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The History Of The Sweden Tourism Tourism Essay

Sweden Tourism is attractive destination for both business and leisure travel. It is faster growing industry and they are expecting their double revenue in next decade. However, the revenue coming from international visitors in cast five years it’s more than doubled. Visitors were increased higher than the European average domestic travelers and International travels both have increasing demand for the combination of the under developed market it will creates the major opportunities, basically for foreign enterprises helping in the accommodation activities, they help in producing new way of service, new products and new competitors. So Sweden tourism is an attractive destination.

Sweden has abundant natural resources to offer like clean water, fresh air, open space, beautiful and fresh nature and adventures lands that exits for everyone. Attractive Sweden is extremely huge in size, 246 sq. km. compared to UK. They have just 20 per sq km people were living in the Sweden.

We can have perfect destination and active vacation in all requirements Sweden. Actually, unique natural and cultural heritage with foreign city life it makes the destination attractive. Activities and experience, leisure activity, wilderness and adventure to travel through and spend the days with sailing or sandy beaches with the group along coast line in Sweden.


Growth of Tourism Industry in Swedish, since 1991, eighty percentage of the International traveler was increased to travel Europe. In the same period almost 100% of the travelers found their way to Sweden. Last five years international visitors were doubled and produced the revenue for tourism industry in Swedish. Sweden generates over 252 SEK billion in turn over; service relation businesses and hospitality are supporting the range of tourism industry.

They are estimated 500 SEK billion to expected turnover to grow the tourism industry in 2020. Sweden have the good potential growth in tourism sector, recently comprising the GDP is only three percentages in tourism sectors.

Four percentage of the global travel is decreased during 2009. However, overnight stays are almost 30% increased in Europe. In 2009, International overnight stays were increased one of the main destination in Europe is Sweden. International tourists were spending their money on goods product compared to domestic travelers. Fifty percentage of the shopping account were consumed by international travelers and forty percentage were business and leisure travelers in Sweden and domestic travelers most of them spending their spending their time and money in shopping. It is also the main purpose to step in the international travelers to take food in restaurants than Sweden travelers.

Communicating with global and domestic travelers:-

However, Day by day foreign tourists increasing so they are continued conducting no of direct flights and tourist resorts future inflows and accessibility of visitors. Traffic of cruise ship and investment is producing in harbor facilities to increase the Sweden travel.

They are expecting the more calls and more visiting travelers to major ports to indicate the development in future. Ensure well developed roads and railways network to easy access the Sweden to all part of the country.

Attractive places in Sweden:


The primary city of the nation is bohus and Gothenburg; it has excellent information and is the seed of a Lutheran bishop. Social and cultural life style in Goteborg is recognized from the end of art gallery.


Deliberately situated at the narrowest aspects of the Oresund compared the Danish city of Helsingborg for hundreds of years fiercely uncertain between Denmark and Norway. There are program to develop link over the Oresund.


Primary city of the national of Kalmar in south eastern part of Sweden can be found on the Kalmar, which individual the isle of Oland from the landmark. There was already dealing published here in Viking period. The town contemporary sectors consist of technology innovation and engine vehicles.

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The old getting out city of falun can be found on both financial institution of the stream falun between the runnsio and varparjo. Falun is still a important commercial city and also entire many activities.


Malno can be found on the western coast of skane reverse the Danish investment of Copenhagen across the Oresund. A significant slot of Sweden’s third greatest town, it is essential financial and social middle. The town accepted to Norway under the agreement of Roskilde.

Stockholm: It can be found on the variety of destination and peninsula at the output of pond malar into the Baltic, Which presently types and in depth. The appeal of its establishing can be found in the intermingling of area and water, the complex design of river covering the town.


The most significant developing in Uppsala is the church, noticeable from most aspects of city. It is the primary city of the nation of Uppsala and the area of upland and the chair of the Lutheran archbishop of Norway. The individual of upland appreciate the right of choosing and deposing their leaders.


It can be found at the northern end of the several of that name. It recognized its public rental in 1342 and now primary city of Kornberg nation. Vaxjo is house to two recognized mansions Kornberg adventure. Completed in the fifteenth millennium and teleborg adventure designed 1900. It becomes a religious middle in the twelfth millennium; when its first cathedral was develop by sigfrid.


The island investment, the city of flower and rains on the North West coast of Gotland is the chair of the government of Gotland nation and the bishop. Within its surrounding surface it has surrounding much of its ancient atmosphere and obtained the name of UNESCO globe culture site.

Great potential for foreign Developers:-

Nevertheless, growing demand on new attraction. Accommodation and fuel packing experiences produce the investment for tourism industry. Some of the growing opportunities in tourism food, adventure tourism, ecosystem and ski; Demand were increasing by the accommodation and infrastructure this are getting large investment in Sweden, with many and various opportunities for foreign investors, tourism entrepreneur, real estate, companies activity, hotel and accommodation companies etc.

