The Role Of Gawad Kalinga As A Promotional Tourism Essay

Besides the 7,107 beautiful islands, Philippines has so much to offer, from its pristine white sand beaches, splendid views, abundant greens,diverse populations of flora and fauna, unique natural resources and vibrant culture. To add to it is the warm Filipino hospitality, affordable vacation rates that they provide to tourists, enabling them to travel cheap and … Read More»

The Rocky Mountain National Park Tourism Essay

Denver is a capital city of Colorado in US. The place is located in South Platte River Valley. Denver is a good vacation destination. You can plan for a Day trip or a trip for couple of days in Denver. Below given is a short description on three major Vacation spots in Denver. The Denver … Read More»

The Report Of Hots Simulation Tourism Essay

faced some difficulties with their operation and management. In order to improve those problems, the marketing plan needed to be identified and some market strategies should be formulated. The report comprised the marketing strategic plan for five years, which had been created after SWOT analysis. According to the strategies, the marketing plan had be designed … Read More»

The Relationship Between Tourism And Terrorism Tourism Essay

The words tourism and terrorism exist at either end of a continuum of quality of life. The word tourism means living happily, enjoyment, and relaxation, while terrorism means feeling of death, destruction, fears and panics every where. According to Beirman (2003), “tourists are primary concerned with travelling to the destination satisfying their desires with minimum … Read More»

The Relationship Between Host Community And Guest Tourism Essay

2.0 Introduction Tourism is a product that relies totally upon simultaneous production and consumption. The implication of this for the destination’s host community is that it will come into contact with an alien population during the production process. This contact can be beneficial or detrimental to the host community depending upon the difference in cultures … Read More»

The Product Development Within Hospitality Environments Tourism Essay

1.1 Different types of hospitality products and services As an industry, hospitality industry can be considered as a major employer in modern globalized world. It may include services such as foods and tourism. Therefore, it can be considered that the industry may more susceptible for economic fluctuations when compare to the other industries. The industry … Read More»

The Problems And Issues Jamaica Faces Tourism Essay

With the rising and falling of our economy it is a major problem to ensure the control of the Jamaican society today. People who are without jobs, low rate of employment, currency exchange importing and exporting of products and not being able to export enough for currency exchange that will help to build Jamaica, leakages … Read More»

The Negative Impacts Of Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

Negative Impacts of Tourism Industry and the Importance of Sustainable Tourism The UN World Tourism Organization predicts that the amount of tourists traveling internationally from 2007 to 2020 will double in that time period from about 800 million to 1.6 billion (S.F. McCool and R.N. Moisey 2008). Tourism is the result of leaving one’s own … Read More»

The Morphology Of A Coastal Resort Tourism Essay

When the beach holidays package and water activities are getting more popular, the bloom of coastal resorts appear and the attentions to the form of existence morphology of coastal resort are focused. By understanding the morphology of a coastal resort, it helps the local authority and planner to build a thorough of appreciation to the … Read More»

The Modern Olympic Games Tourism Essay

thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games are considered to be the world’s foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. The Games are currently held biennially, with summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating, meaning they each occur every four years. Their creation was inspired by the ancient Olympic … Read More»

The Millennium And Copthorne Hotel Tourism Essay

To examine and evaluate a real life example within the hospitality industry of how a particular organizatiorticular ate a real life example within the hospitality industry n pursued a certain strategic choice, in recent years.’ This is a study of the Millennium and Copthorne hotel in terms of its performance in the hospitality industry and … Read More»

The Las Vegas Hotel And Casino Industry Tourism Essay

Commercial Casino Industry has been occurring in United States over 75 years since Nevada legalizing it. When Chef Wolfgang initiated to out fine dining restaurant in commercial casino, this is the beginning of food and beverage revolution in industry in 1992. In 1995, American Gaming Association was created. MGM Mirage acquired Mandalay Resort Group, Harrah’s … Read More»

The Jamaican Business Environment Tourism Essay

This papers aims to look at Jamaica from the business perspective. It seeks to analyze the Jamaican business environment and the impacts of these environments on business organizations; it also seeks to assess how we can translate the gains in sports to a more lasting level in business and economy The term Business Environment is … Read More»

The Introduction Of Indonesia Tourism Essay

30 smaller groups which spread along the equator, which gave Indonesia a tropical climate throughout the year. The most populated and largest islands are Sumatra and Java. The other islands which are also as important and famous as Sumatra and Java are Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya. The capital city of Indonesia is located in … Read More»

The International Tourism Marketing Tourism Essay

Tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. As an international exchange service, tourism has become one of the principal sectors of world trade. This sector is a source of foreign currency, a catalyst investment, and a means of local development. If it … Read More»

The International Air Transport Association Tourism Essay

Another article written by the International Air Transport Authority states that some airlines have started to see some stabilization in the business and the first class sectors of the airlines. These are the most profitable sectors for an airline.however it is pertinent to note here that not all airline have been as lucky and thus … Read More»

The Indian Luxury Hotel Industry Industry Analysis Tourism Essay

The Indian Hotel Industry has been divided into seven categories by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India based on the facilities and features offered in the hotels. Of these the luxury segment has been defined as consisting primarily of Five Star and Five Star Deluxe hotels, catering to the elite class of the society. … Read More»

The Impact Of Events On Host Areas Tourism Essay

Introduction Within the growth directions of the tourism industry, which currently represents the fourth largest industry in the world in terms of export, events act as catalysts for attracting visitors and image-makers, creating destination profiles, positioning destinations in the market, and providing competitive advantages (Bowdin et al. 2006). Their significance prompted a new subject type … Read More»

The Hotel Industry Of United Arab Emirates Tourism Essay

First of all we will be analyzing the Hotel Industry of United Arab Emirates (UAE) using Industry Life Cycle Model. Then after deciding the stage in which the industry is, we will be analyzing the threats and opportunities associated with the industry using Michael Porter’s “Five Forces model”. Then after deciding the threats and opportunities … Read More»

The Hospitality Services Industry Of India Tourism Essay

The Indian hospitality sector is certainly the most apt replication of the belief Atithi devo bhava- touch of tenderness, a helping hand and a welcoming visage. According to the Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) research, released by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and its strategic partner Oxford Economics in March 2010. Hospitality is the world’s … Read More»

The Hospitality Industry In The United Kingdom Tourism Essay

The main aim of this report is to provide a brief description of the hospitality industry in UK along with its size, scope and diversity in order to convince the panel of potential investors to invest in the hospitality industry. My management consultancy firm was asked to produce a formal report focussing on the foreign … Read More»

The Hospitality And Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

Hospitality and tourism industry nowadays has become one of the large and essential industries that contribute to Malaysian economy. With more and more jobs on offer, hospitality and tourism industry are among the growth industries in the world. The Malaysian Department of Statistic has reported that Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) in tourism industry is … Read More»

The History Of The Negotiation Power Tourism Essay

In general, negotiation mean bargaining process between two or more parties seeking to discover a common ground and reach an agreement to settle a matter of mutual concern or resolve a conflict (Business According to Fisher & Ury in their book Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement without Giving In, negotiating is a basic ways … Read More»

The Globalisation Issue In The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

Globalisation is a key issue for the hospitality industry. Identify and critique up to three impacts of globalisation on the hospitality industry and discuss strategies that hotel companies may implement to address globalisation. Abstract Globalisation is becoming increasing important these years in international hotel industry. In this essay, a literature review has been conducted to identify 3 impacts of globalisation … Read More»

The Front Office Function Of A Hotel Tourism Essay

The Front Office function of a Hotel is to act as the public face of the hotel, primarily by greeting hotel patrons and checking in guests. It also provides assistance to guests during their stay, completes their accommodation, food and beverage, accounts and receives payment from guests. FRONT OFFICE – is the “nerve center” in … Read More»

The Factors That Impact The Business Environment Tourism Essay

The London Olympics has been a tremendous event for Jamaica the country on the international forum, and locally raised the old hackneyed question, How can Jamaica exploit and cash-in on the gains made in sports to a more useful and lasting level in the economy. A total of 12 medals were won in sprints by … Read More»

The Ethical Tourism Tourism Concern Tourism Essay

To spend most of your year looking forward to your two weeks holiday is not unusual. We want sun, we want hedonism, we want to get away from it all. One thing we don’t want to worry about is ethics. But whether you have travelled to Bath or Bali, you will probably have seen a … Read More»

The Environmental Reasons For Travel Tourism Essay

People travel for different reasons; this can mainly be to do with economic, environmental and socio-cultural factors. People also travel for the sort of changes that are in another destination or for emergency reasons. According to the economical side of why people travel has mostly to do with expenses. In tourism there are different market … Read More»

The Ecology Environment And Tourism Tourism Essay

Today, tourism is one of the largest and dynamically developing sectors of external economic activities. Its high growth and development rates, considerable volumes of foreign currency inflows, infrastructure development, and introduction of new management and educational experience actively affect various sectors of economy, which positively contribute to the social and economic development of the country … Read More»

The Development Of Tourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

Tourism is defined as the travel for recreational, leisure or business (Wikipedia).These people who travel are known as tourists, back in 1936 the League Of Nations (LON) defined Tourist as someone traveling abroad for at least twenty-four hours. However, the United Nations rectified this definition in 1945, by adding a maximum stay of six months on … Read More»

The Development Of Technology In Travel Industry Tourism Essay

According to unknown, 2012 in the hospitality industry, it is absolutely vital that companies stay on top of consumer demand in an attempt to maintain their competitive advantage. In the current technologically driven business industry, it has become increasingly important for businesses to utilize every bit of information and data collected from current and potential … Read More»

The Determinants Of Customer Satisfaction In Airline Industry Tourism Essay

Introduction Customer satisfaction has been established as a psychological concept that involves the feeling of customer’s well-being and pleasure which results from obtaining what he or she hopes for and expects from consuming an appealing product and/or service (Florian and Maren, 2007; Christian, 2005; Abraham and Taylor, 1999). While different scholarly write-ups have confirmed variety … Read More»

The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

Galle is the capital of a district with the same name and is also called the Gateway to the South. This port city, 119 km from Colombo, has managed to retain its old colonial town feel even today and is also known for its Dutch walled fortress. It is believed that Galle is the biblical … Read More»

The Design Of Multi Level Car Parks Tourism Essay

Car sales, close to 8 lakh units a year, are growing at an average rate of 10 per cent while two-wheeler sales at 5 million are expected to grow 14-15 per cent. In order to accommodate the large volume of vehicles, small cities and towns must develop their infrastructure – roads, flyovers, car parks and … Read More»

The Current Trends In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

In economics, a service is an intangible commodity. More specifically, services are an intangible equivalent of economic goods. It sets a onetime benefit; delivered from the accountable service provider, mostly in close coactions with his internal and external service suppliers, effectuated by distinct functions of technical systems and by distinct activities of individuals, respectively, commissioned according to the needs of his … Read More»

The City Of Jaipur In India Tourism Essay

anonymous. The transformations that took place are extreme, and can easily be noticed. The city today is loaded with numerous malls, multiplex, cinema halls, clubs, restaurants, bars, fast food joints, and coffee shops. Nevertheless, in this fast pace of time Jaipur has maintained its erstwhile charm, and that can be observed during the visit to … Read More»

The Casino Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

facilities with a casino on the premises (IBISWorld, 2012). Casino hotels provide lodging in hotel conveniences with a casino on the premises and it is seem to have phenomenal growth in the past decade. This boom in casino hotel industry provided the investor to establish a luxury and casino hotels in many region. The casino … Read More»

The Basic Tourism System Tourism Essay

provided and utilized facilities, attractions, transportation and accommodation to aid in their movement … (Fennell, 1999). 2. Tourism Defined Tourism, according to the Oxford dictionary, is “the theory and practice of touring or travelling for pleasure”. According to Leiper (1979) the foundations of tourism are thought to have Greek origins, with the term describing a … Read More»

The Attractiveness Of The Airline Industry Tourism Essay

Airline industry has always been an area of interest to many professionals, academics and business moguls due to the economic impact of the industry. Transport industry as a whole is very crucial not only to the economy but also to individuals, ranging from pensioners; students; and working class people. The increased interest of people around … Read More»

