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Evaluation Of Service Quality In Hotel Taj Marriot Tourism Essay

To lead and become the international benchmark in the hospitality industry, not only in India but also in the Key regions of the world and To dazzle and delight our customers with utmost quality, food and beverage experience and exceptional service standards.

The Taj Mahal hotel, Mumbai(india ) was opened on December 16,1903 under the taj group by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group. htis hotel was incorporated with IHCL. Now currently Rs. 678 millions can be operated bythe taj hotels. t his is growing day by day and become th elargest hotel chain in the india. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower is one of the famous five star hotels in india and it is regarded as the most prestigious luxury five star hotel. This hotel is 105 years old hotel having the heritage building under the group of taj hotel resorts and palaces. The hotel taj mahal contains 565 rooms.this hotel was opened in 1903 commisioned in Indo-saracenic style by Tata. the hotel taj made unique history from his service sand and give best service sto their customers and supportive fro every has marvellous artitecure which brings together Moorish , Florentine and oriental styles. It is a gracious landmark of Mumbai as it provides panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India.

On novemeber 2008 , during the series of terroroist attacks in mumbai , the hotel taj marriot was under attack of the terrorists there is a big damage in the hotel including destruction of roof and about 167 hostages were therehe. After this attack the management of hotel annouced thathe hotel will be repared and the expenditure to repair it will be INR 5 billions and it will take 12 months to repair. In july ,209 , Hilary Clinton visit the Mumbai taj hotel and stayed there

as the patway to improvement the hotel taj mahal,in October 12, 2006, the Company approved the Scheme, under Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies and this scheme was approved by the High Courts.

In July 2002, the hotel has won several international awards. The Taj hotel Group also obtained licenses to manage and operate two leisure hotels; the Rawal-Kot, Jaisalmer and Usha Kiran Palace, Gwalior in October 2002.

Taj Group access to the midtown and North Mumbai market. The hotel has since been renamed as the Taj Lands End, Mumbai. An din tear 2003 the hotel taj celebrated its centenary of the opening of its flagship hotel.

In 2004 it opened its first luxury service apartment Wellington Mews.

The Taj Mahal Intercontinental Hotel in Mumbai consist of 582 rooms which are fully air condodtione dwith 49 suits.each room is equipped with data port , speaker phones , with IDD ,fax available , sea cty fcing rooms TV and satellite rooms , 24 service fro laundary service with eminent club rooms. This hotel in the Mumbai provide the top most services in the luxury hotels and majestic accommodation.

During the recession period

After the terrorist attack in 2008 taj has to face the financial problems and to rasise up from it this affects the occupancy rate of the hotel and to improve the occupancy rate the hotel offered the suite of $6750 per offer to attract te tourist . the torist in hotel taj came from the worldwide.after the attack the hoyel made a a mable memorialin the lobby for 131 guests and staff who died in terrorist attack. Now they have improved their security system by putting xray machines ansd metal detectors on the screen guessts at the entrance of the vechicals.

According to business weekly news there is decline of 5.8 %in Mumbai for shares in Indian hotelsltd. Operator of taj brand .

Beside of all these taj is one of the original grand hotel in the world. With the passing of time its reputation spread and grew constantly.


Literature review:

Two major reasons exist for reviewing the literature. The first, the preliminary search that helps you to generate and refine your research ideas. The second, often referred to as critical review, is part of research project proper. (Sharp and Howard, 1996)

Most research books argue that this critical review of literature is necessary.

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After through studies of different Export and import books and literature, I have found that only a small portion is dedicated to the buyers’ and sellers’ behavior and most of the focus is given to, how to export and import.

No doubt these were not adequate information to compete my research that’s why I decided to search more and more information on topic and now hopefully I have gathered adequate information to deal with my Research methodology and to support my arguments. And this information, gathered from journal and articles will focus on the British and Pakistani textiles buyers’ and sellers’ perspective.

The literature used in this research will also help in analyzing the issues and results critically either by comparing different point of views of different authors or by quoting statements in the favor of results. To gain product’s knowledge I will use my observations and company documents.

Deductive approach:

“A theory/hypothesis is applied/tested by the collection of data.”

I shall use the literature to help me to identify theories and ideas that I shall test using data. I shall also develop a theoretical or conceptual framework which I subsequently test using data.

 Inductive approach:

“Theory is developed after the data have been collected.”

I will be planning to explore my data and to develop theories from them that I shall subsequently relate to the literature.

