay

As the population continues to age, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on policies and practices that support and enhance the wellbeing of the older population in later life. One sad reality for many seniors in later life and an increasing cause for concern is elder abuse. Elder abuse is one of the most … Read More»

Ways ethical considerations may influence management decisions

This essay will look at the ethical considerations present for a social manager faced with budgeting decisions. This essay will consider evidence on social care management priorities and ethics as well as any available guidance on budgetary decision-making in order to complete the assignment. Theoretical perspectives on social care priorities will be examined to see … Read More»

Vulnerability Of Adults With Learning Disabilities Social Work Essay

Adults with learning disabilities who are vulnerable need support to ensure that they are not denied the right or opportunity to make their own decision and give their own consent (Peate & Fearns, 2006). According to Hayes, (1993) states that, adults with learning disabilities who may have had no choice but to accept the labels … Read More»

Violence And Aggression In The Health Care Social Work Essay

Introduction Management of a violent or aggressive client plays an important role in health care setting. This is very critical in mental health sector and as well as the prevention of violence and aggression is very essential since the main concern of the modern world has been directed towards preventive measures rather curative and therapeutic … Read More»

Understanding The Theory Acts Of Social Work Social Work Essay

Children and young people vary enormously in their responses to the same experiences and those who suffer adversity either develop coping strategies to get through it and emerge relatively unscathed whilst others do not, in other words they sink or swim. This essay puts forward bodies of research and theories of resilience that influence thinking … Read More»

Understanding The Definition Of Social Work Social Work Essay

Introduction Social work is an established professional discipline with a distinctive part to play in promoting and securing the wellbeing of children, adults, families and communities. As an established professional discipline, social work has its own theories and knowledge. The essay will begin by defining what a theory, models and method is, with reference to … Read More»

Understanding Of Human Growth And Development Social Work Essay

The field of psychology has vast areas of interest, and Human growth and development is one of the most popular topics being studied by social workers today. The purpose of this report is to show how essential it is for a trainee social worker to attain a firm understanding of human growth and development, and … Read More»

Understanding and analysing self harm

cycles, and increasing the risk of suicide and from the perspective of a school nurse, the problem is very evident. Whilst providing duties to young people with, or prone to, psychological, emotional or mental help problems it is clear that self harm is an ever increasing issue. There is evidence that would suggest that the … Read More»

Two theories of motivation

actions. In just about everything we do there is something that moves us to perform the action which involves some motivation allowing us to perform tasks or actions which produces some type of personal benefit as a result. The general theory would be that, the greater the personal gain in performing the task for the … Read More»

The Work Life Management Social Work Essay

every worker must face. Particularly, it is most affected to families lives, as some couples may prefer having more children, yet cannot see how they would afford to working lesser or stop working in order to look after their kids; while some other families satisfy with the number of kids they have, but still prefer … Read More»

The Welfare Needs Of The Elderly Social Work Essay

Introduction Nowadays, Malaysians are living longer, they are on an average of 74 years for men and 78 years for women. In others words, their life expectancy has increase. With the advances in medical care and better nutrition, older people are living longer, they are more visible, more active and more independent than ever before … Read More»

The Way Forward for criminal justice

from the traditional legal justice system. This will include a critical analysis of restorative justice while evaluating its strengths and weaknesses as a different approach to crime control. I will identify underlying theory, legislation and policy that brought restorative justice to the forefront of opinion, and specifically relate it to the Northern Ireland criminal justice … Read More»

The Various Types Of Child Abuse Social Work Essay

Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Services (MCYS, 2005) states that, “Child abuse is defined as any act of omission or commission by a parent or guardian which would endanger or impair the child’s physical or emotional well-being, or that is judged by a mixture of community values and professionals to in inappropriate.” Different types … Read More»

The Statutory Interventions In Social Work Social Work Essay

Mental health services have previously been heavily dominated by health service attitudes reinforced by medical models of explanation and beliefs, creating a division between the mentally ill and society. The dominance over biochemical approaches to mental health has so far presented little space for the expression of a more holistic alternative, (Tew, 2002). Literature suggests … Read More»

The Serious Social Issue Of Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

Domestic violence is a serious social issue that affects many women and children and is reinforced by the power imbalances that are inbuilt into a patriarchal society. Women’s personal experiences of domestic violence are connected to the broader social and political forces that oppress and marginalise many groups in society, particularly women and children. Domestic … Read More»

The Role Of A Sheriffs Department Social Work Essay

The sheriff is an elected county official; therefore deputies and those who work for the department tend to have a closer relationship with the citizens in that particular city. According to LaFrance and Placide (2009), article on the different leadership styles of police and sheriff, most of the time, Sheriffs have risen through the ranks … Read More»