The Adventure In The Context Of Tourism Tourism Essay

Adventure Tourism has known a rapid popularity during these last past decades. This rise and sudden popularity was partially thanks to a progression in the commercialization of outdoor recreation (Buckley, 2000, 2004a; Travel Industry Association, 2005) in (Buckley, 2007). Adventure travel existed since a long time; it began with early settler and has amplified increasingly … Read More»

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Community Based Tourism Tourism Essay

The information contained within this literature provides a complete analysis of The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Sector. It clearly outlines the importance of quality service delivery, the differences between service in the hospitality industry and service in other business, community based tourism, the advantages and disadvantages of community based tourism, diversification of Jamaica through community … Read More»

Terrorism And Its Impacts On Tourism Tourism Essay

This part of research project comprises of brief and deep look about the presence of terrorism and its impacts on tourism in management literature. At first the characteristics of terrorism risk and uncertainty discussed after defining terrorism and it history, and then discussion tries to narrate the some of the most important and basic concepts … Read More»

Sustainable Tourism Development Std Tourism Essay

A government that effectively manages tourism creates benefits for all stakeholders. Effective management is avoiding negative impacts through a combination of general protective measures; regulations to control development; and financial restraints (Cohen, 1978; Hjalager, 1996). Improvement of the environment can be achieved by ensuring that development is harmonious with the overall plan for the destination … Read More»

Sustainable Tourism Development Of Brisbane Australia Tourism Essay

The sustainable development of tourism has become a global major task which aims at achieving the objectives of biological preservation, prevention of climate change, and natural resources’ conservation to ensure the long-term prosperity (Narasaiah 2004). In order to obtain the positive outcomes, it’s necessary to concentrate on the impacts and implications of a destination’s environmental, … australia-tourism-essay/"> Read More»

Sustainable Measure For Royal Caribbean Tourism Essay

As per the discussion in the annual meeting, please find attached the business report focussing on the environmental issues caused by the company’s cruise tourism. A detailed analysis of the problems faced is stated in this report, it also discusses the existing scenario of our company; ecotourism suggested as a corrective measure for business sustainability … Read More»

Sustainable Development Of Pilgrimage Tourism Tourism Essay

BAGRI. S (1995) sustainable development of pilgrimage tourism in destination areas, it is important to have responsible visitors with high pro-environmental orientation and a critical minimum knowledge of pilgrimage tourism. Most of the pilgrimage, adventurous, and leisure destination in India are in ecologically sensitive locations with environmental resources, thus understanding tourists’ environmental orientation is critical … Read More»

Study Of Easyjet And The Airline Industry Tourism Essay

Easy Jet Airline is one of leading low-cost British airline established in 1995. Easy Jet has seen a rapid expansion, operating domestic and international service on 500 routes between Europe, North Africa and Asia. Its successful strategies based on low-cost, no frills model which derive from the a concept that demands for short-haul air transportation … Read More»

Strategies For Planning Domestic And International Tourism Tourism Essay

Tourism plays a vital role in economic development between countries. Tourism is the second largest source of foreign exchange in India. The tourism industry employs a large number of people, both skilled and unskilled. It promotes national integration and international brotherhood. India has fascinated people around the world with its secular and its culture. There … Read More»

Strategic Analysis Of Marriott International Hotel Tourism Essay

The strength lodging market affects how rooms can be sold and rates that can be charged, to accommodate travellers lodging needs. The industry is a multifaceted industry, array of accommodations, attractiveness and conveyances for easy enjoyment. However, the industry is generally seasonal limiting economic viability of vacationers. Marriott International Inc., a worldwide operator and franchisor … Read More»

Sources Of Competitive Advantage Tourism Essay

Abu Dhabi is the capital city and largest out of the seven emirates of the UAE; it constitutes for 85 of the UAEs total land mass. It is home to just over 613,000 people. However, it is the second largest city after Dubai. Over the recent years, Abu Dhabi has evolved into an international conurbation. … Read More»

Social And Cultural Impacts On The Environment Tourism Essay

The Tourism Industry is regarded as one of the most important and fastest growing industry around the world. Travel has been of great interest to people since the beginning of the civilization. Recently, it has been noted that there has been an increase in tourist’s arrivals, especially in small island states. According to UNWTO, tourism … Read More»

Service Operations In The Evolving Business Environment Tourism Essay

Banyan Tree was very successful and grew very fast in the Asian sector. In this report we will look at the difficulties Banyan Tree has expending globally. At this stage Banyan Tree needs to overcome certain challenges in order to continue its expansion. We will provide suggestions on how to overcome these challenges in this … Read More»

Satisfaction And Service Quality In Uk Budget Hotels Tourism Essay

The outline for the research is presented here. It includes Introduction to the topic and of the company. This is followed by Literature Review. Next comes methodology of research and then Analysis and Results. These are followed by Discussion and Recommendation. Finally the Conclusion and its contents are given. The budget hotels or low-cost hotels … Read More»

Royal Caribbean And International Travel Tourism Essay

The travel industry provides many positive aspects into leisure vacationing. It offers the ability to enhance one’s self knowledge. A more cultural diverse knowledge will also broaden business choices. International travel has impacted businesses worldwide. Executives and employees increase their knowledge with different cultures, legalities and politics. This gained knowledge improves the corporation’s structure with … Read More»

Room Division Manager Forecasting Data And Revenue Study Tourism Essay

By forecasting room availability we mean forecasting the number of rooms available for sale. In order to facilitate forecasting Room Division Manager should collect the following data that helps manage the reservation process. Number of expected room arrivals- is the number of guests that have already made reservation in the hotel and are expected to … Read More»

Risk Management Group Of Easyjet Tourism Essay

The methodology implemented to identify the risks that face EasyJet was constructed through the use of a SWOT Analysis. Taking into consideration of all the conceivable risks would be an inefficient process, therefore only a few risks of significant nature have been recognised which may affect EasyJet in the foreseeable future. The launch of a … Read More»

Reviewing And Evaluating Strategy Used By Premier Inn Tourism Essay

Premier Inn is the UKs biggest and fastest growing hotel company, owned by Whitbread. And the company contributes 70 of the total profits of Whitbread (Annual Report, 2009). As the hotel industry, the development of Premier Inn is highly dependent on the macro-environment, especially the tourism industry. Indeed, hotel industry and tourism industry have been … Read More»

Research On Destination Image And Perceived Expectation Tourism Essay

INTRODUCTION Back ground Tourism can be define as the activities of people traveling from their resident country to another not more than one conservative year in charge for leisure, business, knowledge and other purpose. In the early period of time when tourism was introduce, it was only the rich and few educated ones that love … Read More»

Radio Frequency Identification Rfid Tourism Essay

Chapter 1 Introduction The 21st century has experienced massive changes and growth in several fields of the world economy. International trade, communication, technology, financial services, manufacturing, and other fields of business have recorded immense growth. To this end, competition is cutthroat as businesses become global and multinational conglomerates dictate business trends. In this regard, international … Read More»

Public Relations Of The Oberoi Hotel Mumbai Tourism Essay

The marketing focus on the most fundamental requirment of companies to identify customer,research their need and prefrences. According to an American educator and writer Peter F. Drucker “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” According to Al Ries “Strategy and … Read More»

Pros And Cons The Cruise Industry Tourism Essay

Introduction It is important to appreciate the size and scope of the cruise industry before discussing the issues and challenges associated with it. This paper provides an overview of the cruise industry, key players, growth, recent trends and developments and informs on the key impacts and effects that this fast growing cruise industry has on … Read More»

Proposal For The New Travel Agency Tourism Essay

The new travel agency business for luxury seeking focuses in supplying entire end are little, personal trips (maintenance). There is a general, full service travel, which can persuade the rudimentary desires of both business and leisure markets and travel into the future. These services may encompass air, ground transport, cruise and inns, as well as … Read More»

Prominent Island Destinations In The World Tourism Essay

The word “Island” means pieces of any sub-continental land surrounded by water. Keys or cays are another word used for very small islands or islets. “Eyot” is the named referred to islands that are located in rivers and lakes. An “archipelago” is the name given for groups of geographically and geologically related islands. Island and … Read More»

Problems Tourists Faced Arriving In Malaysia Tourism Essay

Malaysia is a tourist-driven economy, besides manufacturing sector such as the auto industry and other important sectors that are driving the Malaysia’s economy. Tourism sector is Malaysia’s second largest revenue earner, after manufacturing. Tourism involves many players including tourists, businesses, tourism managers, host communities and society. All players need to derive benefits from tourism for … Read More»

Primary Factors Affecting Tourism Demand Tourism Essay

Primary factors affecting tourism demand are the economy with matters ranging from the exchange rate to job losses.Politics,the growth in size of the EU,environment and taxation.Crisis and threats including earth quakes,epidemics and terrorism.Demographic change with a shifting age structure,effects of migration and the rise of educational levels.Technology and it effects on transportation,communication and information.There is … Read More»

Positive And Negative Impacts Of Tourism Tourism Essay

GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROS AND CONS There are both positive and negative effects resulting from tourism.Positively it creates employment and economically enables the conservation of valuable space;restrains a migratory tendency within the home population improving their socio-cultural education.It encourages support of local commercialisation resulting in the free interchange of ideas,customs and sensitization of issues concerning the … Read More»

Porter Five Forces Model Of Taj Hotels Tourism Essay

A Hotel may be defined as per the British law as A place where abonafide traveler can receive food and shelter provided he is a position to pay for it and is in a fit condition to be received. The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Taj Hotels Resorts … Read More»

Plans And Development To Achieve Sustainability Tourism Essay

This report shows how sustainable tourism has been established in England. For the completion of task on I took the tourist destination of South west England, There is also an introduction to sustainable tourism, along with this how the area in general has achieved .In the second task I have taken a region from the … Read More»

Operations Management Strategy Of Hard Rock Cafes Tourism Essay

The Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) was established on June 14, 1971 in London by two American businessmen who love Rock music are Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. Hard Rock began its global expansion in 1982, when Tigrett and Morton agreed to develop the Hard Rock cafes in their different parts of the world. They opened … Read More»

Operation Management In British Museum And London Zoo Tourism Essay

British Museum is one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world which was found in 1753 in London. The collections exhibited there were collected all over the world from the origins of human being to present day. By visiting those fantastic objects, people will experience a historical and cultural journey. As the … Read More»

Online Travel Industry And Online Travel Agency Tourism Essay

In Europe, consumers typically have at least 4 weeks of vacation time annually compared to just 1 or 2 weeks for the average American; that spells multiple trips booked every year. It should come as no surprise then that online travel growth rates remain far higher overseas And then there’s Asia. Fifteen years ago, few … Read More»

Online Car Rental System Tourism Essay

and vacations. As a traveller they cannot own a car in every place or country they go, they always prefer other options like public transports, cabs, busses, trains and rent cars or bikes. Getting a car on rent has become very famous due to the cost as it is much cheaper than using cabs for … Read More»

Nature And Development Of Special Interest Tourism Tourism Essay

SIT- special interest tourism is a part of existing tourism industry today. Nowadays, people are more confident about travelling abroad and looking for something different rather than for sun and sand holidays. Special interest tourism is a type of holiday, replacing the traditional mass market travel packages and allows tourists to choose holidays appealing to … Read More»

Motivation Of Employees In The Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

The last few decades have been characterised by a radical change in management perceptions about the importance of the work force in achievement of strategic objectives of business organisations. Management experts agree that in situations where competitors have similar financial resources and organisational infrastructures, competitive edge can be achieved only through well trained and intensely … Read More»

Mont Saint Michel Village Tourism Essay

Saint Michel bay, the site is a tidal island: part of the land at low tide, but an island at high tide. Previously called the “Mont Tombe”, its current name comes from the St Michel Abbey (built in the 8th century), which is one of the several historical buildings of the site. It belongs to … Read More»