Review purposes:

The literature review has a number of purposes. Many of these have been highlighted by Gall et al. (1996). These are

To help you to refine further your research question(s) and objectives;

To highlight research possibilities that have been overlooked implicitly in research to date;

To help you to avoid simply repeating work that has been done already;

To sample current opinions in newspapers, professional and trade journals thereby gaining insight into the aspects of your research question(s) and objectives that are considered newsworthy;

To discover and provide an insight into research strategies and methodologies that may be appropriate to your own research question(s) and objectives;

To discover explicit recommendations for further research. These can provide you with superb justification for your own research question(s) and objectives;

Literature sources available:

The literature sources available to help researcher to develop a good understanding of and insight into previous research can be divided into three categories:

Primary (published and unpublished)



Primary literature sources (also known as grey literature) are the first occurrence of a piece of work. They include published sources such as reports and some central and local government publications such as white papers and planning documents. They also include unpublished manuscripts sources such as letters, memos.

There are so many published sources available from where I can get enough information about my research topic. Pakistani government published so much material on the export of Pakistan Textile industry. I read that publications and I got a good idea about the behavior of the Pakistani sellers’ and also about the buyers’ of the Pakistani Textile products.

I also reviewed the reports, which are published by the British government about the import of the textile products from different countries. This is also helpful for my research topic.

Secondary literature sources such as books and journals are the subsequent publications of primary literature. These publications are aimed at a wider audience. They are easier to locate than primary literature as they are better covered by the tertiary literature.

There is book by Nasim Yousaf with the title Export & Import Apparel and Textiles from Pakistan will be quite helpful for my research. In this book there is so much information about the Pakistani textile industry and there is also some information about the buyers’ and sellers’ behavior.

There is also enough information about the topic in so many articles and journals, which are written, by the Pakistani authors and British authors. From these articles and journals I got so much information about my topic. This will be helpful for me in the future.

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Tertiary literature sources also called search tools, are designed either to help to locate primary and secondary literature or to introduce a topic. They therefore include indexes and abstract as well as encyclopedias and bibliographies.

Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan has a uploaded a website and on that website I found so much relevant material about my research topic. In that website there is so much information about the, share of Pakistani textile products in the international market, the information about the main buyers and sellers of textiles products, about the quality of the Pakistani textile products, in that website they also discussed the buyers’ expectation from the Pakistani seller. So this website of Export Promotion Bureau Pakistan is also a good source or information for my research topic.

Evaluating the literature:

For evaluating the literature two questions frequently asked ‘how do I know what I am reading is relevant?’ and ‘how do I know when I have read enough?’ both of questions are concerned with the process of evaluation.

You should, of course, read all the literature that is closely related to your research question(s) and objectives. The literature that is most likely to cause problems is that which is less related (Gall et al.; 1996).

After collecting all the information from all of the sources then I will evaluate my literature that what is much important for my research and which is less important for my research topic. I will evaluate the literature by keeping some important in my mind like how recent the item is, do it have enough references, does the item support my research topic etc.

Research Design and Methodology:

The research philosophy:

The research philosophy refers to the fundamental approach that research should be conducted. There are three views about the research process dominating the literature: positivism, interpretivism, and realism.

The mixed approach will be applied in my research work, primarily because the subject matter is largely intangible, open to subjective interpretation and based upon social interaction. As Saunders et al (2003, p99) point that: ‘there are two major advantages to applying multi-methods in the same study. First, different methods can be used for different purposes in a study. Secondly, it enables triangulation to take place’.

Qualitative Approach:

Secondary Research:

Published data that is

Books about the export of Pakistan textiles and also about the buyers’ and sellers’ behavior of the Pakistan textile.

Articles and Journals on Pakistan textile export for UK

Chamber of Commerce Documents

Internet Websites

Past conducted research

Print and electronic media

Primary Research:

Personal experience and observations:

As I have worked in this industry that’s why I know the trends in textile and the rules against conducting this business. I also have the idea of Britain buyers’ behaviors and about their needs and expectations.

Pure Research:

The research conducted for the topic will be pure and it will discuss the core issue for the sake of improving knowledge. It will directly discuss about the buyers’ and sellers’ behavior for the Pakistan textile industry in a theoretical way.

Inductive Approach:

My approach towards data gathering will be inductive, as it is a flexible structure to utilize all the data in your research findings and also based on qualitative data with a slight involvement of quantitative data.











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