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In The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

host. Hospitality also involves showing respect for their guest, treat them equal and providing what they need when they are in the hotel or requesting on a thing such as need a tourist to bring go around the town, need transportation and other. The hospitality industry basically provides lodging or accommodation to people who travel and needs shelter for the day. Today, the hospitality industry is providing more choices for its consumers all around the world from hotels, resorts, inns, hostels and many more. Hospitality industry is one of the industries that provide service so it is basically focused on customer satisfaction because customer who is the main major to pay us. In different kind of hotel will get a different type of service because it is depend on how the hotel functioning. If the hotel has a good experience to the customer this will affect customer loyalty and customer will come again. In addition to that, it also will increase the successful of the company in hospitality industry. Other that this, hotel industry also will provide facility for customer. Most of the business customers are need a bed and food, this are enough for them but some of the customer are request for using our facility. We can introduce our facility to the customer or maybe we can discount for them to encourage them have a try. Therefore, hotel will have a good experience for the customer and also can gain more profit.

2.0 Answer Question 2

In hospitality industry, there have 5 type of service characteristic. There are intangible, perishable, inseparable, simultaneous and variable. Without this 5 type of service characteristic, hotel might not be able to function well.

2.1 Intangible service

Intangible which means is cannot be seen or touched but we can feel it. Communication is the thing that we can feel. We can feel the employee either welcoming us or not by communicate with us. The communication between the employees and guest is important it is because the guest can feel the employees are helping by willing or just simply answer the question. Some of the employees are not using a friendly communication and communicate with us while we asking question or request a thing from them. Not only for customer but for employees also, we need to friendly to communication with them and can cooperate well to process the hotel. Other than communication, smile also is a thing that we can feel by giving of them. For example, like in a restaurant the politeness of an employee’s giving a smile to the guest is means welcoming and willing to serve them, by this way the guest can feel satisfied but this can’t be see and touched.

2.1 Perishable service

Perishable which means is won’t be last longer and won’t experience the same experience. In many things, we will have the first try and if the thing is not good we won’t try anymore. Same as we in the hotel, if the hotels we stay are not satisfaction we just will try once and next time we will know which type hotel we should choose and will do a proper research about hotel that we stay to made sure it won’t be same as last time. Other than this, if we late to check in and without paying deposit or have any inform to the hotel they have right to cancel reserved the room for guest and the guest need to re-book the room if the hotel have room still available. Moreover, for transportation they also will have the same experience. For bus or airplane, they won’t wait for late passenger. If they are late they need to buy or book a ticket for next time and journey of them also will be delay. For next time, they will know be punctual and reach the bus stop or airport in time to avoid they missed again.

2.2 Inseparable service

Inseparable which means service and customer and service provider can’t be separated. Guest is the main major no matter in which area. It sure will have its own supplier to provide the thing. Supplier is important to hospitality because of they need a big amount of quantity of food and drink. They sure will have different type of supplier to supply the food and drink to make sure they have enough supply for guest because hotel is the places that always have many guest and employees walk in and out. Other than need to supply food for hotel, they also need other supplier to supply their basic needed such as toothpaste, shampoo and other. Furthermore, service provider is indispensable for service delivery as he must promptly generate and render the service to the requesting service consumer because customer pay and get a service from them. In addition, the service consumer is inseparable from service delivery because he is involved in it from requesting it up to consuming the rendered benefits.

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2.3 Simultaneous service

Simultaneous which means service have to be delivered at the same time as the customer consumed. It is not goods which may be the manufactured, wholesaler, or kept to distributions. For example in a restaurant, the service provider which means the waiter or waitress are doing the service at the same time when the customer request (delivery) something or ordering food then the service provider delivered the service immediately at the same time. For instance, if the customer wants to bil, the service provider have to bring the bill for the customer.