Mega Events And The Legacy It Leaves Behind Tourism Essay

City planners around the world get an opportunity for rapid urban development and regeneration at a large scale through mega-event planning. The Barcelona Olympics of 1991 saw a paramount shift in mega-event planning, where city planners focused on the legacy that the event leaves behind and its impact on the city. The sustainable urban development … Read More»

Marketing Strategy Radisson Hotel Tourism Essay

the phenomenon arising from temporary visits or stay away from home outside the normal place of residence for any reason other than furthering an occupation remunerated from the place visited The main activities of the tourism and hospitality industry are to help the people for their best comfort and entertainment in terms of service and … Read More»

Main Uk Leading Budget Hotels Marketing Strategy Tourism Essay

Budget hotels was firstly born in the United States in the 1960s and introduced in United Kingdom in the mid 1980s with the opening of the first Little Chef Travel Lodge and the Ibis (Senior and Akehurst, 1991; McCaskey and Symes, 2004). Since then it has become the most developed and beneficial hospitality area to … Read More»

Main Factors That Attract Tourist To The Caribbean Tourism Essay

For this project the discussions are on the topics of quality service in the hospitality industry, to know the importance of the topic in addition community based tourism and also the main factors that attract tourist to the Caribbean. In putting this assignment together the researcher visited online websites and the library to gather information. … Read More»

Main Factors That Attract Tourists To The Caribbean Tourism Essay

Tourism has long been the primary industry on the majority of the Caribbean islands due to the largely incredible natural beauty and wildlife which attracts hoards of “vacation hungry” visitors all year long.” (Sophia Southern, n.d.). Tourism accounts for a large amount of the Caribbean’s economy and work force. The most important tourist centre in … Read More»

Lifestyle Theme Based Restaurant In Klang Valley Tourism Essay

Purpose – Design/methodology – To explore the issues, a quantitative study was conducted. There are 200 questionnaires distributed and less than 200 questionnaires expected to be completed in a correct manner. The questions in the survey will be measure by 5 points range scale, range from 1 (strongly agree) to 5 (strongly disagree). There are … Read More»

Issues Involved In Attracting Visitors To Museums Tourism Essay

In addition to its collection, preservation and educational role museums must also attract the largest possible audience to survive. Discuss this statement with reference to Heritage Tourism and a major London museum. Heritage tourism is a sector inside the tourism industry that has strong historical importance. It covers an area or object that can symbolize … Read More»

Islamic Attributes Of Destination On Tourists Motivation Tourism Essay

INTRODUCTION Tourism can be defined for travelling purposes for recreational, vacation or trade purposes. There are number of definitions for the term tourists, that’s tourists can defined as people who tour to and stay in places outside their usual location for more than twenty-four (24) hours and not more than one alternate year for leisure, … Read More»

Introduction To Integrated Resort Investigation Tourism Essay

Resort is normally known as a place where people go together for a vocation, relaxation or recreation with their families or friends. Therefore, most of the resorts are settled along the seaside, on the mountains, near scenery areas or the places with abundant of natural resources. Because the purpose of any resort is to provide … Read More»

Introduction To British Airways Tourism Essay

close to its major hub at London Heathrow Airport and based on fleet size, international flights and international destinations is the largest airline in the UK. Its other hub is the London Gatwick Airport. British Airways has terminated all straight overseas flights from UK airports with the exception of Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airport. … Read More»

Introduction Of Genting Highlands Tourism Essay

Genting Highlands is located in the Bentong District which is around 50km from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The self-proclaimed City of Entertainment lies within the Titiwangsa Range and is on the Pahang and Selangor border, in Peninsular Malaysia. The peak region of Genting Highlands together consists of Gunung Ulu Kali, Gunung Chin … Read More»

In The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

host. Hospitality also involves showing respect for their guest, treat them equal and providing what they need when they are in the hotel or requesting on a thing such as need a tourist to bring go around the town, need transportation and other. The hospitality industry basically provides lodging or accommodation to people who travel … Read More»

Interrelationship Between Hospitality And Travel Organisations Tourism Essay

The hospitality sector is one of the most crucial service providers for the international travel and tourism industry. It includes all businesses which accommodate tourists and travellers when travelling to other destinations. They are an integral part of the overall experience, and must live up to the standards which are expected by clientele and those … Read More»

Internship In Hotel Pak Continental Tourism Essay

The following internship report represents my learning and working experience, during my internship in Hotel Pak Continental. The report includes an overall glance of analysis of the hospitality industry and also the operational analysis of Hotel Pak Continental i.e. how they manage to do their work and complete their task in time. This report is … Read More»

Indias Largest National Parks Tourism Essay

Exquisite national parks of India offer ample opportunities to feel nature very closely. Tourists will have close face-off with various and abundant flora and fauna. Within national parks, you can enjoy birding, jeep safari, nature walks and what not? The national parks are covered with dense and thick forests. Natural environs inside jeep or on … Read More»

Improving Breakfast Guest Satisfaction Tourism Essay

In this chapter the subject of this assignment will be introduced. An orientation of the problem can be found. This chapter will outline the main problem of this report, namely the satisfaction of breakfast guests and the breakfast operations in The Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. After a description After exploring the subject and the company of … Read More»

Importance of tourism on spain’s economy

Tourism has undoubtedly become a monumental factor in the growth and development of economy today. One can also take into consideration the fact that tourism is booming in comparison to other industries such as import and exports, investments, and real estate. In our modern times, travelling has become more facilitated, taking into account the fact … Read More»

Importance Of The Convention Bureaus Tourism Essay

A convention bureau can be seen as an organization that works on levels that represent all factors in terms of hotels, restaurants, convention facilities, tour operators, attractions, transport, retail and commercial attractions, all of great importance to visitors in a city. Convention bureaus are dependent on financial resources in order to pursue their business operations. … Read More»

Impacts Of Tourism On Natural Environment Tourism Essay

How is tourism related to the natural environment? Discuss ways in which environmental conservation can be enhanced through tourism. Tourism and Environment: An Introduction Before elaborating the relativity of Tourism and Environment, it is necessary to understand both terms individually. Relativity is to distinguish contrast and characterise between two different values for understanding their dependability … Read More»

Impacts Of Tourism On Natural Environment And Tourism Tourism Essay

Before elaborating the relativity of Tourism and Environment, it is necessary to understand both terms individually. Relativity is to distinguish contrast and characterise between two different values for understanding their dependability upon each other. Tourism: Tourism is now a phenomenon, not just a simple holiday activity. It also has to be considered that tourism and … Read More»

Impacts Of Tourism In Port Antonio Tourism Essay

This paper seeks to identify and discuss the development of the tourism industry in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Information was gathered using various sources. A visit was made to Port Antonio in order to better understand how tourism was practiced in this resort area, both residents and visitors were interviewed to get a feel of what … Read More»

Impacts Of A Natural Or Man Made Disaster Tourism Essay

Introduction Over the years the world’s poorest countries have become popular tourist destinations, drawing visitors with images of exotic environments and cultures (Harrison, 1995; WTO, 2004). Increasing cheap and easy travel has made long distance vacations a reality. Tourism countries is growing steadily in developing, urged by this governments, and by the international community, which … Read More»

Impact Of The Mega Sport Event On Tourism Tourism Essay

There are only two mega sport events namely the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics based on the scale of media interest. It means mega-sport event has unique natures such as outstanding reputation, adequate attention and worldwide scope already. A well-managed mega-sport event such as FIFA World Cup will attracts millions of visitors to a … Read More»

Impact Of The Commonwealth Games On New Delhi Tourism Essay

“Delhi Dilwaale” (New Delhi, the city with the heart) as it’s often called is the capital of India and is situated in the North, home to about 18 million people. While New Delhi today is considered a Global city, it currently ranks 45th in the world (Foreign Policy Index, 2010). Since the high ranking makes … Read More»

Impact of skiing on mountain environments

only effect that they have on the environment within mountain regions are the tracks in the snow left by their skis. However, there is strong evidence that skiing has both a social and more noticeably, environmental impacts that influence the natural environment. Some experts of the Alpine region suggest that tourists directly affect over half … Read More»

Impact Of Culture On International Hospitality Business Tourism Essay

With the changing environment and stepping into the new centuries made all industries to change itself, especially when it comes to hospitality industry. First of all, hospitality is a major and diverse industry around the world. And business in today’s world is not a constant one which stands there in the market forever. It changes … Read More»

If You Want To Help Visit Egypt Tourism Essay

is one of the most interesting and exciting type of activities and services used to provide individuals or certain amount of people travelling experiences all around the world. These experiences revolve around travelling across countries miles and miles, overseas and oceans to enjoy different places, with different cultures other than home. (Michigan State University, 2007) … Read More»

Hyatt Regency Dubai Profile Of Service Tourism Essay

Hyatt was founded on September 27th, 1957 by Jack D Crouch and Hyatt R. von Dehn who purchased a motel called Hyatt House located next to the international airport on Los Angeles. After a few years, it was sold to Jay Pritzker who along with his brother Donald, worked with family members who were interested … Read More»

Hr department at marks and spencer hq

and Spencer HQ a year ago. Thelast 12 months or so havewitnessed the announcement of 1,200 job losses, 27 store closures and a hefty slump in profits. But despite the recent turbulence, Dodge has lived up to her name, and been swift to deal with the issues affecting the organisation, quickly cementing herself into the … Read More»

How Wars And Terrorism Affect Lebanese Vacation Industry Tourism Essay

Introduction The purpose of this thesis is to discuss how the Civil War (1975-1990), the July 2006 war, the assassination of Prime-Minister Rafic Hariri and terrorism acts like “September 11”, has affected tourism in Lebanon. Lebanon attracts tourists from every place in the world. Its adorable weather, natural sightseeing, rich traditions and culture and engaged … Read More»

How Guide Books Help Construct The Tourist Gaze Tourism Essay

How guide books help to construct the “tourist gaze” and constrain the way tourists see the city. ‘If you really want your life to pass like a movie in front of you, just travel, you can forget your life.’ – Andy Warhol (1975). Tourism is an important aspect in 21st century living as it represents … Read More»

How Events Can Promote A Destinations Image Tourism Essay

In an era that is faced with the perceived consequences of economic, social and cultural shifts variously labeled ‘post-modernity’, ‘globalization’ and ‘the post-industrial revolution’, an increasing number of urban authorities in the UK and beyond have adopted strategies of ‘re-imaging’ their cities as ‘creative cities’ and/or attractive locations for footloose capital. The production of spectacular … Read More»

Hotels in Bangkok

inception, it has earned a brand name in the industry owing to the exceptional salaries and benefits offered. The hotel staff and managers felt privileged being a member of the hotel, and perceived that they were being taken well care of under the leadership of the then General Manager. The following case study illuminates the … Read More»

Hotel Industry Macro Environmental And Structural Analysis Tourism Essay

Introduction In my report I will analyse the hotel industry using macro-environmental and structural analysis such as PEST and Porters Five Forces Model analyses. The aim of my work is discussion of current political, economical social and technological climate and how it affects the hotel industry. Structural analysis will help me to assess possible competitive … Read More»

Hotel Front Office Management Tourism Essay

secure cash handling in the Front Office. The main system and procedures used to ensure cash handling in the Front Office includes the use of front office cashier banks. A cash bank is an amount of money given to a cashier at the start of each work shift so that he can handle the various … Read More»

History And Present Position Of Shouldice Hospital Tourism Essay

This case discusses about the history and present position of Shouldice hospital. Shouldice Hospital is a private hospital. It was founded in 1945 by Dr. Edward Shouldice in Toronto and commissioned by the Ministry of Health. In the year, 1953 the facility preceded to Thornhill, Ontario (Chapter 1: A Road Map to the World of … Read More»

History About What Is Travel Agency Tourism Essay

Travel agency is a confidential seller/ public service that present tourism related services to the public on behalf of dealers like hotel, package tour, railways, rentals car, airlines, sea ways, and airlines. addition to trading with regular tourists the majority agencies have a separate department committed to making travel arrangements for commercial travelers and a number of travel agencies focus in commercial travel only. There are also travel … Read More»

health tourism report

Health is always become a major concern for everyone, as a results people trying to find the best and affordable solutions of treatments and healthcare options that available to them. However, the solutions and healthcare options they are looking for might not available in their own countries and therefore, the concept of health tourism is … Read More»

