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Resort World Sentosa And Marina Bay Sands Tourism Essay

Though casino was their major way to earn revenue because of high gamblers addict all over the world, both of these resorts also added wide varieties of attractions and amenities for tourist attraction such as skypark, universal studios Singapore, celebrity chef’s restaurant, museums, convention and exhibition centre, floating pavilion, etc. to attract not only the gamers but also families and children’s.

In total both the resorts offer 33,500sqm of MICE space and more than 4000 hotel rooms.

Attractions helped in many ways such as:

Universal Studios Singapore- welcomed 13.2 million visitor and 22.3 billion tourism receipts last year (STB 2012).

Both resorts support more than 40,000 jobs throughout which includes wide number of sectors such as retail, F&B and transportation. Approx. 22,000 employees have been hired by these integrated resorts (Michael 2012).

Both the IR hope to achieve 17 million visitors a year and generate about US $21 billion by 2015 (Katie 2011).

Singapore’s both integrated resorts have a total development investment of more than S$13 billion (Iswaran 2010). The IR helped to broaden the range of job and career opportunities for Singaporeans with the bulk of jobs in for them in areas such as theme park operation, retain and Food and Beverage, etc.

Both the resorts plan to continue re-invest and enhance their attractions to appeal to visitors an visitorship trends, benchmarks with respect to similar international attractions, industry standards and so on (Israwan 2011).

Since both these resorts have done wonder full things for the people as well as tourist such as giving jobs to locals or providing attractions to tourist it also have negative impact on society as gamble addicts are borrowing money from loan sharks and when they are unable to repay the loan money they abandon their wives and children so as to feed their gambling addiction that leads women into forced prostitution to feed their kids (Dinah Lee-Phua 2011). Gambling leads to bankruptcy, imprisonment, family violence/breakdown.

Economic Impacts: Singapore’s decision to build casino-based destination resorts was in part based on that argument, that the country could not ignore the potential economic significance of the IRs as it will not only boost the tourism industry, increase jobs but also the investment of billions of dollars to the economy; in other words growth, as opposed to stagnation (Wong, 2005).

Singapore’s economy is diversified and is not based solely on tourism or the IRs but the income certainly could be useful. Such revenue for the state or country could be used to develop infrastructure and superstructures; essentially an economic development tool for the state or country as a whole.

One of the other reasons that states or territories decide to legalize gambling and thus

build casinos is to attract tourists to the area. These tourism products can complement and enhance the other tourism products and thus motivate tourist to the state or territory.

Tourism is one of the key sectors that contribute to the Singapore economy. The goal is to achieve SDG$30 billion in tourism receipts with 17 million visitors by

2015 (STB, 2010).

Proponents of casinos or casino-based resorts argue that the gaming element will increase tourism numbers. When Singapore legalized gambling, it was to increase the demand for and motivate tourists to the island state (Remesh,


Casinos had to be part of the tourism product to be of significant economic value (Eadington, 1999).

Families could be attracted to such places and there will be reason for the adults to stay longer. Going by the revenues that Macau received, the argument might be valid.

The demand for non-gaming products, services and amenities will subsequently go up; in essence, the casinos could be for the greater good because on the whole the economy will be better off and thus the majority of the people within the gaming jurisdiction will benefit.

Social Impacts: When the decision is made to legalize gambling, a state or country will experience not just positive impacts but negative social impacts as well. Petty theft and fraud linking casino employees have arisen. Traffic jams have increased, and environmental conditions have deteriorated. Consumer spending is neither reduced nor substituted. Bankruptcy, suicides, depression, lowered productivity and crime like fraud, are most prevalent with gambling.

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As if costs to the community like suicides, bankruptcies and lowered productivity are not enough, 5 to 10 other people were affected for every single problem gambler, (Australian Commission, 2009). The carrying capacity of a region could affect how the locals perceive the tourists within the gaming jurisdiction. There was no conclusive evidence that crime increased as a result of the casinos. Crime rates were contained in the initial opening of the casinos due to the increase in staffing by the local law enforcement agencies. However this increase in staff could not be sustained and as a result crime rates increased over time due to the casinos. Increase of child abuse may also occur due tom negligence of guidance from the parents addicted to gambling. As parents who lose money on gambling table often end up taking their frustration out on their kids or abusing them physically.

