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The second largest clothing retailer

” Look Good Pay Less “

Primark is a retail group which is the second largest clothing retailer in uk and targets young, fashion-conscious under 35’s.Primark offers wide quality fashion basics at value for money prices. Research shows Primark as a leading retailer in value clothing. Primark’s offer to the customer is one of high-quality merchandise, at value for money, backed by Primark’s service promise. Primark prides itself on its loyal customer base. Primark stores ltd is an subsidiary of associated British Foods which employs 96.000 employees in 44 countries with global sales of £8.2bn.

Employing 27.000 people in Great Britain and ranking as GB 2nd largest clothing retailer by volume and voted ‘best value high street fashion. By ITV and GMTV viewers.

The successfulness of Primark because it offers super competitive prices with efficient distributions, supply and volume buying

Primark trades in high quality merchandise at value for money backed by promise “Look Good Pay Less” communicates Primark’s value based offering. In a precise manner to its core target audience, making half its sales in women wear, quarter sales in menswear and children wear and other items which make the rest of the constituting sales.

Competitors of the retailer are H&M, Next, Matalan,T K Max’s and George clothing and many more retail outlets on the ground of sales and marketing its products.

Primark competes on product, ethical strategy with there code of conducts promising customers 100% product satisfactions on all grounds including fair trading.

The successfulness of Primark has lead to the retailer source there manufacturing of their products, from over seas. The countries in which it operates include India and Bangladesh, and the selling includes countries such as England, Ireland, Spain and Germany. Primark’s current plans include expansion to Portugal were it hopes to have the same success. However Primark has in resent become under the spotlight for its unethical manufacturing as it has been accused of employing child labour and in resent times for having its merchandise in UK operating “swetshops”, which have harboured illegal immigrants employed well below the minimum wage. This has effected the reputation of Primark. This can affect the success they achieve in Portugal.

The role in which I play with in the organisation will affect my job. As I work with in the headquarters of Primark in the UK, I am a marketing director. Currently working on the expansion to Portugal. I need to face the issues above as they have effected the reputation of Primark. On a global scale as Primark is now seen as corrupt in its market place as they seemed unaware of the hidden workers that manufacture their clothing, and not being seen as fair traders. For my own career was effected by this as I was given ethical training an now being given the task to improve the reputation of Primark and illustrate the changes that are taking place with in the environment of Primark, from both with in the organisation and external.

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