Group Packaged Tours And Individual Tours Tourism Essay

In the recent past, the world has been through a fast paced transformation of lifestyle and preferences. This has been marked by tremendous changes in the way people spend on leisure and recreation especially on tourism. Likewise, many economies have been facing hard economic times forcing creativity and cost saving strategies to take toll in … Read More»

Five Forces Model Of The Airline Industry Tourism Essay

The bargaining power of buyers is another force that can affect the competitive position of a company (Porter, 1998, p.48). This refers to the amount of pressure customers can place on a business, thus, affecting its prices, volume and profit potential (Porter, 1998, p.45). The various airlines flying from the Gold Coast airport are competing … Read More»

Faculty Of Hospitality Management Tourism Essay

Based on the problem statement and research questions, questionnaires will be distributed to respondents of 100 local tourists and 100 international tourists participating in the Kampung Santubong Homestay Programme using non probability, convenience sampling method. Results that will be obtained based on local and international tourist’s satisfaction participating on the marketing mix of the Kampung … Read More»

Factors That Influence Customer Loyalty In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis, which included supplying both food and lodging to the public. According to Wikipedia, the word hotel is derived from the French hotel, which referred to a French version of a townhouse or any other building seeing frequent visitors, rather than a place offering accommodation. Some … Read More»

Factors That Has Helped Four Seasons Hotel Tourism Essay

The main reason behind the preparation of this assignment is to analyse the case study about the factors that has helped Four Seasons hotel to succeed initially and understanding and appreciating the different growth strategies that are adopted and implemented by Four Seasons in order to be one of the successful operating company in hospitality … Read More»

Factors That Affect The Demand For Air Transportation Tourism Essay

Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1 Introduction The purpose for this work is to review the literature on factors that affect the demand for air transportation and, ascertain what the airline companies did to their management in their effort to stick to the changes in the desire for air transportation. To promote the demand for air … Read More»

External Factors And Influences On The Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

A business does not function in a vacuum. It has to act and react to what happens outside the factory and office walls. These factors that happen outside the business are known as external factors or influences. These will affect the main internal functions of the business and possibly the objectives of the business and … Read More»

Examining The Principles Of The Front Office Tourism Essay

What is front office? Front office means that the sales personnel and corporate finance employees in a financial services company. Besides that, front office also means that sales, marketing and service departments that come in direct contact or communication with the customer example like a customers need to book a hotel room, then they must … Read More»

Examining The Key Business Strategies Of Air Arabia Tourism Essay

Air Arabia is the first low cost carrier in the Middle East and North Africa region. They are the first international airline of the Emirate of Sharjah and the second officially approved national carrier of the United Arab Emirates. An LCC or low-cost airline is an airline which is able to offer generally low flight … Read More»

Evaluation Of Service Quality In Hotel Taj Marriot Tourism Essay

To lead and become the international benchmark in the hospitality industry, not only in India but also in the Key regions of the world and To dazzle and delight our customers with utmost quality, food and beverage experience and exceptional service standards. The Taj Mahal hotel, Mumbai(india ) was opened on December 16,1903 under the … Read More»

Evaluating Service Quality In Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

Background and motivation: The concept of service quality has been gaining importance since the 1970s; the basic concept behind premium service quality is delivering and meeting more than the expected from the customer. “Service quality is son intangible that objective Azerbaijan, as a country situated in the Caucasus has a very advantageous location for tourism, … Read More»

Environmental Impact On London Restaurant Industry Tourism Essay

This modern city is vast but its history of growth has left distinct villages that lend it human scale. Each neighbourhood and city of London itself is nearly one having its own restaurant, theatre, gallery and many other attractions. ( ) London is a cosmopolitan city and there are many historic places to visit in … Read More»

Emerging Issues In Tourism Tourism Essay

century, with international travel rising continuously and alternative tourism having a main role in this transaction. Nature-based tourism and ecotourism, with accepted definitions through tourism industry will be discussed in this report. Uniqueness and differences of ecotourism from mass tourism will be explained and benefits of ecotourism will be referred as well. An ecotourism destination; … Read More»

Elements Of Its Marketing Mix Tourism Essay

and provides 400 rooms for leisure tourists. It incorporated with sense of Resort and Spa that tends to meet taste of mature demographic. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel – more whimsical style inspired with Disney fun and arts, 600 rooms are in service. Kids and families are positioned to deliver world-class entertainment. [2] Customers used purchase process … Read More»

Effects Of The Internet On Travel Agencies Tourism Essay

The internet has provided opportunities for travelers to book their travel directly online thereby circumventing the traditional travel channels i.e. travel agencies. Nowadays even airlines have started encouraging travelers to book tickets directly on their websites thus avoiding having to pay 10% commission to the travel agents. Thus it has made it an urgent need … Read More»

Ecotourism Is A Very Fast Growing Sector Tourism Essay

This assignment is basically based on eco-tourism. Ecotourism is a very fast growing sector in today’s travel industry. Also known as “green tourism,” ecotourism is when people use to travel to a destination and take place in observing and interacting with the environment, learning about the cultures and practices of local inhabitants while promoting their well … Read More»

Ecotourism In Dominican Republic Tourism Essay

Ecotourism has grown rapidly since the late 1980s, which is the fastest development of all the events in the tourism industry. The word ‘ecotourism’ is from ‘ecological tourism’. According to the definition of ecotourism is ‘Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.'( Martha Honey,1990).Furthermore, ecotourism also … Read More»

Economic Impact Of Mega Sports Tourism Essay

The use of sports markets to explore questions of economic interest has a long history as the majority of this literature analyses US sports, notably American football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey, whilst there is also a considerable interest in soccer, the leading world sport (For example, the 1998 European Short Course Swimming, 1999 European … Read More»

Economic Conditions And Effect To Airlines Industry Tourism Essay

Airlines industry is a huge and growing industry. It is known as a services provider industry. Airline is not just only the airplane; it includes many elements like business aircraft, military program, and recreational aircraft and it provides services to passenger or cargos. The outcome of growing and the working of airlines industry are always … Read More»

Economic And Social Impacts Of Lakemba Street Festival Tourism Essay

Within the sport and hospitality field, the term ‘event’ is used to describe a wide range of event categories many of which have quite different characteristics. According to the article …………. “Such events range from the Olympic Games at the mega-event end of the scale to small regional festivals.” Jago and Shaw (1998, p.29). Other … Read More»

E Commerce In The Airline Industry Tourism Essay

The airline industry exemplifies the effectiveness of e-commerce and the way technology can re-create the industrial structure. Today a traveler from New York can book a round trip from New York to London, rent a car, and book a hotel room online. The same traveler upon reaching the airport can get his boarding pass, confirmation … Read More»

Domestic Tourism In Rajasthan Tourism Essay

believed to represent a vehicle for retaining hard currency that might otherwise leave the country in the form of outbound travel expenditures in foreign destinations. As domestic tourism quantifies nearly five times the size of international tourism of any average country but the adequate importance has not yet been given to it or we can … Read More»

Distribution Channel In The Aviation Industry Tourism Essay

Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user, using direct means, or using indirect means with intermediaries. Airline Reservation System is one of the intermediaries of the distribution channel in the aviation industry. An airline reservation system is part of the so-called … Read More»

Devising strategy in Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing Tourism industry in India is on a great boom at the moment India has become a major global tourist destination and Indian tourism industry is exploiting this potential to the hilt. Travel and tourism industry is the second highest foreign exchange earner for India, and the government has given travel & tourism organizations … Read More»

Development Of Port Services In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

1. In the world today, all countries are inter connected in more than many ways. of all these connections, transport service are considered to be the most important and unavoidable connection. this transport service may be either human or cargo transport. Today to day there are many ways and methods of transport. Although most of … Read More»

Determine The Motivation Factors Tourism Essay

1.0 Introduction This chapter is an introductory chapter. It intend to discuss on background of the study, highlight the problem statement, depict research objectives and questions and explain significance of the study, provide outline of the study and sum up a conclusion of this chapter. 1.1 Background of the Study Before year 1997, the insurance … Read More»

Departments In The Front Office Tourism Essay

A receptionist is an employee working at the front desk area. The work is usually at the waiting area such as a lobby of an organization or business. A receptionist is important in all kind of hotel because they are the first people to receive the guest at the hotel. Receptionist main responsibility is to … Read More»

Dark Tourism Within The Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

The topic of this essay will discuss dark tourism within the tourism industry and what motivates tourists to visit this place Introduction The aim of this essay is to discuss the relevance and appropriateness of different approaches of research in the researchers chosen subject area (dark tourism) and what motivates tourist or visitors to visit … Read More»

Darjeeling As A Tourist Spot For Honeymoons Tourism Essay

Darjeeling is one of the most sorts after vacation spots and honeymoon destination for couples. It is world renowned region for cultivation of Darjeeling Tea. Situated in the laps of the Himalayan Ranges, this tourist center situated in the state of West Bengal soothes the senses and rejuvenates one’s positive attitude towards life. It is … Read More»

Customer Service Quality Travelodge Covent Garden Tourism Essay

A questionnaire was circulated in electronic form to 250 customers those who stayed at Travelodge Covent Garden hotel from April to September 2010.Only one fifth (#50) of the total customers were the actual respondents .09 employee of Travelodge Convent Garden were involved in this research. That means 59 completed questionnaires were collected. The respondent customers … Read More»

Current Scenario Of Aviation Industry India Tourism Essay

The under-pricing of tickets due to the intense competition and the increasing number of budget carriers resulted in losses to the budget carriers as well as to the entire aviation sector. Consolidation was looked as the single way out which would lead to less competition and stable fares. The main reason for the increasing costs … Read More»

Current And Potential Future Use Of Is And Icts Tourism Essay

The advent of information technology has brought a drastic change in the structural composition of the tourism industry. Information is the life-blood of this industry and technology has become essential for it to operate resourcefully and efficiently. The focus of this report is to analyze the use and implications of information systems (IS) and Information … Read More»

Creating Tourism Uniqueness To Hua Hin Tourism Essay

Assignment Details: how a specific destination can conduct market research to develop a new brand for itself. Consideration the subjects of market segmentation and product differentiation strategies. Based on your discussion, you can provide suggestions about what this destination business should do in order to develop a product. Please use proper referencing. Following questions should … Read More»

Countries Attract The Most Tourism Trips Tourism Essay

Tourism is an ever growing industry. The first time the term tourism was mentioned was in 1800’s. At this time tourism and holidays was a pure luxury and only available for aristocrats. With time the attitude towards tourism and travel changed and because of rapid life style change and improvements in the world of employment … Read More»

Compare And Contast Of Festival Between Bangladesh Tourism Essay

Festival is an event that generally staged by a local community. There is a lot of festival in the world. There are many different festivals and also there are many similar festivals in the world. All of the country has different festival and they observe in different ways. There are many kinds of festival in … Read More»

Climate Change And Its Impact On Ski Industry Tourism Essay

This essay talks about the presence of climate change and its impact on ski industry which is dependent activity on weather conditions. Global warming has been considered as a ‘mega risk’ and it has a tendency to be permanent and therefore it is extremely complicated to measure its outcomes. As Nicholls (2006) mentioned, climate change … Read More»

Changing Trends Of Hospitality Industry In India Tourism Essay

As the Hospitality industry is a very vast topic, therefore, in order to make my dissertation proposal probable, I had to narrow down the hospitality industry to hotels and bars only for some part of the project like the change in the viewpoints of consumers, and for certain hotels which have their locations all around … Read More»

Celebrated Festivals In Saudi Arabia And Romania Tourism Essay

2. History of Festival: Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and its most of the festivals are originated from religion as well as some local and other festivals too. The Eid ul- Fetr, Eid al -Adha, Hazz Festivals are the most common religious festivals. The Eid ul-Fitr comes after the one month of Ramadan fasting. … Read More»