Problems of borrowing from loan sharks are seen in Singapore due to high addiction of gambling. This happens due to people losing everything on gambling table thus deterioting them financially and forcing them to borrow more from loan sharks.

They were also concerned that casino’s would escalate gambling addition of locals, which would create financial difficulties for families and hence effect the Singapore economy altogether. Family harmony would be affected, while the good Singapore work ethic would be compromised. Social ills would also resurface (Withiam 2011).

Resort World Sentosa has led to damaging of environmental effects on the country’s physical resources, ecological resources and terrestrial ecosystem. It has also resulted in the habitat destruction, removal of airshed, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and water contamination (EIA Abhineet 2011).

Bellagio is a luxury resort and casino in Las Vegas in Nevada. It is owned by MGM Resorts International and is famed for its elegance. It has total of 3,950 rooms with three different towers and is home to the most watched and famous “Cirque du Soleil” aquatic production commonly referred as “O”. It was opened on October 15 1988 and the total cost was approx US$88 million. It has number of attractions such as Gaming room, Fountains of Bellagio, Conservatory and Botanical gardens, Gallery of Fine Art, etc. with number of famous restaurants such as Le Cirque, Circo, Picasso, etc.

Political Impacts: as we all know that Las Vegas is famous for casino’s and has lot of casino at a stretch but for it to operate smoothly the casino are to updated with latest trends so as to keep up with the laws in a timely manner. Bellagio has a casino license and runs over more than 50 slot machines and more than 10 tables so as to pay a certain amount in tax per table in a month so as to not violate any laws.

Economic Impacts: The casino creates jobs and reduces the level of unemployment. It contributes to improvement in community and infrastructure mainly in the transportation side as well as reducing public spending. The casino development has been targeted where economic development benefits the community and jobs scarcity has been reduced (J.P.Girard 2001). With Bellagio casino being so big it has helped the locals of Las Vegas and also the foreigners to earn their livelihood by working in the casino. Because of gambling, Las Vegas has shown impressive job growth, developed into a major city with a low tax burden that many state and local governments look at with envy, and has spawned significant private and public sector investment. However society would only support this if the benefits outweighs the costs.

Social Impacts: But also it has affected the economy as local residents who used to travel outside of the region and gamble now stay within the region. Local residents who used to go to restaurants now spend their money in the casino. Then the casino has no net economic benefit. Tourists who used to spend money on other activities within the region now go to a gambling facility within the region. Still casino plays an important part on society as Bellagio Las Vegas is a testament of the powerful ability of gambling to foster economic development. But casinos leave a negative impact on society causing increase in traffic congestion, increased gambling addiction, drug use and prostitution. Tourists from abroad spend more time and money within the region. It was noted that alcohol and drug use increased between gamblers due to their loss in the casino or for people seeking treatment for gambling problems. Family breakdowns and mental health issues such as depression, psychiatric disorders, past histories of sexual or physical abuse and low self-esteem were found among the gamblers. Due to high addiction of gambling there has been an expenditure growth in casino industry than the growth in personal income (Ricardo 2008). It has been researched and proved that profound gamblers often suffer from profound marital difficulties. Gaming has jeopardized the quality of life of individuals and families in past (Burke 2003). A lot of financial difficulties involving money, laundering, paying high interest rates on debts and suicide have been seen so far.

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Technology: helps Bellagio to offer more luxury, better customer service and an overall increase in customer satisfaction. Fast and easy communication service provides Bellagio with a competitive advantage compared to other hotel. Bellagio’s website helps the customer to give information about the latest happenings anywhere anytime. Bellagio has full range of services on their website such as customers can take virtual tour, see the rooms and make the reservation online.

Environmental Impacts: a casino usually generates about 20,000 to 30,000 customer vehicles and 6,000 or more employee vehicles each day leading to air pollution due to increased traffic. With a casino comes a heavy parking demand and more congestion. It draws down scarce groundwater and also threaten endangered species. Correcting all this cost between $5.5 to$7.7 million per year leading to waste of money and resources.