The role of an Occupational Therapist

rehabilitation in the private mental health setting. Firstly the essay will describe a critical analysis of vocational rehabilitation and the added value of an O.T within this setting. Secondly it will analyse the trends within vocational rehabilitation and how these relate to O.T philosophy and core tenets, thirdly an examination of concepts of management that … Read More»

The Prevention And Treatment Of Juvenile Delinquency Social Work Essay

– The prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency is a subject which must be addressed by society today. Early intervention is the best approach to preventing juvenile delinquency. Prevention requires individual, group and organizational efforts aimed at keeping adolescents from breaking the law. Also important are preventive work such as education programs, youth development and … Read More»

The Poverty Stricken People Of Canada Social Work Essay

One of the first microsystem causes of poverty would be if an individual came from an impoverished family. This is a predisposing factor that an individual is likely to become impoverished themselves, if their family of origin was poor as well. More than half the children in the United States living in poverty grew up … canada-social-work-essay/"> Read More»

The Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion Social Work Essay

Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life is defined in different ways due to circumstances of the person it represents comparing age and gender brings different results as so does the economic status of the person and what social class they belong Blaxter (1990) study of health and lifestyle of 9000 people in the UK showed … Read More»

The Nature Of Crisis And Level Of Crisis Social Work Essay

Crisis can arise from stressful or traumatic situations due to one or more issues pertaining to serious medical illness, violence, personal loss of loved one, sudden homelessness, heavy debts, rape, broken relationships to name a few. According to James (2008) crisis is an intolerable difficult situation or obstacle in life, when an individual’s coping mechanisms … Read More»

The Mental Health Of Young People Social Work Essay

Describe how social work practice has responded to the changing needs of this particular group within the last two decades. Mental health can present itself in many different way such as; anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Mental disorders as suggested above may not only occur at times that could be a predictable reaction to a … Read More»

The Main Roles In Social Work Practice Social Work Essay

Social work involves working with some of the most vulnerable people who have been oppressed or disadvantaged in Society. The role of the Social Worker is to challenge these oppressions to help service users help themselves. It is about promoting change, and is underpinned by laws, theories, policies and procedures. ‘Social Work as a profession … Read More»

The Issue Of Domestic Violence In Malaysia Social Work Essay

Domestic violence is acknowledged as a significant issue within Malaysia. Historically, women non-government organizations (NGOs) have made violence against women a visible issue and have laws and protection services for victims of gender violence. In the year of 1994, the Domestic Violence Act was finally passed by Parliament, making Malaysia the first Asian and Muslim … Read More»

The Ipswich Womens Centre Against Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

The Ipswich Women’s Centre Against Domestic Violence (IWCADV) is a feminist community based organisation committed to working towards the elimination of domestic and family violence throughout the community. The primary focus of IWCADV is to provide support to women and children survivors of domestic and family violence. This includes telephone information, referral and support services, … Read More»

The International Context For Healthcare Policy Social Work Essay

This assignment is done to explore the international context for healthcare policy and orgs of healthcare. It also helps us to understand contemporary issues and promotion of healthcare. The political, cultural and social issues that help to determine healthcare policy are also analyzed in this assignment. Our 1st task is to analyze approaches to healthcare … Read More»

The Impact Of Living With Chronic Illness Social Work Essay

Families and individuals have to overcome new challenges due to disability and chronic illness. Families have suffer financial burden related to providing health facilities, education and buying appropriate equipment for the disabled or chronically ill member of the family. Some times house needs to modified to accommodate the needs of affected individual. Sometimes families and … Read More»

The Family Ineliminatable Element Of Our Society Social Work Essay

Child abuse was formally recognised between the1940s-60s, it was acknowledged as being a social problem and viewed within a medical framework. ‘Casework’ by social workers developed as a means of ‘treating’ affected families (Parton, 1985 p.48; Scourfield, 2000).What we identify today as child protection social work evolved through the professionalism of the role in the … Read More»

The Duties Of A Social Worker Social Work Essay

The beginnings of community care date back the Griffiths Report in 1988, particular Community Care: Agenda for Action and the government White Paper Caring for People. (Guthrie; 2011) The papers emphasised choice, independence and involvement service users and carers. A series of shifting strategies and priorities developed such as; move from institutionalisation to promote independent … Read More»

The development of social work

movements that have changed role of the social worker. When looking at government policy within Britain since the Second World War it is possible to look at the development of the welfare state and how those governing the country have influenced and shaped the welfare state of today. Pluralism represented majority wide spread values within … Read More»