Business Proposal On Tailor Made Adventure Holidays Tourism Essay

This report puts forth a unique business proposal, based on tailor-made adventure holidays. This business plan encompasses unique holiday packages for adventure lovers residing in the United Kingdom, attractive deal of prices and promises of delivering a true value for money experience to our customers, a clear understanding of the market, the anchoring segmentation, marketing … Read More»

British Airways Analysing Financial And Non Financial Indicators Tourism Essay

British Airways is considered as one of the largest international airlines of United Kingdom. British airways Plc and many other subsidiaries companies make the whole British Airways group. Currently, British Airways(BA) covers more than 550 destinations. According to the data of the year 2008/09, more than 34 million passengers have travelled through British Airways. British … Read More»

Bournemouth As A Seaside Tourist Destination Tourism Essay

The town of Bournemouth was established only 200 years ago by “a man named Tregonwell” in 1810 (Lambert, 2003). He was attracted by the natural beauty of the area and thus the first house with cottages was built (Lambert, 2003). In the UK the demand of trips to the seaside increased among the rich and … Read More»

Boracay Famous White Beach Tourism Essay

for water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing etc. Other than the sandy beaches, Boracay is well known for the nightlife and party scene. There are numerous bars and clubs along the whole stretch of beach, mostly located at station 2 of Boracay. Spas are also readily at most places; you can even … Read More»

Barriers To Sustainable Tourism Developments Tourism Essay

Introduction Tourism is highly known as one of the world’s fastest growing industries and become the major contributor to the country’s economic growth in terms foreign exchange earnings and creates job opportunities in both large and small communities. Hence, the increasing economic importance of tourism has captured the attention and interest in most developing countries. … Read More»

Background And Development Of Ir In Singapore Tourism Essay

The implementation of the Garden City movement after 70 years, the rapid development of tourism industry especially integrated resorts in Singapore has become one of country’s economic pillars, and visitors mainly from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and other countries and regions (Edgar and Taylor, 1996). Tourism in Singapore is a major industry and attracts … Read More»

A Successful Tourism Marketing Plan Tourism Essay

Jamaica is one of the greatest island to visit in the Caribbean. Surrounding Jamaica are other islands such as Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico, but none of them can compare to this land of beauty. This wonderful country is 80 kilometers in width and 234 kilometers in length and contains about 4,300 square miles, making … Read More»

A Study On Factors Affecting Demand Tourism Essay

Noteworthy factors affecting demand categories are the economy with matters ranging from the exchange rate to job losses.Politics,the growth in size of the EU,environment and taxation.Crisis and threats including earth quakes,epidemics and terrorism.Demographic change with a shifting age structure,effects of migration and the rise of educational levels.Technology and it effects on transportation,communication and information.There is … Read More»

A Study On Cambodia Tourism Essay

officially recognized by the United Nations in 1971. Still, their overall share in international tourism is small, accounting for less than 1% of global tourism receipts. Over the last few years, information and communication technologies (ICT) have had a growing impact on tourism promotion, marketing and sales. With the advent of new forms of ICT, … Read More»

A Study On Bangkok Tourism Essay

This project “A study on Bangkok tourism- The Future of Bangkok tourism” puts forward a detail study on tourism in Thailand especially Bangkok as a tourist destination. This study is made at the appropriate time because the tourism sector plays an important role in tourism industry and in the recession period right when people are … Read More»

Assessing Strengths And Weaknesses Of Vietnamese Spas Tourism Essay

Vinpearl Resort and Spa with 485 rooms with beautiful architecture, the resort can satisfy the objects visitors by bringing them the comfort, privacy and convenience and perfect service. Natural beaches best 700m long Nha Trang, fine sand, blue sea make visitors just want to enjoy the waves in the region. System of modern outdoor swimming … Read More»

A Pestel Analysis On Tour Operators Tourism Essay

With the following information I have been asked to examine You are an established Tour Operator offering worldwide, long haul programmes that feature Africa, The Caribbean, Dubai, The Far East and North America. Each programme uses a variety of methods of transportation, With air being the principle method. You also use local rail and ferry … Read More»

An Overview Of Tourist Motivation Tourism Essay

Tourist motivation is seen by many writers as one of the key elements in understanding tourist decision-making behaviour. A sound understanding of travel motivation plays a critical role in predicting future travel patterns and destination selection. The big answer to the basic question, “why do people travel?” has occupied the minds of tourist researchers for … Read More»

An Overview Of Tourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Tourism begins to bloom dramatically in the world and is the world’s largest industry and generator of jobs. With the advancements of technology, travelling from one place to another place became easier and that it has become essential to our life. Whenever one speaks of travel and tourism, images of … Read More»

An Evaluation Of The Impacts Of Tourism Tourism Essay

In this project I would like to take a look at the relationship between tourism and the people living in popular tourist locations; specifically the deep impact tourism has on local culture. This topic interests me as although I have never visited the global south myself, many of my friends and acquaintances travel there frequently … Read More»

An Environmental Analysis Of Yongin Farmland In Korea Tourism Essay

Yongin Farmland, opened in 1976, was the first amusement park in Korea, managed by Joong-Ang Company, subsidiaries of Samsung. The 3700-acre attraction began as an agricultural center to demonstrate how mountainous land could be used productively for growing food product. Yongin Farmland opened a Motor-Park in late 1993 but loss in the first year. Samsung … Read More»

Analysis Of Tourism In Mozambique Tourism Essay

The energy crisis and global recession, in 1973/4 highlighted the structural deficiencies in the third world economies. The need of foreign exchange and employment, along with the concerns of inequalities, leakages and constant levels of poverty (Sharpley & Telfer, 2002). Even so, in the past two decades the Sub-Saharan Africa tourism has experienced a remarkable … Read More»

Analysis Of Budget Airline Company Indigo Airlines Tourism Essay

Indigo airlines are planning to introduce new promotional offers for the potential customers. The aim of the organisation is to increase the current market share by at least 30%.The goal of this marketing plan is to outline a new marketing strategy to attract the potential customers from other airlines, to attract the first time travellers … Read More»

Analysing The Impact Of Terrorism On Kenya Tourism Essay

The U.S. Department of State defines terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.” Likewise, as terrorism against tourists often involves international citizens, international terrorism is defined as “terrorism involving citizens or the territory of more than one country.” WHY DO … Read More»

Analyse The Tourism Industry In Africa Tourism Essay

This section will set out the means by which the case study will be conducted. First, the models which will be used to analyse the tourism industry in Africa will be explained Subsequently, this section will look at the methodology for the regression analysis. The models which will be used in the case study fall … Read More»

Analyse The Current Strategy Of Ryanair Tourism Essay

You are to critically analysis the current strategy of Ryanair which comprises the following tasks. Undertake an environmental analysis of the European airline industry with implications for the budget sector and Ryanair in particular. Analyse how Ryanair has been successful in the European budget airline industry. From the above analysis, critically assess the sustainability of … Read More»

A Literature Review On Adventure Tourism Tourism Essay

Adventure tourism has become more popular as an outdoor recreation activity in the tourism industry (Travel Industry Association of America, cited 2005). The term adventure can actually mean differently to different tourists because things that fill up the fear of one tourist may not fill up for another tourist (Buckly, 2006). Therefore, there is no … Read More»

Evaluation of air asias response to tourism

Air Asia, the market leader of low cost carriers in Asia, shown on the good record of bringing about innovative idea into the industry. The industry itself, especially in the Asian region, is observing a higher growth rate of passenger and profitability. The report examines the organization’s key business structure and operation, products and provides … Read More»

Adventure Travel In India Market Study Tourism Essay

Adventure sports have seen a tremendous growth is the last six to seven years and the future looks very bright. The government is also doing its bit in order to promote adventure tourism in India. The Indian tourism industry has a lot of myriad players who want to latch on the opportunities that beckon in … Read More»

Adventure Outing For Employees Tourism Essay

Adventure Outing – Quick fix for your stressed out employees If you take a bunch of people and put them in a challenging place, letting their potential to shine, and their positive energies to blend and if you have an exceptionally good trainer along, the results achieved at the end of it all benefit each … Read More»

A Definition Of Tourism Tourism Essay

reasons other than earning an income in the place visited” (Burkhart & Medlik, 1981 as cited in Lickorish & Jenkins, 1997). Saayman (2008) defines tourism as the total experience that originates from the interaction between tourists, job providers, government systems and communities in the process of providing attractions, entertainment, transport and accommodation to tourists. Within … Read More»

Why Are Integrated Resorts Important To Singapore Tourism Essay

In the current, the appearance of two integrated resorts acted the changing the economic structure in Singapore. It is a form of the government to make a growth of tourism receipts will be achieving to SG$30 billion, compared to the year 2009 that was SG$12.8 billion and twofold the amount of tourists to 17 million … Read More»

Who am I as a learner

1.1 Introduction”How can we learn best? How can we learn in the most effective way ?” I believe it is a question that every learner doubt about. ” In the fast-changing world, if you can’t learn,unlearn and relearn, you’re lost(Stoll, Fink & Earl, 2003, P.xv).” Learning is a lifelong process in which using the right way … Read More»

What Makes Como Hotels And Resort Different Tourism Essay

An Asian lady-Mrs Ong, the owner of the COMO group, dedicated and curious business woman who traveled a lot around the world was not really satisfied with the London’s most popular hotels. By 1991 Mrs Ong had already had well established fashion business because of which she traveled quite often to London. In 1991, in … Read More»

What Is Responsible Tourism And Ecotourism Tourism Essay

Responsible tourism is – is that creates better places to live in, and better places to visit. For communities living in popular tourist destinations, such as the Pacific, tourism can offer much needed opportunities for social and economic growth. There are, however, a growing number of concerns about the possible and actual negative impact on … Read More»

What Is Agro Tourism Tourism Essay

ecotourism except that its more to cultural landscape instead of natural landscape.If the attractions on offer to tourists contribute to improving the income of the regional population, agro tourism can promote regional development. To ensure that it also helps to conserve diversity, the rural population itself must have recognized agro biodiversity as valuable and worthy … Read More»

Website Proposal For Holiday Inn Hotel Tourism Essay

The shrinking world is expanding the outreach of tourists. No more do hotels have a fully staffed reservation department with managers, assistant managers, supervisors and agents. The internet has conveniently replaced numerous phone calls, faxes and payment issues. Now potential guests just dial a toll-free number or book directly on the internet. According to Forrester … Read More»

Vision And Mission Of Pia Tourism Essay

structure and the values and services provided to the customers. We also describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of PIA. Thirdly we have described the various corporate responsibilities of PIA along with the strategies followed for the selection of various the target segments. Our focus is to explore the reasons behind the downfall of … Read More»

Vacation Resorts Effects On Culture And Views Tourism Essay

An ideal vacation for many people is a trip to an exotic location where they stay at a luxurious resort. All throughout the year, people from developed countries flock to those that are less developed to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, warm weather and all inclusive resorts. I have been on a few vacations … Read More»

Unique Hotels Of The World Tourism Essay

fundamentally nothing more than the leisure of going to see what has become banal. The economic organization of visits to different places is already in itself the guarantee of their equivalence. The same modernization that removed time from the voyage also removed from it the reality of space. (Debord,1967, p.168) Tourism began many centuries before … Read More»

Understanding tourism behavior

Understanding tourism behavior involves knowledge of factors that are by no means obvious because the influences that shape tourism tastes and activities are often so deeply embedded in the individual’s personal and cultural biography that the subject is unaware of how they were formed’. (Seaton, 1996) This statement sets part of scene of this study … Read More»

Uncover Air Asia Strategic Analysis Tourism Essay

The constant changing of external environment has encouraged many companies to ensure that its own internal resources and capabilities are more than sufficient to meet the needs of external environment and competitive environment (Henry, 2008). Therefore, strategy analysis allows organization to evaluate how well it is positioned to exploit the opportunities in its external environment. … Read More»

Types Of Tourism And Their Importance Tourism Essay

According to The World Tourism Organization (WTO), Tourism is currently the largest industry in the world. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) is expected there is going to be 1.6 billion worldwide tourists by 2020, compared to 2002, there is only 715 million worldwide tourists in 2002. Therefore, a lot of countries, no matter under developed … Read More»