2.4 Variable service

Variable of service offered and can be in many forms during the interaction or the process. Services are highly variable, as they depend on the service provider, and where and when they are provided. Service marketers face a problem in standardizing their service, as it varies with experienced hand, customer, time and firm. Service buyers are aware of this variability. So, the service firms should make an effort to deliver high and consistent quality in their service. For example, if one day eating in a restaurant, the food and service was very good but the next day the services become bad.

3.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, Those 5 characteristics cannot separate with guest and also supplier. Because they are the main major for us and they also needed the basic thing in daily life. Especially is intangible because it was included communication between employee and guest. Communication is important because in hospitality industry, we will always faced customer to talk and explain the thing that they asking. In addition to that, this also is the first impression to guest when guest entering hotel. Besides that, perishable service and simultaneity service in hospitality industry, if the lodging property we stay first time and the service is good but the next time the service has becomes bad which means the first experience we cannot experience again. Therefore, in hospitality industry the service has to be constant and maintain. Not only that, inseparable service and variability service in hospitality industry is that the services provided cannot be separated. Lastly, the variability service is to standardize and to constant the service that in a lodging property. Therefore, this five characteristic have to be concerned and followed in any service line industry especially hospitality industry.

1.0 Introduction Question 2

In hospitality industry, there are many types of lodging in this industry such as hotel, resorts, inn and others. Hotels are divided to two types one is leisure hotel and one is commercial. For resort and inn are mostly are by the seaside but resort have more facilities and amenities while inn don’t have so much service. To manage this kind of lodging property is not an easy task as you may seem, it has a lot of hard work to be done and skills to be experience. An hotelier should have full of hotel operation skills so they are able to manage the hotel no matter small hotel or large hotel. The responsible of an hotelier, should be take over and manager the hotel well. Hotelier also should always prepare be settle the problem that emergency that happen inside the hotel and also have the knowledge to settle the problem even also is customer problem. Besides that, internal of an organization, hoteliers also have to be able to manage the internal problem such as the employees’ issues. If the hotelier don’t not able to handle well the issues between employees but also with the person in charge of the team there will be a lot of problem and they cannot to be co-operate well and the hotel also cannot be process well. Other than that, in a hotel should have a system so that hotelier can do their job more easily such as planning the work. They can know each department how they processing their job and won’t have argument when have problem happened.

2.0 Answer Question 2

To be prepared be an hotelier, there have many thing hotelier need to know and handle. Such as the hotel will need how many employees to work, how the hotel system going on, is the hotel gain profit and so on. Other than this, in hospitality service employees is important for the hotel because without them hotel might cannot run smoothly. Therefore, an hotelier should have some skills to handle the problem that relation with hotel such as patience, management experience, responsibility, communication skills and knowledge of other than hotel management. Below have the explanation of the skills that I have mentioned.

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2.1 Patience

As an hotelier, patience is very important. It is because as an hotelier will faced a lot of different type of guest. Some of the guest will keep asking many questions about the hotel and they must answer the question. Every day have different guest asking the questions about the hotel but is the same people to answer the guest. After day by day, some of them might feel impatience and boring to answer the question. Other than this, some of the guest will make a complaint about the room, not satisfied with the service, and other as an hotelier they need to have a lot of patience explain with their guest to let them feel satisfied especially the VIP of the hotel. Sometime, they also need patience to introduce and explain the food and facility that hotel have been provided. Patience is important because it will let guest feel welcome and friendly. In addition to that, when have some difficult issues happened the hotelier must have patience to overcome the issues because solving a problem or issues have to take some time overcome the issues.

2.2 Management Experience

In hospitality, management experience is important. It is because in every department there will have different way to process their job and doing their job. Other than this, they also need to follow the step and rules to do it. Every hotel will have different management to run the process of the hotel smoothly. To make sure the internal management runs smoothly the hotelier should have a system to follow. Furthermore, these kinds of experience gain from bottom of the department to top of the department. So that, the hotelier has to walk every step to have the experience run the hotel. It is because every department has different system and hotelier must clearly know how the departments run and won’t be confused with their job. Other than that, if the hotelier has this kind of experience they can no need waste time on training and they also can save up the time to learn more new thing. Moreover, if the hotel has any emergency problem happened, an hotelier can handle the situation well because they handle the problem before on the previous time. Hotelier has experience they can manage their staff well and wouldn’t boycott by other employees so that they can be cooperating well to operate the hotel run smoothly.