The Conduct Of Inter Professional Practice Social Work Essay

This study aims to investigate the conduct of inter-professional practice in areas of social and health care, with specific regard to the involvement of service users in such practice. The case study prepared by the City and Hackney Local Safeguarding Children Board on Child A and Child B is taken up for analysis and review … Read More»

The Concept Of Social Exclusion Social Work Essay

This essay will discuss the origins of social exclusion, explain its meaning and the impact that it can have on groups and individuals in society. It will also describe the significance of social exclusion on people who may experience mental health problems; how government reform has been focusing on raising awareness and also why poverty … Read More»

The Concept Of Collaborative Working Social Work Essay

“Collaboration is a interprofessional process of communication and decision making that enables shared knowledge and skills in health care providers to synergistically influence the ways service user/patient care and the broader community health services are provided” (Way et al, 2002). The development of collaborative working will necessarily entail close interprofessional working” (Wilson et al., 2008). … Read More»

The Code Of Practice Social Work Essay

assessment process. I will then discuss these in relation to Rhain from my case study, together with any relevant legislation and policies. Additionally I will show my understanding of the Code of Practice, the consideration of ethical issues and anti-oppressive practice within a Welsh context. Assessments are undertaken by social workers as part of their … Read More»

The Biological Perspective Of The Ageing Process Social Work Essay

The biological perspective of ageing believes that the process of aging is a biological fact which is universal and affects all people. It takes the view that aging is a fundamental, progressive process which continuous throughout life (Lymbery, M 2005). The biological approach believes that as a person ages there is a decline in function … Read More»

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Work Social Work Essay

To look at life-span development, we need to be aware of what it is, although the meaning is within the name. It looks at how a normal person develops throughout the life-span. This process begins between conception and birth, the miracle of pregnancy where a one-celled organism develops into a foetus and finally a newborn … Read More»

Teenage Pregnancy And Social Exclusion Social Work Essay

The aim of this study or discussion is to analyse and discuss the impact of the labour government policy on teenage pregnancy and social exclusion in the United Kingdom, to what extent has the policy achieved its aims and objectives and if the objectives have not been met, why and how it may be improved, … Read More»

Supporting Individuals Experiencing Loss and Grief

Supporting Individuals Experiencing Loss and Grief. Loss can be defined as “a condition of being bereaved or deprived of someone or something”. Loss takes many forms, from the bereavement of a loved one to the loss of a door key. Loss can give rise to feelings ranging from deep mental anguish to feelings of annoyance. … Read More»

Structure of the judiciary power

Every society in the human history confronted the question of how disputes should be resolved. Independence of the judiciary is the principle that the judiciary should be politically insulated from the legislative and the executive power. Courts should not be influenced by the other branches of government. Different nations deal with the idea of judicial … Read More»

Stereotyping and prejudice in the workplace

moreover the reason of work, or study. While a person from one different environment or nation work together with another people from a different surroundings, that time they both takes their own social status, culture, nature, believes with them, which are dissimilarity between each other (Google question) As a result, discrimination arises within a people … Read More»

State Civil Society Relationship Social Work Essay

The concept of civil society remains elusive, complex and contested. There are different meanings and interpretations and, over time, different schools of thought have influenced theoretical debates and empirical research. Civil society is conceived to be an arena of un-coerced collective action around shared interests, purposes and values. As a public sphere where citizens and … Read More»

Socio Political Context Of The Welfare Policy Social Work Essay

According to the World Health Organisation, most developed world countries have accepted the age of 65 years as a definition of “elderly” or older person. (WHO: 2012) However, in the UK, the Friendly Societies Act 1972 S7(1)(e) defines old age as, “any age after fifty”, where pension schemes mostly, are used, it is usually, age … Read More»

Sociology Of Health And Illness Assignment Social Work Essay

The aim of this assignment is to discuss the strengths and limitations of the social model of disability and how nurses can promote anti-discriminatory practice in relation to people with disabilities. Defining disability is said to be very difficult due to the fact that disability is a ‘complicated, multidimensional concept’ (Altman 2001). Furthermore Slater et … Read More»

Sociology for social work

social actions and interactions as well as the institutions and the structures of society. The fact that social work is concerned with social change and problem solving is precisely why sociology is important to social work. Nowadays social workers are expected to write their reports in a coherent way, justifying it using theory and research. … Read More»

