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Celebrated Festivals In Saudi Arabia And Romania Tourism Essay

2. History of Festival: Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and its most of the festivals are originated from religion as well as some local and other festivals too. The Eid ul- Fetr, Eid al -Adha, Hazz Festivals are the most common religious festivals. The Eid ul-Fitr comes after the one month of Ramadan fasting. This month is important because, Allah revealed the first verse of the Quran during this month. The Eid ul-Adha festival comes after the Eid ul-Fetr and this festival continues in Muslim life by the sacrificing of the son of Ibrahim. However, the most of the festival of Romania comes from the local tradition and the exchanged of international culture. The festivals normally occur in the same place and the same day in once a year.

3. Types of Festival: There are many types of festival, serve to meet specific social needs and duties as well as to provide entertainment. These times of celebration offer a sense of belonging for religious, social or geographical groups. Modern festivals that focus on cultural or ethnic topics seek to inform members of their traditions.

4.Comparison and contrast of festivals between two countries:

4.0 Festivals of Saudi Arabia:

4.1 The National Day: The National Day of Saudi Arabia is truly one of the important events among all the festival that holds an important place in the history of Saudi Arabia. It is needed among the most significant events of the 20th century and symbolizes the genesis of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is celebrated on the 23rd of September each year and represents the identity of the nation and is greatly associated the unification of the country by the late king Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman al-Faisal al Saud in the 1932. [National Day of Saudi Arabia]

4.2 Al Jenadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival: This festival is considered as one of the famous cultural programme in the country normally held late February or early March in every year. The festival gives an insight into the rich history and past of the region and is celebrated and organised by the National Guard, an attempt to keep the Customer and Traditions in Saudi Arabia alive. This festival continues for two weeks and showcases some of the exquisite sample of Arts and Crafts of Saudi Arabia. The festival kicks start with an epic camel race that watches up to 2000 participants sprinting across a nineteen kilometre track. This festival features more than 50 folkloric dance and traditional music in Saudi Arabia. [Jenadriyah National Festival]

4.3 Hajj Festival: Mecca is one of the most important holy cities of the Muslim world where the number of religious events and festivals are celebrated all the year round. This major city is mainly well known for the Hajj Festival. All the Muslims expect to undertake the Hajj festival at least once in his lifetime. Non Muslim people cannot strictly participate in this festivals and events in Mecca it can categorically be stated that the festivals and events in Mecca are primarily religious ones. [Festival and Event in Mecca]

4.4 Eid al Fitr: The official Religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam and all the important Islamic festivals are very popular here. This festival is celebrated with great pomp. After the one month of Ramadan fasting this day comes to the Muslim’s life. Though it is a religious festival, non Muslims people also enjoy the event. Asia Room {Eid al Fetr}

4.5 Eid al Adha: The Eid ul Adha festival occupies a significant place in the Islamic culture of Saudi Arabia and celebrated by the Muslim people worldwide. It is held over three days and starts after the completion of Hajj pilgrimage rituals of the country. There is a story about the festival common to Islam of Ibrahim’s sacrifice. [Asia Room {Eid al Adha}] [Arabic Eid al Adha]

5. Festivals of Romania:

5.1 Music Festival: The Golden Stag Festival is an annual international pop music festival held in Romania. Before the MTV Music Awards were created, an event was needed to inspire local and international musicians to greatness. Thus, The Golden Stag Festival came into existence, one of the most important European festivals. It was first held in 1968. [Brasov Travel Guide]

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5.2 Summer Festival: The Stufstock festival is the most important summer festival held each year at the end of the summer. This festival gathers together the most famous rock, punk and metal bands in a nice atmosphere like the Black Sea Coast.

[Buchrest babel Blog]

5.3 Dreams and Teams Festival: Dreams and Teams festival is organised by the British Council for the people aged between 14 t 18 to become young leaders in their communities. This volunteerism programme is held in Romania during 18th to 22nd of February and they operate this flourishing project over the 40 countries of the world with audience of over 150,000 young people. The venue is preferred for the training in the sports hall in downtown in Bucharest. During the festival the hall is decorated with tri-colours festoon and the young leaders wear the yellow t-shirt. One of the young leaders is able to teach fire dancing to all the participants. [Britsh Council]

6. Summary: These two countries have their own and individual festivals because of different culture, religion, history and location. Between the two countries, Saudi Arabia is Muslim country and most of the people are Muslims here. So, those festivals are related to religion celebrated here in general by the local people where us we found that Romania is an EU country and the Golden Stag Festival is celebrated internationally like the other festival, Dreams and Teams Festival. However, the Hazz Festival of Saudi Arabia and Stufstock festival of Romania are organised by the local people, but the international Muslims join the Hazz festival.

6. Significance: Festivals are the things that aspect of the country. It is standing for the people amusement and the cultural and historical background of a country. In this world different types of festivals are being existence and people may easily know about the culture of the expected country through the festival.

7. Conclusion: Every country has different culture and festivals. But, there is some similarity among the festivals even though, sometimes they are individual and unique from others. The main aim of most of the festival is to give entertainment to the people. The festivals of Saudi Arabia and Romania are highly established.

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