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The City Of Jaipur In India Tourism Essay

anonymous. The transformations that took place are extreme, and can easily be noticed. The city today is loaded with numerous malls, multiplex, cinema halls, clubs, restaurants, bars, fast food joints, and coffee shops.

Nevertheless, in this fast pace of time Jaipur has maintained its erstwhile charm, and that can be observed during the visit to the city, where the pleasing pink color still welcomes. Today also, the city is divided into parts, where the new city is embracing all the modern day technologies, unlike the old city is still bustling with fumes of pollution and spices all over. The old fraction of the city is almost the same as it was, the royal architecture, and the bustling bazaars of the city enchant every heart. The visitors to these bazaars can never return empty handed, as the captivating artifacts, abundantly colorful textile, and various other products are so irresistible.

Presently, the market is flooded with all tits and bits. All the latest gadgets, electrical appliances, and apparels are easily on hand. It may seem at a glance that the old city has not grown, but once visited you will release that silently it has adopted all the modern day tact’s.

The city encompasses some of the awe-inspiring architectural structures in its vicinity, for instance, Govind dev ji temple. This legendary temple has been recorded in Gunnies’ book of world records for its immense and astounding structure. The temple is capable of accommodating 5000 devotees at a time. The temple covers an area of 15,827 sq. feet, which is roofed up with a single span of 119 feet. This beautiful temple is devoted to lord Krishna, the chief deity of Kachhawaha’s. The temple was built during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, and embraces utmost importance for natives.

Jaipur is known as the hottest destination for tourism, and encompasses grand palace hotels. The hotels of the city are so exquisite and regal, and the experience of the stay is one of a kind. These palaces were the regal abodes of the Kings and their families, the royalty can still be sensed during the stay. Raj Vilas, Oberio’s, Rajputana, Trident, Alsisar haveli, Samode haveli, Narain Niwas Palace, and Ram bagh palace hotel are legacies dwelling in the city. Each hotel is drenched in the charm of the royal medieval era. Specially, the Raj Vilas, the hotel is awarded for its best service in pan Asia. For more feasible information peruse , the portal is swamped with comprehensions for almost all the aspects of Jaipur.

There are numerous of places in Jaipur that unparallel in terms of beauty and architecture, for instance, the renowned cinema hall the Raj Mandir Theatre. This cinema hall embraces mesmerizing interiors and magnificent exteriors. It was built in 1976, and architect by W.M. Namjoshi, the cinema has maintained its beauty as well as cost. The cinema hall attracts many visitors. Jaipur Zoological garden at Ram Niwas Bagh is recognized for its largest crocodile breeding center in the country.

Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan is amongst the ten best cities in India. It is also the largest city in Rajasthan, and is well-known for its exquisite sightseeing places. Nevertheless, ten most and must visit sites in Jaipur are: City Palace, Nahargarh fort, Hawa mahal, Jal Mahal, Amber fort, Jaigarh fort, Jantar Mantar, Markets & shopping, Albert hall museum, and Elephant safari . Jaipur the pink city not only encompasses alluring monuments, legacies and royal culture, but it has also shown a rapid and terrific growth, in regards of development.

Jaipur is one the leading manufacturers and exporter of handicraft, textile, Camel leather items, Rugs and carpets, quilts, brass enamel and many more products. The city is abundant in art and culture, and has merged it with the latest technologies, and this has resulted in fast growth of export. The export from Jaipur is much prominent in state’s GDP. Today, Jaipur has proven to be the most preferred destination in terms of tourism as well as the major business hub.

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The city embraces suitable platform for the establishment of businesses and corporate. The city has also been a spectator of immense infra structural transformation, where the huge projects are being placed, such as WTP (World Trade Park). World Trade Park is spread over an enormous area of about 20,000 sq. yard, it is a shopping-cum-business centre, boasting retail outlets, a convention centre, offices, exhibition halls, , an art gallery, a two-screen multiplex, a computer-controlled parking for almost 1,100 vehicles and a five-star hotel.

Today, Jaipur is acknowledged as the fastest growing city, and this pace of growth is tremendously increasing day by day. Rajasthan government has been promoting and encouraging investment by instituting various policies in sectors such as Tourism, IT/ IETS, Industry, and Power. Private sector is also being uphold, the 365 acre Export promotion Industrial Park is one such exemplary, and a key sector facilitating manufacturers. Mahindra World City is yet another accomplishment, a multi product SEZ houses many MNC’s and IT companies. Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. (RICCO) is one the major asset for industrialist and factories. It dwells numerous industries and corporate such as Genpact, G4C, Infosys, Derewala gems and jewels.

Moreover, the upcoming project of Metro Rail will transform traditional Jaipur city to an ultra-modern and high-tech city.

Sanganer Airport is the only international airport that Jaipur houses. Now, city is well connected with all major parts. Jaipur has direct air links with Jodhpur, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and international links with erratic service to London, Dublin and Dubai.

City embraces about 4000 km of roads in its vicinity. The National highway No.8 connects Jaipur to Delhi and Mumbai, whereas No. 11 links Bikaner to Agra. Constant developments are taking place, which are resulting in a more established and prosperous Jaipur, the conversion of Jaipur-Ajmer road in a four-lane way has changed its look. The biggest realization of the city was the International airport, where conversion facilitates mass.

Meter gauge rail route is connecting Jaipur nicely with Sri Ganganagar, Udaipur, Ajmer and Sirohi. Jaipur is adequately connected with major cities and states such as Agra (Uttar Pradesh), Ahmadabad (Gujarat) and Delhi. Recently, broad gauge system has also been connected, facilitating connections to cities- Lucknow, Delhi, Bombay, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Howrah and Kanpur.

Nevertheless, Jaipur possesses an efficient 100% of power supply, and major reason behind this is Chambal-Hydel system. The city houses several branches of banks, facilitating mass with standardized national and international transactions. Whereas, the civic infrastructure of the city is going to be enhanced, as Rs. 550 crore have been released by Asian Development Project, for enhancement of roads, improvise drainage system and water supply within the city.

Educational development also has been remarkable, where there are almost 400 institutes in the city. And numerous schools, more of them are affiliated by Central Board of secondary education, and the state has witnessed the highest literacy rate of 77%.

Jaipur serves to be the unsurpassed destination for various corporate setups. Few of the major IT’s and MNC’s has already established their footholds in this beautiful city. Wipro, Deutsche bank, Infosys, Genpact, GE-international, Reliance, etc. are rapidly flourishing on their business in Jaipur.

One of the recent biggest events that took place in the city are IPL matches. Sawai Man Singh Stadium, one of the best stadiums in India has witnessed the exciting Indian Premium League.

Jaipur is the foremost part of the ‘Golden triangle’ (Delhi-Jaipur-Agra), and is the hottest destination for tourists. Tourism itself contributes a bigger share in city and states GDP, where an annual growth rate of 12 % has been witnessed. Started with scratch this city has today reached to population of more than four lakhs. Apparently, Rajasthan received a total number of 1.3 million foreign and 23 million domestic tourists in 2008. The prospects of tourism are very hopeful, and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi will definitely boost the tourism.

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