Social Work Practice

Work Practice INTRODUCTION Reflective social work practice is a key learning and development process in social work courses which enable social work trainees to apply theories and models in critical and challenging situations in practice to enhance professional developments (Scragg and Knott, 2007). Great emphasis is placed on developing skills of critical reflection about, in … Read More»

Social Workers Knowledge Of The Law Social Work Essay

I want to be a social worker, not a lawyer Robert Johns p.1 The aim of this assignment is to consider the importance of law for social workers and discuss the professional skills and values which underpin social work practice in England and Wales today. I will firstly look at how law frames social work … Read More»

Social Work And Social Exclusion Social Work Essay

“the biggest challenge we face: the growing number of our fellow citizens who lack the means material and otherwise, to participate in economic, social, cultural and political life in Britain today…It is about more than poverty and unemployment. It is about being cut off from what the rest of us regard as normal life. It … Read More»

Social Exclusion Of Different Types Of People Social Work Essay

To what extent are EITHER children OR people with disabilities OR older people OR people with illnesses socially excluded?’ Social exclusion is a blend of multi-dimensional and mutually reinforcing processes of deprivation associated with a progressive dissociation from social milieus, resulting in the isolation of individuals and groups from the main-stream of opportunities society has … Read More»

Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health

The social determinants of health, according to WHO (2004), state that the social conditions in which people live greatly affect their chances of being healthy. For the purpose of this assignment, this writer has chosen to critically analyse how the following determinants of health; (1) Social Exclusion (2) Community Support, and Employment, impact the lives … Read More»

Sexualized Dual Relationships In Therapy Social Work Essay

The main concern as a counselor is creating and managing professional limits, which must always center on the best interests of the client. However, except for behaviors of an illegal nature, ethical concerns can negatively interfere with one’s work because there are no straightforward answers. The detrimental effect of sexual intimacies within a professional counseling … Read More»

Sexual harassment in the work place

The Clarence Thomas Supreme Court case confirmation hearings in 1991 were the first to bring the issue of sexual harassment into increased standing. Anita Hill, a former employee of Thomas, alleged that he had sexually harassed her while she was working under his supervision. Although the allegations where never sustained, the hearing made many people … Read More»

Sex Education As Intervention Against Teenage Pregnancy Social Work Essay

Promotion of sexual health, and all Adolescence, the second decade of life, is increasingly recognized as a critical phase in the life course, especially from the health and social perspectives. The most challenging aspect of adolescence is sexual and reproductive health, as it is aspect of adolescence is sexual and reproductive health, the area that … Read More»

Service Users In The Provision Of Services Social Work Essay

This assignment will explore the extent to which my placement agency involves service users in the provision of services. I shall begin by providing a brief description of the agency setting, its remit and the ‘service user status’ as this will determine the relevant service user policy documents. This assignment will show my understanding of … Read More»

Self Reflection Analysis In The Social Work Sector Social Work Essay

Social work practice can be seen as a very complex process as it seeks to promote social change, social justice, equality, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practices and also social inclusion. It is therefore significant that as social workers, we reflect and evaluate our practice in order that the values we stand for are promoted and adhered … Read More»

Selecting An Appropriate Method Of Intervention Social Work Essay

Intervention is rarely defined. It originates from the Latin inter between and venire to come and means coming between Trevithick, 2005: 66. Interventions are at the heart of everyday social interactions and make ‘inevitably make up a substantial majority of human behaviour and are made by those who desire and intend to influence some part … Read More»

School Social Workers On Child Development Social Work Essay

There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun as far as the calamities of the world go. This saying may very well be true, but because of an increasingly larger population, school-aged children of today are forced to face more problems much earlier than their predecessors did. Because today’s children have … Read More»

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Children

11am on 14 July. Victoria was seen by Dr Beynon within an hour of her arrival. Dr Beynon took a history from Ms Cameron which, together with the results of a basic examination of Victoria, concerned him enough to refer the matter to a paediatric registrar. In his view there was a “strong possibility” that … Read More»

Safeguarding Children In Education Social Work Essay

According to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) every individual, regardless of their race, nationality, gender, age or disability, has a right to a free compulsory elementary education. The access to education is a requirement for full realization of the right to education (Article 26). Education is the key to child’s enjoyment … Read More»

Safeguarding children from various types of abuse

Abuse can be defined as maltreating, making bad use of, oral and corporeal attacks, insulting , the mistreatment of, or the possessions of unjust or dishonest exercises on an object, individual or being both (Thomas, Holland, 2010). Actions filling the above descriptions and specifically directed towards the child could be termed as “Child Abuse”. These … Read More»

