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Catholic Intellectual Synthesis

Catholic Intellectual Synthesis


The catholic Intellectual tradition is neither stationary nor is it complete, rather, it is deeply rooted in the Christian conviction that God is the sole source of truth, the creator of all beings, and become human through the virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ, his only son. Therefore, the catholic intellectual tradition only is focused on promoting the greater glory of God. However, catholic intellectual tradition is filled with extreme controversy from some people who claim that it speaks evil of other religion. Others claim that most catholic universities deviate from the other academic material students are supposed to study but only corrupt them with catholic beliefs and cultures (Estanek et al., 6). Therefore this essay will discuss what is really meant by catholic intellectual tradition, and how the tradition can be focused to drive a complex modern university committed to its Jesuit, the catholic heritage, but simultaneously offer quality contemporary higher education.

The catholic intellectual tradition is an avenue through which a diverse number of people with different cultures have been able to look at as the divine contribution to human life and a real spiritual journey. The catholic intellectual experience has any goals for all the people who venture in their programs especially their universities. However, the main goal is to afford the dignity of man and also try to summarize the catholic version of a moral person.

The intellectual attempts to represent people as spiritual, emotional, and physical beings. Thus, they are capable of combining all their physical efforts, educational goals and careers with the pursuit of the truth and heavenly knowledge. Therefore, the tradition does not seek to deviate people from their typical physical and mental growth and development as critics claim; rather, the tradition believes that human beings are complex beings who handle all that parallel to learning about God. In this case, most catholic universities combine their studies with other religious studies such as philosophy, music, social analysis, creativity, and spiritual studies. Henceforth, the development and understandings of persons of diverse facets within the catholic intellectual tradition is identified through theory knowledge on literature, culture, and music, throughout the catholic history (Estanek et al., 6). While critics may think the idea is a bad one, or as other claim is forcing people to study catholic religion, I believe it is a good one. In all essence, every human being has spiritual thirst in themselves which can only be satisfied when they study and acquire spiritual; growth and know the dignity of man. Moreover, when people join Catholic Universities they are well aware that while in the universities, they must learn catholic tradition; therefore, any persons who are not comfortable with the studies can avoid joining the colleges. However, this only happens in very few cases and many students do wish to join these universities and even enjoy the teachings.

In response to the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, the then vice president for mission and Rector Fr. James Fitz remained the University Community regarding the courageous life of the blessed martyr Jakob Gapp. He lost his life while defending Catholic against the Nazis, who fest on August 13th. Gapp was prosecuted by the Nazis in 1938 and was later arrested in 1942 and taken to Berlin for interrogation. During his trial, Gap stood ground to defend the catholic religion and his faith. He state that he being a priest, he was not suitable to defend the national social doctrine against the Germans who were sworn to destroy the catholic church, but still he was young to defend his religion by being loyal to his faith as he was a true servant of the Catholic church and would oppose any force that the Reich would employ against him (“News: Vice President For Mission And Rector Fr. James Fitz, S.M., Responds To Situation In Charlottesville: University Of Dayton, Ohio”). Therefore, Gapp was beheaded on 13th August in 1943 but the Nazis never released his remains for burial, lest he was honored as a Catholic Martyr, which he still was, when he was beatified by Pope John Paul II on Nov 24, 196.

In my opinion, following this evidence, it is quite clear that Catholic Church has had a gruesome past of fighting for their faith and a pace in the world. Therefore, the introducing catholic intellectual traditional studies are not a bad thing. Rather, it is a great thing that promotes the common good of all people by upholding the dignity of all persons (“News: Vice President for Mission and Rector Fr. James Fitz, S.M., Responds to Situation in Charlottesville: University Of Dayton, Ohio”). In this regard, the intellectual preaches praying for peace, to end hate, violence, racism, and any other aspects of discrimination among diverse persons.

In Chaminade’s letter to the treat masters of 1839, he advised them to stick to religion was extremely vital as it gave on strength to cope with their life challenges. Moreover, he told them what their catholic religion had in common with other religions. All had faith that God was watching over them and they believed in Jesus Christ (Cheminade and Cada, 4). However he also told them what distinguished the society of Mary and the Institute of the daughters of Mary for other religious orders. All the periods of the Catholic Church are marked by the struggles and triumphs of the August Mary. Therefore, everyone has to understand and practice their religion so they grow spiritually as they await the coming of the kingdom of heaven (Cheminade and Cada, 7).

Considering this, I believe that, the catholic intellectual traditions introduced to guarantee the protection of the catholic faith while simultaneously protecting the society for, moral corruption. Moreover, as the world continued changing. Many people came out and started wrong teaching about religion, even the catholic religion. Therefore, while the current generation is focused on studying for their careers, they end up having the wrong information regarding their faith, if any information at all (Estanek et al., 6). Therefore, the catholic intellectual remains to be a controversial conversation and cause for a huge sprawl over its importance in the society. However, what people fail to see it the huge impact that the Christian faith has played in promoting peace in our society. Catholic universities have in fact played a huge contribution to America higher learning because unlike the stereotypes, the universities do not discriminate any students but they accept all diversities. Most importantly, teachings from the catholic culture helps students to borrow various aspects that mold them to become learned and morally upright persons with deep christen faith.


In conclusion, The catholic Intellectual tradition is neither stationary nor is it complete, rather, it is deeply rooted in the Christian conviction that God is the sole source of truth, the creator of all beings, and become human through the virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ, his only son. By introducing students to studies regarding the catholic tradition, they get to grow to be both highly learned persons with a bonus of spiritual growth and understanding. Therefore, the tradition is a significant aspect because when persons are spiritually mature with a bigger goal in life of chancing God’s kingdom.

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