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Main Factors That Attract Tourist To The Caribbean Tourism Essay

For this project the discussions are on the topics of quality service in the hospitality industry, to know the importance of the topic in addition community based tourism and also the main factors that attract tourist to the Caribbean. In putting this assignment together the researcher visited online websites and the library to gather information.

This project will show you more in depth details about the topic and is set to educate the individual doing the project as well as others.


The main function a hospitality organization member must perform is the delivery of quality service to its customers.

Service quality has been defined has how well a customer’s needs are met, and how well the service delivered meets the customers expectation.

The delivery of quality service in the hotel industry is an important factor of successful business. Treating your guest with care and providing an exceptional place for them to enjoy is part of the reason they will come back again. When tourist comes through your doors, they expect quality in every aspect of the hotel. Guests are looking for value in the things they see, taste, and touch and so providing them with exceptional quality will certainly leave a lasting expression.

The customers experience from the time they enter the hotel until the time they walk out the doors should be of utmost importance. Food and beverages, communication and ambiance are a few areas that require the delivery of quality service. What the hotel or attraction area offers is probably the biggest indicator of quality that a customer notices. What the hotel has to offer is not only important to customer’s impression but the overall experience, but it is important for their health as well. Guest’s health should never be compromised. Speaking to the customers should always involve the paramount respect and courtesy. This goes for all workers, however hotel workers should use respectful titles, such as “sir” and “mam” be optimistic and speak with a smile, never interrupt or talk over a guest conversation if you can help it, know your hotel so you can speak intelligently and educate guests, listen with respect and care to what the customers have to say, be sure you ask questions to clarify a customer’s order if there is any confusion and be honest and straight forward with customers at all times, especially if there is a problem.

Customer’s satisfaction is the customer’s fulfillment response to a service. Tourists are more knowledgeable in evaluation the quality of hotels and attractions by making comparison between competitions. Meeting of customers’ needs by delivering quality service is the key to every successful business. In order to meet the customers’ expectations and later satisfies them, customers’ needs are required to be recognized and met first with quality service.

The bottom line is always that the customer expects excellent service from an organization not just only the hospitality industry or they will take their business elsewhere. Providing positive experiences for the customers will keep them committed and loyal to an organization. It almost goes without saying that delivering quality service is essential in sustaining any business and not only just the hospitality industry. No matter how wonderful a job you do of attracting new customers, you won’t be profitable for long unless you have a solid customer retention strategy in place and in action. It’s the actions that count, not what you will do or what the policy says. People will remember what you or your employees have not or not done. If you build a reputation that will separate you from your competitors because you have higher standards, is consistent in delivering quality service and respond and meet the needs of your customer’s you are an example of good quality service.


A community by definition implies individuals with some kind of collective responsibility, and the ability to make decisions by representative bodies.

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Community based tourism is tourism in which local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalized) invite tourists to visit their communities with the provision of overnight accommodation.

Community based tourism enables the tourist to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. The community will be aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through tourism, and this will foster community based conservation of these resources. (

In community based tourism, villagers and tourists learn from each other, share their experiences of the different ways of life and actively learn about their cultures. Interaction usually takes place mainly in the rural areas. Community involvement tourism may range from bed to breakfast accommodation in a rural home to create income generating opportunities for the entire community. ( Community based tourism gives tourists the opportunity to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrate and respect traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom.

The community will be aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through tourism, and this will foster community based conservation of the resources. (The driver of change in the Jamaican economy, (Kenneth O. Hall))

This fostered greater interactivity, built cross cultural bonds, respect and understanding, and gave authenticity to a country’s lifestyles, while creating a source of income for the host families. (

(mader)(, Community-based tourism is the development to empower people to be more aware of the value of their community assets.

This will definitely foster economic growth to a country economy.


Community based tourism indeed have its advantages and disadvantages.

Community based tourism will provide employment for community members in that things being in place for tourist to enjoy has to be in good management and running so jobs like janitors, chefs ,waitresses will be provided in the hotel sector. And with job being provided for locals the standard of living and surviving will be easier.

Locals interest to conserve their living environment will be increased, knowing that your community is a place of tourist attraction it will be of your will to keep the place in order so it will be available for future use and to know that tourists enjoy what they have been given so they would want to come again so this is beneficial to you and the country. Tourists go to a place to get good quality and to enjoy the products offered, locals will be therefore motivated to conserve their living environment.