They are providing the supply of 36000 rooms and 2000 hotels in Sweden. It is not enough to meet travelers demand. Here shortage of staying on the place in different segments from voltages, holiday cabins, budget hotels, to five and four star hotels with health care facilities.

Sweden tourism is getting rise, October to May in long reason. Snow fall is guaranteed the Sweden ski resorts are increasing popularity. Ski passes on another record in term of 2009/10 season, traveler’s volume, scold and turnover. Services accommodation ski lifts improvements are the demand for large investment in ski resort destination.

Foreign travelers to ski resort are producing due to more direct flights and charter flights to the huge ski resorts. It is also regarded as snow land, less exploited and exotic resorts in Europe. The annual sales growth of ski resort 2009/10 sales growth got million SEK.

They are valuating on holding destination is stronger and stronger. Most probably market of domestic tourism was important for holiday club. They have lot of money, so they were enjoying their holidays.

PEST Analysis:


Name of the country is Sweden; their legal system is based on 1974 constitution Carl XVI Gustaf has king in Sweden; he is the head of state, 349 members of nationals legislature in Swedish parliament. Actually every four years election could be held and cleared that the king has election could be held and cleared that the years the king has no role play in government. Risks dag is set a new world record in the 2006 election they were 47% women were members elected.

Main parties: – Politically Sweden is stable and it is very safe country. Corruption was fully implemented by law on corruption in Sweden. The main parties are moderate party, people’s party centre party, Democratic Party, left party.

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The Eighty five percentage of the population connected to the cathedral of Norway which is Lutheran. The academic program gets to the whole inhabitants and the knowledge amount is ninety nine percentages. In 1999, twenty four percentage of the population outdated sixteen to seventy four years had a university education of at least two years. Highest focus on the population considered in the seaside areas and the southern part. Swedish are the prevalent culture group. Other citizen consists of immigration from Finland south part of United States, the center eastern.


The main structure is the responsible for economic upturn, due to Sweden government revenue in policies required to fulfill a purpose of considerable decrease in damage of assets applying and having good access to Sweden’s capital market of business.

Long term unemployment:

The power of labor market policy could be improve their training, which needed it most and getting ability in built the cooperation between institutions. Reforms in the tax system and social benefits to the right incentives for provide increasing the working hours.

Portfolio investment and capital markets: credit is made by available in international businessman in an impartial way. The private companies are providing access to a variety of credit instruments. The central bank is focusing on producing the foreign cooperation.

The coordination determines among twenty five to forty nine year old was thirty one percentages were females contributed in the employees is also great, constituting forty eight percentages of the labor power in 1998. However, part time perform is more frequent among women than men. Living requirements are among the biggest in world and the GDP per house hold, measured as buying power equality modified dollars, came to 20789 in 1999. In the 2000 Sweden was ranked sixth by united nation human development.


Swedish people very punctual and they don’t smoke in public places. Personal habit of the Swedish people is removing the shoes outside the home. Sweden students are very relaxed but they are willing to help others.


Based on network reading index 2009/10 country of Sweden economy is ranked first and they scored 5.65 on the top of the report of global information technology. The report plays a major role of ICT.


A law of Sweden provides a variety of models under a business can be established. Act (1992:160) Sweden law applies to aboard companies running with some other types of business the international branch’s president must be available within the EEA. Each and every company in Sweden is needed to register at the Sweden Company’s registration office. Legal protection of the trade mark must be registered in Sweden it can be obtained.

Three Range of years:-

However, Vision of Sweden in 2022 that is after 10 years, Sweden key industry is tourism it only creating the revenue for the country $1.7 billion. It will remain the key challenges strategy of someone to address our potential identifies of embracing a new challenges approach to stronger industry and right to the region of firmly on the world stage of visiting destination.

The process of essential ongoing business from hundreds of unique tourist is the bed rock of the customer’s experience when visiting the Sweden. The level of cooperation to surround something scope of the confirming is unparallel within the region and it’s a first for regional tourism organization within the experience.

Tourism organization believes taking new ideas to show their cooperation with essential for the parts and unique business to get succeed. We have explained the experience more than fabulous service or product to product by an individual company.

And we have understood our competitors; they are New Zealand and California competition for tourism and travelers is increasing and understanding as tourist is crucial. The schedule is based by remarkable research and it’s based on portion of our visitors by their travel and social needs.

However, they are moving forward to conduct sports tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism, hotels and resorts providing with lot of innovation in Sweden. Tourism spots were creates newly to foreign visitors to getting their good experience to find the good things in the country.

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Vision of Sweden in 2030, Industry of tourism is return to set the way to move forward in the upcoming years. Although, due based on the various improvement that are set of functions in the tourism sectors. Tourism is the key operation of the Sweden’s revenue making industry. It was important to an organization all laws in government of Sweden in previously the censure to sector of smoothly running of the organizations.