Tui tour operator environmental analysis

around more than 30 million customers annually with a presence in around 180 countries. TUI started off as a transportation and industrial company but then diversified to concentrate only on tourism, shipping and logistics. They have a huge network of 3500 travel agencies, 285 hotels in 28 countries, 7 airlines, 10 cruise liners, and 79 … Read More»

Trends For Tourism In Europe Tourism Essay

The European Travel Commission (ETC) has revised its document ‘Megatrends of Tourism in Europe to the Year 2005 and Beyond’ on the basis of ongoing discussions with its members – the National Tourist Offices (NTOs) of Europe – and advice from the European Travel & Tourism Action Group (ETAG), whose members comprise international organisations representing … Read More»

Traffic Congestion In Toronto Tourism Essay

rate has been high. Transportation systems therefore need to be upgraded to accommodate this demand. Toronto has over the years been known to have two seasons which include winter and construction seasons. The construction period implies the time when there are many constructions while the winter period is a time when traffic congestion reduces drastically. … Read More»

Tours To Niagara Falls From New York City Tourism Essay

New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is the financial capital of America and is also called the ‘big apple’. A large number of tourists visit New York every year and the number just keeps on increasing. New York has a number of beautiful locations for sightseeing, such as the Statue … Read More»

Tourism Today And Importance Of Front Office Tourism Essay

Today tourism is one of the largest and most dynamic sectors, of the economy. It is growing at a fast pace, leading to infrastructure development, considerable, volume of foreign currency inflows, and good job opportunities. So it affects various sectors of the economy, contributing to the social and economic development of the country as a … Read More»

Tourism Policy And Planning In Australia Tourism Essay

Tourism makes an important contribution to Australia’s export earnings. The objective of tourism marketing is not merely to increase international visitor arrivals, but primarily, to increase expenditure injected into Australia on goods and services purchased by tourists. Recently there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of enhancing Australia’s tourism “yield” by attracting visitors … australia-tourism-essay/"> Read More»

Tourism Planning Discussion Paper Tourism Essay

The tourism industry is highly known as the worlds fastest growing industries and the economic importance has captured most of developing countries in the world. Due the globalization, rapid development of advance technology, and the eased of affordability to travel today, make more people possible to travel outside their countries. The World Tourism Organization (1999) … Read More»

Tourism during olympic games

I would like to thank my dissertation supervisor, Dr Denise Ball, for all the help, advice and encouragement over the duration of this study. Her assistance has been much appreciated in successfully completing this paper. In addition I would also like to thank my family and friends for the support they have bestowed upon me … Read More»

Tourism As A Career Tourism Essay

Curaçao. Tourism is the considered the largest contributor to the Curaçao economy and to support the growth of the industry, in demand of skilled labor. Research on perceptions of tourism as a career has been concentrated in developed countries (Ernawati & Pearce, 2003). Forasmuch this thesis answers to gaps in the literature by examining shortages … Read More»

Tourism And Tourist Behavior In The Past Tourism Essay

Tourism industry is one of world’s fast-growing and gained economic benefits in many countries all around the world. In recent year, technology became important part in many industries particularly the internet in tourism industry. The development of the internet has increased dramatically and many countries in the world have made efforts to improve their internet … Read More»

Tourism And Regional Development In Romania Tourism Essay

1. Introduction Considering its largely acknowledged economic and social effects, tourism represents a sector of great interest to many countries’ development strategies (Zanina, 2011), (Egan 2003). The positive impact of tourism development is usually addressed in connection with the balance of payments, regional development, diversification of the economy, income levels, state revenue, employment opportunities (Pearce, … Read More»

Tourism And Hospitality Management In Bangladesh Tourism Essay

Tourism and hospitality management business is one of the booming sectors of today’s business world. It contributes a great amount in every national economy. Sheraton hotel is the first renowned five-star hotel in Bangladesh which is related in tourism and hospitality business. They are successfully operating their business for many years. Hospitality and tourism industry … Read More»

This Mystery Shopping Activity Tourism Essay

In this assignment, mystery shopping will be shown with relation to three types of hospitality businesses. Mystery Shopping activities should be carried out at regular intervals. Clear performance objectives can be set by the definition of benchmarks which can serve both as possible motivators within the company and also as a parameter in a bonus … Read More»

The World Heritage List In Africa Tourism Essay

1. Introduction The following part of the report will give a general introduction to the site which has been chosen to be added to the list of World Heritage Sites, namely being The Maasai Mara National Reserve. Furthermore the country and the region will be described followed by arguments why particularly this site was chosen … Read More»

The use of ICTs

As a great attention has been paid for the development of new generation eMediaries, the rapid escalation of the Internet and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has also precious for recognized tour operators. The main purpose of this report is to examine the use of ICT by the tour operator Thomas Cook and to analyze … Read More»

The UK Disability Discrimination Act Tourism Essay

The aim of this paper is to address the potentiality, requirements and expectations of people with disabilities and its implication on customer satisfaction in hotels. Design/Methodology/Approach: This article is based on secondary data collection: journal articles, websites, textbooks, pamphlets on people with disability, customer satisfaction and hotel marketing. The methodology of this article is by … Read More»

The Uk Budget Hotel Sector Literature Review Tourism Essay

The negative connotation, which camped in the thoughts of regulars of small-sized commercial hotels, also known as budget hotels, is being substituted by a perceptual experience of affordability, proficiency and decency (Parsons, G., 2008). The swift shifting market changing aspects has positively affected the budget hotels fragment. This can be observed from the elation amongst … Read More»

The Tourism Planning Discussion Paper Tourism Essay

Tourism is one of many human activities in a community or region, and has the idea as a private and public sector activity and especially as an area of government intervention that requires planning and coordination. On the one hand, tourism is also one many activities in an area that must be considered as part … Read More»

The Tourism Industry In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

This report contains the results of the investigation which is done to find out ‘how the new born peace will affect the tourism industry of Sri Lanka after defeating the LTTE leader Brabhakaran and washing out terrorism from Sri Lanka. The main areas used for the investigation are, The problems occurred in Sri Lankan tourism … Read More»

The Task And Responsibility Of Front Office Workers Tourism Essay

Front office is the main part for hotels. The popularity and how famous is the hotel are also depends to the hotel front office system because for a hotel customers are important and even with the presence of customer only the management can run the business. Moreover, front office people are the one who greet … Read More»

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Delta Airlines Tourism Essay

Since the establishment of Delta Airlines in 1928, it has played a pivotal role in what the aviation industry is today. Delta airlines can be considered without a doubt one airline that has stayed in business through ups and downs throughout its near 90 years and continues to thrive in the commercial airline industry. Even … Read More»

The Role Of Food In Tourism Tourism Essay

two main groups. First, there are conceptual definitions which attempt to elucidate the essential nature of tourism as an activity. Secondly, there are technical definitions which are used to designate those who take part in this activity (the tourist, visitor, holidaymaker, excursionist and day tripper) and are employed by the various agencies responsible for compiling … Read More»

The Real Success Of Resorts World Sentosa Tourism Essay

The tourism industry is very important in today’s economy. Many countries use the tourist industry to gain benefits from the generation of income and the creation of jobs. Resorts World Sentosa is an Integrated Resort in Singapore that features two main attractions, Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa Casino. Both Universal Studios Singapore and … Read More»

The Potential Of Ecotourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

This research paper is focus on tourism industry (ecotourism) in Malaysia. The objective of this paper is to report on an empirical research study which investigated how to improve or develop the industry tourism (ecotourism) in Malaysia? Besides improvements, the important for this research is to concern about the contribution of attending will be informed … Read More»

The Pillars Of The Tourism Strategy Tourism Essay

Definition of the World Tourist Organisation (WTO): Tourists are those who are “travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited” In other words: A tourist are those … Read More»

The Perception Of Nepal By Tourists Tourism Essay

Bounded by the lofty heights of the Himalayas, Nepal is a country of eternal beauty and attraction. It is a land of interesting cultures, ancient history and indigenous people, picturesque scenery and some of the greatest walking on earth. It is universally known for the highest mountain peak of the world, Mount Everest that stands … Read More»

The Park Disneyland Paris Tourism Essay

parks did not exist. Fairs were often visited to enjoy moments with family. The first recreation park called Tivoli was created in 1771 in Paris. The diversity of activities present on that park made it successful. Over the years, new attractions were more and more set up. But people got bored of these attractions at … Read More»

Executive summary of overbooking

Travelodge is planning to grow 1000 more hotels by 2020. It employs above 5500 people and 87% of the booking are made online. The UK hotel market is estimated around 700,000 rooms (source: Melvyn Gold, “Qualification of serviced accommodation supply in UK”, December 2007) UK hotel market is segmented mainly into four categories, Brander full … Read More»

The Operations Management In Hotel Equatorial Tourism Essay

Operations management is a part of business concerned about the production of goods and services, and involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as little resource as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. It is concerned with managing the process that converts inputs, in the … Read More»

The Nz Aviation Sector Tourism Essay

involvement with the aviation industry than many other countries. The aviation industry over here is world-class and the kiwis are air minded too. This made the aviation business a large one. Moreover, from the past few years, the innovation and technology has allowed the aviation industry to grow significantly. anz.png “Air NewZealand” has a very … Read More»

The Measurement Of Destination Image Tourism Essay

The image of a place is an important aspect of the tourist decision-making process and it is most likely to affect their choice of holiday destination Baloglu and McCleary, 1999. There is a wide range of academic studies that are focused on the link between destination image and destination selection process (Mayo 1973; Hunt 1975; … Read More»

The Marketing Strrategy Of Thomas Cook Tourism Essay

Thomas Cook marketing department: The task of the marketing department is to identify and plan holidays to meet potential clients’ needs and to ensure the company offer the right holidays at the right price to the right clients at the right time. Marketing segmentation: Thomas Cook strategy on market segmentation is to continue to deliver … Read More»

The Marketing Strategy Of Air Asia Tourism Essay

Air Asia was set up by Dato Tony Fernandes in 2001. Air Asia is one of the award winning and largest low fare airlines in the Asia expanding rapidly since 2001. Air Asia flies to over 61 domestic and international destinations with 108 routes, and operates over 400 flights daily from hubs located in Malaysia, … Read More»

The Marketing Strategy Of Air Arabia Tourism Essay

The company Air Arabia which is chosen in this report is a public company. This report also gives information about how the company works internally and externally. The main hub of the Air Arabia Company is in Sharjah, U.A.E and Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca, Morocco. This report will also give you the financial Information … Read More»

The Marketing Management Of Air Arabia Tourism Essay

Introduction Air Arabia is the first and the leading low-cost carrier in the Middle East region .It is also the official airline of the emirate of Sharjah .Air Arabia was established on 3 February 2003 and is a profitable business from the first year. In, 2007, Air Arabia was transformed from a Limited Liability Company … Read More»

The Management Issues Of Ajanta Caves Tourism Essay

Tourism is the biggest industry in the current world scenario, cultural and heritage tourism being most integral part as it unleashes the history and authenticity of a country to the visitors. Tourism all over the world is booming and so do the threats to the authenticity of the tourism sites due to the increased visitation. … Read More»

The Malaysia Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

are a total of 6 angles to begin on. First and foremost, the angle is preparation. Preparation is an important thing for people that want to travel. A good preparation before travel will lead to a much enjoyable trip. These days travel and tourism industry is growing very fast. Firstly, to prepare for the trip, … Read More»

The Lobbying In Tourism Tourism Essay

bribery and now days, due to its improved form and sophisticate way it is done, it is said to be lobbying. Who are the lobbyists in tourism? How can they advantage from favouring certain group of people and certain destinations? Is it the matter of well done lobbying the promotion of a certain destination? Lobbying … Read More»

The Introduction To Medical Tourism Tourism Essay

A patient going to a different country for either urgent or elective medical procedures is called medical tourism. Medical tourism is a term that has risen from the rapid growth of an industry, where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care, while at the … Read More»

The Interrelation Between Tourism And Terrorism Tourism Essay

Given that tourism is very fragile to terrorism, and that it has come to dominate or perhaps displace, economy of most courtiers, it is imperative to take a closer look at the interrelation between tourism terrorism to lessen the negative impacts. As indicated in the introduction, the first approach to the studies into relationship between … Read More»