Role Of Housing Associations In Delivering Housing Social Work Essay

Discuss the role of Housing Associations in delivering housing and regenerating housing estates and areas. To what extent should Housing Associations be more than housing providers? The first section of this essay will give a brief historical background to the origins of Housing Associations and philanthropic intervention within housing provision. The second section will address … Read More»

Reviewing The Identity Of Looked After Children Social Work Essay

This essay explores how the identity Looked after child contribute to oppression and discrimination in two specific areas of Education and Health. The essay will analyse the role of legislation and policy in combating or promoting discrimination and oppression. The history, societal attitudes, views of the children and theories underpinning looked after children will also … Read More»

Reviewing The Challenges Of Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

The widespread of hidden challenges living with violence has occurred in the case study. The Australia National Committee on Violence Against Women 1992, coin the term “domestic violence as a means to control women which can result in physical, sexual and or psychological harm, enforced social isolation, economic deprivation and or intimidation, and ultimately causes … Read More»

Reshaping Care For Older People In Scotland Social Work Essay

This project centres on the response from a group of service users who have been diagnosed with dementia and attend a day care service in the Perth and Kinross area to a consultation regarding the future delivery of care for older people in Scotland. Clearly, the Scottish government has stated that with the population of … Read More»

Reflective Account On Social Theory Social Work Essay

This assignment will critically reflect upon the learning that I have gained through group participation. It will also look at what knowledge I have learnt in relation to how I look at putting theory into practice. It will also explore how these theories interconnect and how I used elements of psychology and sociology to explain … Read More»

Reflections On The Professional Use Of Self Social Work Essay

At the heart of social work lies the fundamental belief in human rights, citizenship and social justice (Fook, 2002). Indeed, social workers are ordinarily duty-bound to advocate the principles of empowerment through anti-oppressive practice whilst placing the wishes and needs of clients at the centre of delivery (General Social Care Council (GSCC), 2004; Dalrymple and … Read More»

Purpose And Objectives Of Meeting Social Workers Social Work Essay

The purpose of this meeting was to carry out an update SAP assessment, under Section 47, NHS and Community Care Act 1990, because Diane’s needs have changed. Diane is a 69-year-old White British Female who has been living in Critchill Court since her discharge from hospital in Jan 2010. Diane had a Sub Arachnoids’ Haemorrhage, … Read More»

Providing Independent Living For Disabled People Social Work Essay

Independent living is about disabled people having the same level of choice, control and freedom in their daily lives as any other person. Everyone will need assistance or equipment of some kind, although many people with learning disabilities, physical and/or sensory impairments, mental health support needs, long-term health conditions or who experienced frailty associated with … Read More»

Prevention And Intervention Of Adolescence Alcohol Abuse Social Work Essay

Alcohol, drug, depression, sexual behavior, these problems are interact by each other which impose an extremely negative influence on contemporary youth. Apparently, different countries have their own concrete situation and typical phenomena. In the paper, I would like to discuss some effective and useful prevention and intervention approaches depending on Hong Kong. There are different … Read More»

Practices In Of Health And Social Care Social Work Essay

This study aims to investigate the conduct of inter-professional practice in areas of social and health care, with specific regard to the involvement of service users in such practice. The case study prepared by the City and Hackney Local Safeguarding Children Board on Child A and Child B is taken up for analysis and review … Read More»

Postmodernism Impact On Contemporary Social Work Social Work Essay

Drawing on the material from the module, critically discuss the extent to which theories relating to Postmodernism inform our understanding of an aspect or aspects of contemporary social work? Postmodernism represents a reaction to the theoretical idealism of modernism (Parton, 2000). It rejects the notion of objective knowledge which can be understood by an objective … Read More»

Policy In Relation To Child Care Services Social Work Essay

One could suggest, to have a full understanding of the concept of child care polices within Ireland, we must first look at childcare and its practice from a historical perspective. According to Kelleher, Kelleher & Corbett, (2000) modern social care in Ireland evolved in part from the insufficiency in the running of children’s institutions, schools … Read More»

Personalisation in cases of abuse and vulnerability

Personalisation is a new government strategy which has been set up to support service users who need support or care from adult social care. This policy is a new approach in supporting disabled people to enable them to lead more independent lives and exercise choice and control over the services they receive (Social Care Institute … Read More»

Partnership In Health And Social Care Analysis Social Work Essay

The concept of partnership in health and social care and agencies need to be involved in supporting Mr. Smith and his family From the scenario it is clear that Mr. Peter Smith is facing different type’s troubles at the same time like financial problems, social problem, physical problem and mental problem. According to Fletcher (2006), …