The facts finding in various levels of tourism factors in the country that mainly produced in frame works and cooperation between two countries on value of tourism. To maintain low peace of growth in Sweden tourism to the high levels of in security legal frame works, lack of policies and poor roads.

Vision of Sweden in 2035, transportation and development plan for Sweden and they connecting with developing the regions. Promoting their ideas in big screen symptoms with neon paper. In a motor train only one vehicle has to guide results in decreased air resistance.

Key in order to promote analysis and confirm research results such as demonstration and lead features, proto types, research structure or market examining, needs wide cooperation between the market and those who will be using the new components and products.

A cooperation program should be funded mutually by the world of company and the government to make sure breathing and to provide opportunity for new gamers and company areas that do not exists in the present industry and to make sure top quality.


Sustainability tourism is one of the main value or needs for the country in present condition without compromising the necessity of future generation. Industry of tourism has two main needs to balance the sustainability tourism, environmental cost and social goods.

Visit Sweden, together with our associate in the tourism industry. Targeting on chosen categories of company and enjoyment of travelers and people who are well informed tourist’s worldwide conscious and environmental aware, our concentrate on team research tell us that many people internet market with environmental care, a result of our strong natural information. We understand this to mean that they expecting with its several natural sources to immediately care for its outside.

Sweden Expectations: Sweden is considered as a country that performed knowingly with durability and that likes you about its inhabitants, its companies it’s surrounding and its characteristics. Many tourists believe that Sweden, with its environment friendly inhabitants works definitely for maintainable development.

Customer behavior: Customer awareness of environment problems and durability is increasing and maintainable choices are progressively available. More and more people experience they want to play a role definitely to a maintainable. The tourist who visit Sweden objectives are worldwide aware, have relatively great earning and are knowledgeable tourists who seek new interesting destinations.

Sweden creditability: Sweden and Swedish locations can provide maintainable products and discuss them in a reliable style. Sweden is already well known with respect to durability problems and according to the globe financial community is the country that is best placed to accomplish maintainable growth. In some countries Sweden is seen as a innovator in maintainable location. Moreover, these days many nations are focusing firmly on durability problems and on growing these message to the relaxing the world.

Risks: Other nations will work intensively and consistently on sustainable development to be able to enhance their nation’s natural information. The risks here is the Sweden could reduce its powerful place in the sustainability position, durability especially in types other than environment can be challenging to connect to prospective travelers in sample style. For example most qualification techniques and many travelers lack the essential information to make logical options when booking a journey or a conference.

Guidelines or other nationwide requirements can avoid the development of availability or other aspects of benefits to environmental travel. These can consist of different tracks sizes or a rule for high speed teaches to environment travel, entry to substitute powers and concepts changes for tourist.

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Future challengers for Sweden: Visit Sweden’s require contains gaining as many international business and enjoyment tourists as possible to Sweden to accomplish increased growth and income for the Sweden travel and enjoyment market and the Swedish state. This places significant requirement on the assignment a long term development of Sweden tourism industry.

Visit Sweden needs to increase attention of maintainable journey with the objective of giving the visitors the information and resource to make consciously choices for maintainable journey of Sweden is designed to be such an eye-catching, sustainable location creating it an interesting choice for increasing numbers of guests.

Sweden way to the target: Sweden has many possibilities to discover in its aspects as Communications Company. Focused promotions should emphasize the maintainable choices at the same times as it reduces through the disturbance to our prioritized group. This is the only way to do these things in 2020 our target will success with sustainable destination and travel industry revenue will increase.


Sweden location in the Scandinavian Peninsula, at the northern part of Europe, surrounded by sea as well as land masses of Norway, Finland, Denmark on the other makes it a perfect location for leisure travel. Its relative closeness to the sea routes of England makes it an ideal spot to visit. It has so many things to offer a tourist who arrives in Sweden. From its culture, hotspots climatic conditions, it has improved its tourism by leap and bounds. From being a kingdom of power to a country of peace Sweden has hopped along a long way. It will continue to stay ahead, considering the country’s economic stability and the resources it has to offer.

People travelling into Europe make their way into Sweden, being a part of the European Union helps their cause. Country’s tourism remains the countries backbone. Being a safe country adds to its cause. Friendly people and their culture attracts a lot of tourists from other continents as well as from within Europe as well. Government’s initiatives to promote tourism have helped it achieve epic success in attracting tourist. The transport has been a major factor in tourism, tourist prefer faster, better and cheaper transports. Sweden has a well connected train and roadways system. It has connecting train to several parts of Europe making it easily accessible. “Invest Sweden” has been a business promotion activity controlled by the Sweden government. This enables tourists to find their interest to do business in Sweden. This enables tourists to expand their businesses into Sweden, or be partners in existing business by investing. The flexibility of the government allow tourist to settle down in their country.

With job opportunities available, Sweden will soon become a thriving destination for youth and blossoming economy. It is circle that is said to go on. With attractive destinations to offer and with the government promoting tourism as a major portfolio, tourists and tourism will flourish in the near future and time to come.

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