2.3 Responsibility

Other than the two skills, responsibility also is an important thing in hospitality industry. It is because in the service line, the main major is our guest and is the one who paying us to get a satisfied service. If the hotelier doesn’t responsible on what their in charge it may causes many complaints from guest and also can causes low profit. Because of the hotelier irresponsible, they may ignore the complaint from guest and won’t take action to those employees who are irresponsible to the guest. Besides that, when hotel hiring an employees to work the first thing they will curious about responsible of the people. In addition, in the hotel there have many departments. In every department, there have different position, responsibility and duties. Every hotelier should clearly know what the responsibility of their duties because they able to cope with others employees. Furthermore, besides giving a responsibility in internal management, hotel surrounding also have to be care and responsible such as the workplace and the guest place. Inside the hotel, not only have adult walking around but also have eldest people and children. We must be responsible on their safety because they are in our hotel area compound.

2.4 Knowledgeable

Without knowledgeable there will be a difficult task to the hotelier. It is because of many things the hoteliers are not understood and they cannot answer and overcome the problem well of the customer but also the problem of the hotel. Knowledge is one of the important skills that you have learn, gain and experience in every perceptions such as while you studying, working in an organizations, or working in a service line industry like hotel. Knowledge allows us to be better, and to be more understanding on a general thing. Keep open mind and accept what people say to you, then you will realize the answer that you have never realize before and also will know where the problem is. To be an hotelier, knowledge is what should not left because, working in a hotel line every perceptions are gain from experience which means the daily work you doing in the hotel such as serving customer there would be a knowledge that how to serve the customer right or some tourist will also get some information about the place you work or what is the special food in the town. The more knowledge we have the more advance we can become. In the past, a lot of people say that education is the most important thing in life because when you have graduate you may get a better job but nowadays the reality needs is knowledge to discover new things or have know about some general thing but not only the subject you study.

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2.5 Communication skills

In hospitality industry, communication skills are the most important. It is because hotelier needs to communicate with guest. All of the guest in the hotel sure will communicate with hotelier because they need get an assist from them. No matter how high level you study, have a good communication skills it will help you explore clearly the answer that you means to the listener. As an hotelier, they need to communicate with other employees and have a good communication skill employees can more easily to understand and won’t mix up the meaning. Other than this, have a good communication skills will made sure us have a good relationship with other employees and also guest. In addition to that, hotelier will win more cooperation with other employees and also will increase successful in the hospitality industry. If they are not understood the message that the hotelier pass to they might mistaken and misunderstanding and will do wrong thing in the processing. This may causes them cannot have teamwork to work together because of argument of the problem. Have a good communication they will have good self-esteem. It is because of the hotelier are always confident on what they say and what they say is always the thing that needed by the people. Furthermore, as an hotelier they also need to promote the package, facility and other to the guest for gain profit. Hotelier will use the good communication skills to attract the guest to have a try in the hotel. If the hotelier keep promote the thing to them, guest will have a good impression with the thing that the hotelier has promoted and maybe the guest will have a try. Other than that, guest also can clearly know what the service the hotel has provided. Hotelier has good communication skills they can have a peaceful environment working places.

3.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, to be an hotelier they should always well prepared. They should have patience, management experience, responsibility, knowledge of hotel management and communication skills. Other than this, they need to well prepare themselves and patience to overcome the customer problem and internal management issues. Hotelier should use themselves management experience or other employees’ opinion to process the hotel well. In addition, hotelier also should be responsible on their guest safety because they are inside the area of the hotel. Knowledge is one of the important things to gain and learn when they first work in hotel. Knowledge is what allows hotelier to advance themselves and to operate in a hotel. The communication skill is useful for hotelier. It is because they can use the skills to handle the internal issues well and have a peaceful environment.

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