Though Las Vegas is commonly known as Sin City so the crime rates are expected to be high. It was noted that last year fall the crime rates including shop lifting, stealing of casino chips, etc. increased a lot due to proper security management. It was reported that last year December 14, Anthony Michael Carleo stole $1,500,000 worth of Bellagio chips from Bellagio casino and was sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment last month (Pitt 2012). So Bellagio took this this really seriously and did a stringent screening and drug test on its employees to reduce internal threats. It was also noted that there were fake Bellagio chips being sold in the local market at a reasonable price that attracted lot of people and those people even had links with the security guards of the casino so as to take the chips inside (LAPD 2008). So as to avoid all this in future a proper security system was installed in Bellagio that had its eye everywhere. Systems such as 24 hours monitored security alarm, smoke alarms in all non-smoking rooms were installed to ensure the safety of the hotel as well as the customers. Every corner of the casino had a camera with 2 control rooms to look out for thief and to ensure safety of everyone there. There was 24 hours security and the security came from the best security department in USA. Bellagio used proper safety measures in case of emergency such as fire, accidents, deaths, etc. by keeping proper safety measures such as medical kit, qualified doctors in the house, etc. with all such steps/measures.

Mixed use development simply involves the addition of residential units to a standard resort concept as a part of a sometimes rather dubious way to finance the whole development (Philip 2009). Bellagio has been using it for years now and everytime when possible tries to upgrade it. It provides customer with a variety of accommodation styles, sporting and leisure activities, security, a lifestyle living experience. Bellagio attracts lot of its customer via the casino as it is home to many professional poker players due to high table limit including high stakes and also because it holds world poker tournament as well. But it does not only attract the gamblers it also succeeds in attracting non-gamblers, family and children while using mixed use development concept as it has a very famous show “O” by Cirque du Soleil as it has international cast of world class acrobats, divers, swimmers performing on water to create a breath taking experience for its customers. Fountains of Bellagio that is set in 8 acre man-made lake with 4.500 lights and have lot of performance for the people to enjoy at night. The conservatory and botanical gardens is a must watch as it shows five seasonal themes such as Chinese new year from January to march displaying the bromeliads and orchids as well as animal of Chinese zodiac, spring displaying varieties of tropical flower, summer, fall and winter. Along with all this Bellagio has also focused on relaxation and fitness for its customer by providing variety of spa packages along with fitness centre. It is home to many golf lovers and those who wants to learn golf can learn at a reasonable rate at Bellagio with different courses available for different needs. Bellagio is famous in Las Vegas for its nightlife as it has many bar, lounge and clubs for party animals to enjoy the sin city and have a memorable time. Bellagio offers high range of exclusive shops for gifts, accessories, jewellery and fragrances and is a must shopping place for ladies. Though Bellagio use a mixed use development concept but it also takes care of the environment by using reclaimed water and on-site power generation plant and has also constructed a 5.300 space parking garage for the employees as well as customers so as to avoid traffic congestion.

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In today’s date it is very important for any hotel to develop sustainability plan in order to survive in the market and stay ahead of its competitor. Bellagio is committed to conservation efforts that support living in the desert. These practices extend beyond Bellagio and reach the local community by educating employees about conserving natural resources at home as well as partnering with local, eco-minded organizations (Drew 2007). Bellagio is using $70 million alone to refurbish all the guest rooms so as to make it more attractive for the guest and they are changing everything in their restaurants to the exteriors of the hotel. Bellagio has achieved sustainable development and will keep on achieving it by following four most important steps towards sustainable development that is to guide and be guided by a clear vision of sustainable development and goals to achieve highest ranking among all hotels. It reviews the whole system as well as its parts considering the well-being of social, ecological and economic systems, their state as well as the direction and rate of change of that state, their parts and use of these parts. It has adopted a time horizon long enough to capture human and ecosystem time scales to know what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve and also what’s best for their customers in terms of needs, necessities, etc. they take in the advice of their customers very seriously to make themselves better and also to outbeat the rest of the hotels. The employees are well trained and educated and provide ongoing support in the decision making process. Bellagio has been home to many events in the casino as well as in the clubs or lounges and has also been shown in many movies. They have kept this tradition alive by calling someone or the other every year to perform in their hotel and this year also they are doing the same but on a large scale as they are inviting the Korean pop dancer/singer PSY to perform in their casino on February 23rd starting around 9 pm and there would be lot of songs sung by him and his world famous song Oppa Gangnam Style. Tickets are going at &100, $200 and $300 with lots of surprises for the guest and there would be lot of games as well and the winner will get an autograph t-shirt by PSY himself and an opportunity to dance with him on the stage created in casino. Thus all this helps and will keep on helping the Bellagio hotel to remain on track and be one of the top most preferred hotel of Las Vegas in near future also.

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