Overcrowding of an area may lead to fights. For example, in parts of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, there is known to be a very high crime rate as a result of overcrowding of the area. Visitors may get threatened by locals and vice versa. This may pose a problem in the country as visitors will return to the home countries with a bad reputation of the host country, in this case, Jamaica. Also, CTB may place a pressure on natural resources to facilitate and improve on rural infrastructure that will accommodate visitors.

Though CTB gives back to a country positively, it also has cons which have implications on Jamaica as a whole. Very often, communities are not entirely aware of the value and assets they have that are of interest to visitors, a part from their lack of production and/or marketing skills.CTB invites visitors from all over the world to come to their communities and this may cause the community to become overcrowded, also pressure on human resources can cause a negative impact on community based tourism. (Understanding Tourism, Ron Mader).

Community based tourism is a good stepping stone for country’s that has the available resources and those that can get their resources, it has its ups and downs but with the right strategy and the right resources it can work and will be successful so the country goals can be achieved and the economy will be a better one.

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The Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist areas in the world, due largely to the incredible natural beauty and wildlife, which attract hoards of vacation-hungry visitors all year long. Year after year, millions flock to the small, picturesque islands of the Caribbean. World-renowned for their laid-back, affable ways, travel to the Caribbean is for those who want to make a point of taking it easy. Mile after mile of bleach-white sand leads to the ethereal blue waters that make the region famous. The ubiquitous presence of fruity rum drinks doesn’t hurt, either. Return visitors are common here, and there’s no mystery why. Besides, Caribbean travel offers so many different kinds of culture and history that one trip is not enough to see it all.

The Caribbean offers a lot of things you can get and enjoy for wonderful vacation.

The Caribbean is also home to resorts that are tailored to meet every need imaginable. Are you looking for a family friendly resort? You can find one. Are you looking for an adult only resort? You got it. Are you looking for a resort that is built for romance? Those are widespread on the Caribbean islands as well. Perhaps, the greatest reason why you should plan a trip to the Caribbean is because of all inclusive vacations. You have a number of different staying options. Vacationing along the beach sounds nice, but how does vacationing along the beach with all of your food, drinks, entertainment, and tips included sound? Prettyamazing Many go to Jamaica, but no further. Others choose the Cayman Islands. But every island has such a fiercely unique identity that is hard to see just one – the experiences you have on Aruba, are going to be far different than if you visit Guadeloupe. (

When it comes to cost of travelling tourist find that coming to the Caribbean is a lot affordable than taking a vacation elsewhere for example taking a trip to Paris will in that accommodations are more expensive than the tropical Caribbean island.

When it comes to accommodation the Caribbean has variety to choose from for your special vocation needs.

A large percentage of tourists come to the islands having purchased Caribbean vacation packages and while these are easily the best and comfortable, allowing you to take in the luxury of the coral reefs and palm trees, there are many different types of ways to enjoy the islands. When vacationing in the Caribbean, you will find no shortage of activities. While each island has its own unique attractions, there are many activities that are commonplace, no matter where you end up such as swimming, tennis, volleyball and diving. The beauties of the Caribbean islands are another reason why tourist vacation there. It is a beauty that is undeniable. Although the beauty, alone, is enough reason for many to travel to the Caribbean, it is unstoppable when combined with the climate. Tropical weather all year round is a dream come true for travelers. Even in the off-season, you are sure to find beautiful weather that is accompanied by amazing travel deals. The most ambitious, if not popular, approach to Caribbean travel is to get an air pass granting unlimited travel for a selected period of time (usually a month). This way you are free to see a number of islands on one trip. Tired of St. Lucia? Hop a 20 minute plane ride over to Barbados. Or try to get to Trinidad for carnival. Stay a few days on Martinique, and see what Paris would look like if it was located on a kissed beach and it was 80 degrees every day. Or fly to the British Virgin Islands and escape onto deserted coves where you won’t see another human for days. (

Tourist come to the Caribbean for a lot of reasons like vacation & to relax or because they just want to view the beaches & the lovely waterfall tourist just come to the Caribbean to see the nature.


It is concluded in this project to show that the Caribbean depends heavily on tourism for their economy growth, it contributes widely to the development of the country’s environment, infrastructure wise and the development of the opportunity for less poverty has to where job provision are concerned.

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Community based tourism is concluded to be something good to a community reason being, tourist and locals get to be educated about each other and the communities get a lot of popularity and get a chance to be out there. In addition we know that in this way jobs are provided for locals so the society will be a less poverty one.

Tourist comes to the Caribbean for so many reasons for enjoyment, relaxation, the weather and all other factors that include tourist having a wonderful and warmth experience in the Caribbean.


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