The Influence Mega Events Have On Tourism Tourism Essay

These days a huge range of mega-events is offered to diverse target groups. According to Getz (1991) as cited in Robertson (2006) sport events are more famous for male participants whereas arts and cultural events gain more importance for female participants. The range of mega-events offered are big sporting events like the Olympic Games, the … Read More»

The Indian Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

whole world to find out the country most richly endowed with all the wealth, power, and beauty which nature can bestow- in some parts a veritable paradise on Earth- I should point to India. If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts – I … Read More»

The Housekeeper Performance Evaluation System Tourism Essay

The housekeeper performance evaluation system consist a lot of information and guidance in order to develop the project. Using useful information and guidance from other researcher, the objective can be achieved and the idea can be generated before the system can be developed. The information can be diverging into several perspectives which are hotel perspective, … Read More»

The Host Of Community Perception Towards Tourism Development Tourism Essay

Over the past few years, Grand-Baie witnessed an increase in tourism development and the number of international tourists. Though tourism development plays an important role in enhancing economies, tourism development may conflict with the region’s conservative traditions and culture. The purpose of this research is to identify the attitudes and perceptions of residents of Grand … Read More»

The Hospitality Industry Different In Other Industries Tourism Essay

The aim of this research is to discuss by elaborating on the importance of delivering quality services in the hospitality industry and by analyzing the expectations and perceptions of how quality services have an impact on the industry. It also extends in identifying the differences between service delivery in the hospitality industry and service delivery … Read More»

The History Of The Sweden Tourism Tourism Essay

Sweden Tourism is attractive destination for both business and leisure travel. It is faster growing industry and they are expecting their double revenue in next decade. However, the revenue coming from international visitors in cast five years it’s more than doubled. Visitors were increased higher than the European average domestic travelers and International travels both … Read More»

The Green Programs Of Marriott International Corporation Tourism Essay

Since 1987, the concept of sustainability was mentioned on a coordinated international platform, the movement towards “sustainability” had been expanded over the globe. The governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporations and consumers those focusing on exist in harmony are increasingly with the surroundings and environmental footprints. The hospitality industry also not exception, therefore the sustainability concept … Read More»

The Emirate Airlines And Its Products Tourism Essay

The Emirate Airlines and Its Products Emirate Airlines is the largest airlines in the Middle Eastern region and has been operating over 2,500 flights in a week. It has been operating for 122 cities and over 74 countries in all the six continents. The company has been operating four longest non-stop commercial flights of the … Read More»

The Effects Of Sustainable Tourism In Belize Tourism Essay

The experience of witnessing some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine environments has come with heavy costs. The serious impacts of tourism on the third world have damaged not only the environment in which people from all over the world travel to see but also has serious socio-economic impacts on the hosting countries. Finding … Read More»

The Effect Of Sex Tourism essay

destinations and there are various factors that determine the choice of destination. These range from family pressures to independent, unscheduled travel (Um & Crompton, 1992). This study discusses one aspect of destination choice – tourists’ image of a destination. More specifically, it identifies the effect sex tourism has on destination image. The better the image … Read More»

The Economic Importance Of Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The hospitality industry is growing very rapidly and contributing nearly 10 % of the world’s GDP (Boella, 2000). In the last decades the hospitality industry has got much importance of vigorous process of expansion. Consequently the hospitality industry is expanding globally and promoting its growth in a changing multicultural environment. Hospitality is being built at … Read More»

The Development Of Sport Tourism Industry Tourism Essay

1.0 Introduction Tourism and sports are the emerging trend in today’s culture. These trends had been influenced by human social attitudes, technological advancement, economic and political circumstances. Both sport and tourism activities are organized all over the world regardless of national borders. 1.1 Definition of Sport tourism Sport tourism is a prevalent and growing phenomenon. … Read More»

The Development Of Mass Tourism Mallorca Tourism Essay

Balearic Islands with total area of 5,014 km consist of four islands which are 2 by Formentera, 11 by Eivissa, 14 by Menorca and 73 by Mallorca (Bull 1997, 140). Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago with 555km of the total coast length of the island (Garcia and Servera 2003, 288) which … Read More»

The dark tourism

Tourism covers numerous forms of travel and a broad range of destinations. Dark Tourism describes a niche type of tourism which covers the visitation of places where tragedies or historically noteworthy deaths have occurred of institutions dealing with the heritage of humanity (Tarlow, 2005). Especially in the last decades, dark tourism has become seemingly more … Read More»

The Continuous Improvement Process In Hospitality Tourism Essay

The introduction section discuss about the Continuous improvement process in Hospitality and Event management operations. The process of continuous improvement for various organizations is inherent part which determines the way organization is doing its business. The main programs of the continuous improvement include TQM This proposal is to put into action and find new instructions … Read More»

The Case Of Gondar City Administration Tourism Essay

With its historic heritage, cultural diversity, and urban vitality, Istanbul has significant potential upon which creativity and cultural industries could flourish. This paper examines the current structure of three cultural industries in Istanbul from a spatial perspective. These sectors are arts and culture festivals, the film industry, and the fashion design industry. This study attempts … Read More»

The Background Of Food Tourism Tourism Essay

This chapter will explain the background of food tourism. The researcher will explain why food tourism is a niche activity and what the benefits of niche tourism are. This chapter will also outline the interaction between food and tourism. Furthermore, the researcher will describe the trends shaping the tourists interest in food. This chapter will … Read More»

The Attitude Of Residents Toward Tourism Tourism Essay

Tourism is a fast developing industry and a valuable sector in many countries. Its contribution is important to the countries’ economy. Furthermore, tourism performs an ever more significant role in the communities’ development. A comprehension of resident’s perceptions on tourism impacts is important (Ap. 1992). One of the main reasons for increasing interest in this … Read More»

The Amphawa Floating Market Of Benefit Tourism Essay

Heritage cultural tourism defined as the nostalgia tourism that places special emphasis on heritage and cultural attractions. Cultural tourism began to be recognized as a distinct product category in the late 1970s when tourism marketers realized that some people traveled specially to gain a deeper understanding of the culture or a heritage destination This paper … Read More»

The Airport Security And Safety In Air Travel Tourism Essay

The travel and tourism industry is constantly subjected to change both internal and external. Changes in American foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq have caused an increase in terrorism and terrorist events, such as September 11th 2001 which have caused significant changes in air travel and passengers perception of safety. As a result, airport … Read More»

The Airline Industry And The Challenges Tourism Essay

Introduction Today, the involvement of Middle Eastern airlines in extra-regional operations varies, but is already comparably high. Emirates is offering 82% of its seat capacity on extra-regional services. Most other important carriers from the region like Etihad Airways (74%), Qatar Airways (66%) and Gulf Air (54%) also operate more than half of their seats on … Read More»

Swot And Pest Analysis Of British Airways Tourism Essay

PEST stands for Political Economic Social cultural and Technological factors that are affecting or influencing the business environment. The SWOT half of the analysis deals with the company’s inner workings including its strengths and weaknesses. In the final stage of the SWOT/PEST Analysis, the two analyses are combined in order to get an overall picture … Read More»

Structure Of Travel Tourism And Hospitality Tourism Essay

The purposes for this essay are to present the structure of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Firstly, we need to know what the definition of tourism is. As the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), tourism is ‘the activities of person travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one … Read More»

Structure Of The Travel Tourism And Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The purposes for this essay are to present the structure of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Firstly, we need to know what the definition of tourism is. As the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), tourism is ‘the activities of person travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one … Read More»

Strategy Management For European Tour Operators Tourism Essay

The tourism industry of Europe is dynamic and the growth in this sector is accelerating at a fast pace. In recent times, the tourism industry has gained huge amount of momentum as it is greatly influenced by the changing dynamics of the society; it has become a networked society in which everyone is linked together … Read More»

Strategies Of Sustainable Tourism In Maharashtra Tourism Essay

Tourism is concerned with pleasure holidays, travel going or arriving somewhere. These are the motivation that makes people leave their normal place of work and residence for short term temporary visits to other places not more than one consecutive year. Tourism is generally considered to be beneficial activity and for most people an ideal land … Read More»


announced that London would congregation the (The London 2012 Olympics, Bob DigbyCommunity Geographer, and Geographical Association) 2012 Olympics It was chosen to be held in London Stratford, Newham. This is a sports competition which all the people in the world celebrating. To become an Olympic champion the athletes in all around the world together in … Read More»

Strategic Analysis Of First Choice Holidays Tourism Essay

This report is based on the strategic analysis of First Choice Holidays PLC, one of the world’s leading package holiday companies. An analysis of the company’s internal and external environments will be undertaken resulting in the researcher’s findings of the opportunities and threat that the industry faces. A look at the industry’s competitive forces will … Read More»

Stereotypes And The Tourist Role Tourism Essay

Introduction of tourism industry The hospitality and tourism industry is the world’s largest industry that has been growing significantly in the last few years. The noteworthy augmentation of the industry is attributed to many factors such as development of easy modes of transportation, changing demands of the people to visit various destination places, increasing need … Read More»

Sports Events Impact On Manchester City Tourism Essay

Under the fast development of the events industry, holding sports events is growing continuously. More and more cities hold sports event to attract tourists or business investments, and then to become a sports destination. One of the biggest impacts of holding a sports event is to increase the image of a city. Also, it could … Read More»

Spiritual tourism

An extensive literature is review essential in order to define the concept and key terms of spiritual tourism. In order to understand spiritual tourism in more detail, the characteristics of the spiritual activities by that tourism can affect positively will be discussed. It further introduces of various authors defining spiritual tourism. Literature review is further … Read More»

Special Interest Tourism And Heritage Tourism Tourism Essay

“Special interest tourism can be defined as the provision of customized leisure and recreational experiences driven by the specific expressed interests of individual and group”. (Douglas.N, 2001) In earlier days tourism word was termed as mass tourism.””Mass tourism was the logical outcome of key social, economic, political and technological influences after the Second World War. … Read More»

Social Effects Of The Cruise Industry Tourism Essay

The social impact of the cruise industry on the cruises particular destination has a few positive effects. When cruise tourists arrive at ports of destination, interactions between local residents and cruise tourists can benefit both parties. The cruise tourists have the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding the lifestyle and culture of the local people, and … Read More»

Scope of tourism development

Introduction Tourism is one of the fast growing industry in the world. When considering India, undoubtedly there is an unlimited scope of tourism development in the South Indian state of Kerala which would definitely bring up the economic growth of the country. There is a high degree of widening the service in this industry with … Read More»

Scope Of Event Management In India Tourism Essay

In the last 10 to 15 years, there has been enormous growth in the event management business. It is a way of outsourcing occasions that are either business, social or a combination of the two. If an event is managed efficiently and effectively, it can be used as a very powerful promotional tool to launch or market a … Read More»

Role Of Front Office In The Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

We often heard that front office play an important role in the hotel industry. The front office or can be known as the main nerve of the hotel is the first and the last sector that interact with a client. Front offices are typically called so because they are at the front or entrance hall … Read More»

Resort World Sentosa And Marina Bay Sands Tourism Essay

Though casino was their major way to earn revenue because of high gamblers addict all over the world, both of these resorts also added wide varieties of attractions and amenities for tourist attraction such as skypark, universal studios Singapore, celebrity chef’s restaurant, museums, convention and exhibition centre, floating pavilion, etc. to attract not only the … Read More»

Rajasthan tourist destination

The promotion of Rajasthan as a heritage tourist destination 1. Introduction In order to accomplish the aims and objectives, this piece of work focused on the promotion of Rajasthan as a heritage tourist destination in the world. The vital idea behind the selection of this topic is to discuss the importance of heritage tourism. Tourism … Read More»

Quality Service Delivery And Community Tourism Essay

Discuss the importance of delivering quality services in the hospitality industry and identify differences if any between service delivery in the hospitality industry and service delivery in other business. (500 words) Community-based tourism has, for over three decades been promoted as a means of development whereby the social, environmental and economic needs of local communities … Read More»

