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The use of ICTs

As a great attention has been paid for the development of new generation eMediaries, the rapid escalation of the Internet and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has also precious for recognized tour operators. The main purpose of this report is to examine the use of ICT by the tour operator Thomas Cook and to analyze the key issues. The report uses information from journals, company’s reports and trade press articles. The report highlights the fundamental aspects of Thomas Cook’s Business Strategies and the Business Model. (Marianna Sigala)

The eBusiness impact is well documented by Jacsson and Harirs (Jackson): suggested that the Information and Communication Technology affecting the processes of company’s operations followed how they do business, is well interpreted and how company need to reorganize and restructure themselves continuously. The aim of this report is to explain the acceptance of eBusiness by the traditional operators, and to explain the competitive advantage of eBusiness and Information and Communication Technology with a neat explanation and interpretation by analyzing Dniel & Frew’s view (Daniele).

The report briefly explains the Thomas Cooks strategies, as a large tour operator increasing profitability with the vertical integration and how it produced a substantial concentration in the market. The report explains the key factors and the need of ICT for tourism, like the importance of IT trainings and education for business policy makers, key role players and managers in the industry. Explains the integration of different sectors in this industry, example: transport, lodge, etc., the up gradation of organizations Technical Infrastructure and the need of Human Infrastructure like people with technology skills, vision and management skills. (Shanker, 2008)

The report explains the importance of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and how tourism industry adopted ICT to make the best sales trough eMarketing as well as online sales. It supports several indications like internet connectivity ad usage of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems. It also explains the customers’ expectations and market competition. And the gap between small scale companies and large scale companies utilizing ICT and applications of eBusiness. The report briefs the use of eBusiness for Thomas Cook’s business strategy on business objectives like business integration and delivering planned synergies, use of eBusiness to strengthen the main stream model for tour operating, implementing the independent travel segments, to expand the group’s financial services. (plc, 2007)

The report summarizes information on computing and Information Systems, here Information and Communication Technology plays a vital role to present the organizations ability to satisfy its customers travel safety measures and presenting them for great leisure time. The way Thomas Cook approaches its customers to explain the tour packages with visualizations on their website and in other way of electronic communication like contacting them by means of Tele-Communications, electronic mails and social networking sites. This report presents the way Thomas Cook achieved its success in competitive advantage.


The report presents the e-Commerce and the e-Governance approach towards its customers, and how the web makes it easy for travelers to plan their holidays. How Thomas Cook provides appropriate online experience to its visitors to ensure the quality conversion and sales. Explains “how online booking become an impotent part of their business and growth is set to continue” (TravelMole, 2007). And the research methods Thomas Cook taken about, its “customers progress through the online journey and how it will continue to enhance its websites and tools respectively” (TravelMole, 2007).


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