Qualified Employees In Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The need of qualified employees in hospitality industry, their commitment to service quality and to what extent it impacts customer satisfaction is not any more a matter of question; it is an important issue that concerns not only hospitality management education in Bulgaria but it is recognized all over the world. The industry suffers from … Read More»

Push And Pull Factor In Tourism Tourism Essay

Push / Pull factor in Tourism Introduction Modern tourism has become one of the strongest and most remarkable phenomena of the time. To discover its true nature, one must attempt to understand how the various components are connected to each other, and what are the causes and effects, the conjectures and the realities. One must … Read More»

Public Transport And Traffic In Penang Tourism Essay

Chapter 1 Infrastructure is a broad concept linked to every facet of the economy and human life. Accordingly, the list of associated issues is long. For any purposeful analysis of issues in infrastructure development to lead to an action-oriented way forward, it is necessary to narrow down the definition of infrastructure and associated issues. The … Read More»

Public Bus Planning System In Johor Bahru Malaysia Tourism Essay

This chapter aims to outline the present public bus planning system and actors model in Johor Bahru City context. Through illustration, it could help to realize differences between the existing system and the ideal public bus planning system which has been developed in Section 2.5. 3.2 Transport Planning in Johor Bahru City In essence, Johor … Read More»

The promotion of Rajasthan as a heritage tourist destination

The promotion of Rajasthan as a heritage tourist destination 1. Introduction In order to accomplish the aims and objectives, this piece of work focused on the promotion of Rajasthan as a heritage tourist destination in the world. The vital idea behind the selection of this topic is to discuss the importance of heritage tourism. Tourism … Read More»

Potential And Impact Of Eco Tourism Tourism Essay

Tourism is a leading and the single largest industry in the world today. According to the World Tourism Organization, the tourism industry accounts for 11% of total global employment. It is said that every twelve tourists create a new job. Tourism has a different set of principles- tourism peculiarities, sustainability and community participation to other … Read More»

Political Impacts Of Integrated Resorts Tourism Essay

South Africas gaming industrys gross gambling revenue in financial year 2011/2012 grew by 7.5 to R18.4 billion. In fiscal year 2011/2012 South Africas 37 casinos paid nearly R4.7 billion to government revenue through 36 percent gross casino tax. R10.1 billion was invested in casinos between 1997 to 2000, representing 2.1% of the total South African … Read More»

Pest Analysis Hong Kong Ocean Park Tourism Essay

Ocean Park is considered as a major attraction in Hong Kong, the luminous pearl of the Orient and known as the financial center of Southeast China. It is located on the south end of Hong Kong Island. The larger two sections are located on the headlands of Mount Nanlang, while the smaller section is located … Read More»

Perception Of Chinese Restaurants In The Us Tourism Essay

The study investigates American customers’ perceptions of Chinese restaurants in the U.S., using the importance – performance analysis approach. This study also examines which attributes of Chinese restaurants influence American customers, satisfaction and behavioural intentions. The IPA shows that environmental cleanliness and attentive service are two important areas where Chinese restaurateurs can make improvements. In … Read More»

Overview Of Tourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

This chapter is designed to provide an overview to tourism in Malacca and the background of Jonker Street. It is divided into few sections to explain about culture as a factor for travel among tourists, tourism situation in Malacca, background of Jonker Street, problem statement, research objectives, significance of study, limitations of study, definition of … Read More»

Overview Of Hotel Marriott Tourism Essay

facilities. Founded by J. Willard Marriott, the company is now led by son J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr. Today, Marriott International has about 3,150 lodging properties located in the United States and 67 other countries and territories. Marriott International was formed in 1992 when Marriott Corporation split into two companies, Marriott International and Host Marriott Corporation. … Read More»

Outdoor Recreation And Leisure Tourism Essay

Outdoor recreation and leisure is very present in the Mauritian context. Being an island, Mauritians as well as tourists try to benefit the most from the unique environment and climate which is ideal for leisure activities (Badat, 2009). As the island offers a wide range of prospects in terms of outdoor recreation, such as trekking, … Read More»

Operation Management Practices And Tactics Of Hotel Novotel Tourism Essay

Operation management plays an immense role in success of both manufacturing as well as service industry. The given project deals with operation management practices and tactics used by Hotel Novotel, a well known four star hotel in UAE. After providing required information about the hotel, its operation management process has been discussed in-depth. Later on, … Read More»

Opening A Burger King Franchise In Pakistan Tourism Essay

Introduction Burger king is a well known brand of a fast food restaurant chain that operates globally. Founded in 1954, the burger king franchise has grown from its humble beginnings to a multibillion dollar empire over time and the business has gone beyond the borders f its country of origin and now it has franchise … Read More»

New Space Vehicles For Future Space Tourism Tourism Essay

Abstract Space tourism may be vocabulary to majority of people alive today. In well developed countries however, it is turning out to be the next must die for holiday experience for world billionaires’. It is expensive, adventurous, exciting, stunning and absolutely un-exploitable. Since the first space tour in 2001, the rich have stamped their foot … Read More»

New Company Business Plan Adventure International Travel Tourism Essay

Adventure International Travel would be a sole proprietorship company that will provide adventure trips and activities such as skiing, river rafting, mountain climbing, biking, etc. along with other services such as lodging, car rental, airline tickets and so on. The location of the company will be in the central of California. The idea behind setting … Read More»

Natural Disasters Management In India Tourism Essay

Abstract The geographical, climatic and demographic conditions of India invites different types of natural disasters as annual festivals, as a result our country has become one of disaster prone country of the globe. Natural Disaster Management is increasingly becoming a global issue, much like child labour, terrorism, international place and human rights. Despite man’s pride … Read More»

Mystery Shopping In The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

A client focal point has turned into extra significant in today’s spirited atmosphere. Determining client pleasure is an instrument regularly used as well as too encouraged by additional modern edition of the superiority method necessities. An additional approach of determining the eminence of the tune deliverance is by production utilize of secrecy visitors, compliant personnel … Read More»

Mega Events And Their Impact On Tourism Tourism Essay

Most of the published studies of events have tended to focus on mega-events, such as world expos (Monclus, 2006) and Olympics (Kasimati, 2003; Preuss, 2004; Humphreys and Plummer, 1995; KPMG, 1993). According to Matheson (2006), studies of mega-events has showed that economic benefits overestimate the actual ex-post benefits by wide margin. Authors such as Matheson … Read More»

Meetings Incentives Conferences And Exhibitions In The Uk Tourism Essay

Conference organizing nowadays is not an easy task especially when taking steps to enforce security and risk management measures (Bowdin et al, 2006). Conferences that observe good health status, low risks and high security measures are the most probable places to get high number of clients. Some centers provide tourism sectors, sports and other leisure … Read More»

Masai Mara National Reserve And Kenya Masai Mara Tourism Essay

Masai Mara is known as the greatest wildlife reserve in Africa. The reserve is located in the southwest Kenya. The reserve is famous for the huge numbers of lions, the Great Wildebeest Migration and the Masai people who are well known for the culture and dress. The Masai Mara National Reserve is considered as Africa’s … Read More»

Marketing Strategies And The Positioning Of Hotels Tourism Essay

A hotel’s positioning is a crucial determinant in developing its subsequent marketing strategies. Incorrect hotel positioning will lead to an unclear vision of the hotel’s development and eventually affect the profitability of the hotel (Ransley & Ingram 2004, p.37). Our hotel has been positioned as a 3.5 start hotel that sits in the middle of … Read More»

Marketing Plan On Frasers Hill In Pahang State Tourism Essay

Malaysia is a country in South-East Asia, located on a peninsula of the Asian shares a border with Thailand. In an effort to diversify the economy and make Malaysia’s economy less dependent on exports the government has pushed to increase tourism in Malaysia. Malaysia has become third largest source of income from foreign exchange, ¹ … Read More»

Marketing And Festival Tourism Tourism Essay

tourism had been adopted in many places. However, some have not received the expected results. Since some factors, affect directly the development of festival tourism, they therefore need to be considered for marketing and operating. In this essay, development of festival tourism will be introduced firstly. Then it will focus on analyzing the four main … Read More»

Management Strategies Of World Heritage Site In Mauritius Tourism Essay

2.1 Introduction Growing interest in culture and heritage by tourists has led to such an increase in the number of visits to cultural heritage destinations in the world that cultural tourism has become one of the fastest-growing market segments in tourism. The preservation of cultural heritage through tourism receives more and more recognition and at … Read More»

London underground

PROBLEMS IN STRATEGY London Underground is a vital public asset and a cornerstone of London life. It is the single most important part of its public transport infrastructure. It carries three million trips per weekday, including the journey to work trips of 35% of those who work in central London. The Underground now carries approximately … Read More»

Literature Review On The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The hospitality industry is experiencing growth even in times of recession. Between 2004 and 2014, the hospitality industry is expected to add 17 percent in wage and salary employment (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2006-07). A growing demand of hospitality workers can be translated into a growing need of hospitality educational programs to adequately prepare … Read More»

Key Players In Malaysia Airline Industry Tourism Essay

This chapter includes research background, problem statement, research objectives, research questions, and hypotheses of the study, significance of the study and chapter layout. Research background provides the overall phenomena and background of the study. Problem statement consists of the issues that should be emphasized and more deeply develop in the research questions and hypotheses. After … Read More»

Is Volunteer Tourism Defeating The Point Tourism Essay

Volunteer tourism is described as the “modern phenomenon of travelling overseas as a volunteer” (Guttentag 2009: 538), which is exactly what I did in March of 2010. Eleven senior students from my secondary school were chosen to partake in a humanitarian mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We, along with our school chaplain and two … Read More»

Introduction To Indian Aviation Industry Tourism Essay

Indian Aviation Industry is one of the fastest growing airline industries in the world. The history of Indian Aviation Industry started in December 1912 with its first domestic air route between Karachi and Delhi. It was opened by the Indian Air Services in collaboration with the UK based Imperial Airways as an extension of London-Karachi … Read More»

Introduction In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

service. In hospitality industry due to the latest trend of ‘KONEKT V4’ application we would reach through the customer in one click. The one more application is ‘Dash Board’ application in which the customer can tell the name and number and to make their table reserved. And also by using Google, Iphone, Ipad system customer … Read More»

International Tourism Development Tourism Essay

As a part of tourism industry, MICE increasing generates significant amount of revenue worldwide Hing, McCabe, Lewis, Leiper, 1998; Mistilis dwyer, 1999. MICE are an acronym for the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions which is powering ahead as a key growth driver. Asia has been one of the front compare to other country such as … Read More»

Information Technology Advances In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

4.1 Introduction “Differentiation in competitive services virtually in all sectors has been characterized by growing commoditization” – Six Degrees, (2011) The purpose of this research was to identify the impact of Multi sensory marketing in Hotel industry, how modernization in Information technology trends reflect in Hotel industry and how International Hotel Chains compete in markets … Read More»

Inclusive Resorts And Ecotourism In Terms Tourism Essay

The role of tourism in facilitating economic development in the developing world has been a paradox. Today, tourism is considered as an attractive and essential tool for economic development more specifically in the developing countries due to its potential to generate foreign exchange earnings, increase income and employment. Although, tourism has assisted many developing countries … Read More»

Improved Ecotourism In Lake Naivasha Basin Tourism Essay

Lake Naivasha Basin is located on the floor of Kenya’s Eastern (Gregorian) Rift Valley, surrounded by the Kinangop plateau & Aberdares Mountains to the east, and the Mau Escarpment to the west. The lake itself -a Ramsar Site- is the 2nd largest freshwater lake in Kenya after Lake Victoria, positioned at an altitude of 1884m … Read More»

Impact Of Tourism Seasonality On Hrm In Hotels Tourism Essay

Seasonality has been recognised as one of the most typical feature of the tourism industry derived from the movement of people resulting fluctuations in the demand(Bulter,1994;Baum,1999).The phenomenon, its causes and impact on destination regions have been widely researched within the academic literature and often seasonality is perceived as a problem for the industry. Seasonality affects … Read More»